Best Liquor for Shots When Hosting Fun Parties 


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Taking shots is a ritual that can create a sense of community, break the ice, and get the party started. It's an opportunity you don't want to pass up. Unfortunately, the best liquor for shots isn't normally a connoisseur's preferred method of consuming their favorite spirit. Nonetheless, there's still a lot to say about this infamous drinking custom.

Alcohol shots may make a good evening wonderful, a cold night warm, or a movie more engaging if consumed in moderation. In addition, shots provide an adrenaline-pumping and exhilarating experience that is shared with others.

You can go old school and drink a whiskey shot with a beer chaser. However, you can use various types of alcohol to make the best shot recipes. Check out this collection of the best liquor for shots that may be used to make shots and add something new to your cocktail menu.

Types of Alcohol Shots

Shot drinks are usually made with spirits such as tequila, whiskey, or vodka. However, liqueurs, lager, and amaro can also be used. A liqueur is a distilled liquor that has been sweetened, fruited, or creamed. Limoncello, RumChata, and Grand Mariner are examples of liqueurs. For example, limoncello is made with vodka and lemon juice, RumChata is made with horchata and rum, and Grand Mariner is made with Cognac, sugar, and orange zest.

Beer is a beverage created by boiling mashed grains with water, hops, and yeast and then fermenting them. Although pouring beer for shots is becoming less popular, it remains a popular pastime. Amaro is a bitter Italian liqueur traditionally used as a digestive aid after meals. Some amaro brands are sweeter than others, and they can also be used in a few shots.

How Many Ounces Does a Shot of Alcohol Contain?

The best shot of alcohol contains 1.5 ounces. Drinkers in the United States, Ireland, and Greece use full-shot glasses, but this is not the case in every culture. For example, shot glasses are half-filled by Germans, Hungarians, and Romanians, and one-quarter-filled by Russians and Poles.

What is the best alcohol for shots?

  1. Whiskey
  2. Vodka
  3. Tequila
  4. Rum
  5. Schnapps
  6. Liqueurs

The Best Liquor for Shots

1. Whiskey

Taking a good shot of whiskey has long been associated with American culture, both in difficult and successful times. It almost always indicates that something significant has occurred or is about to occur. Whatever your poison is—rye, bourbon, or scotch; Whiskey is the best liquor for shots that you can always rely on. So take your next round one sip at a time, if possible.

a) Irish Car Bomb

The Irish Car Bomb is a boilermaker-style drink made by combining a shot of Irish cream and whiskey with a glass of stout. The word 'car bomb' combines a reference to the drink's 'bomb shot,' and the term 'Irish' refers to the drink's Irish ingredients. Guinness, Bailey's Irish Cream, and Irish Whiskey are among the ingredients.

b) Hot Damn

Hot damn is the ideal cocktail for raising the bar. It's a delicious concoction of the official party liquors and orange juice that tastes and smells fantastic. Yes, it will keep the stench of booze from bothering you. Whiskey, rum, vodka, and orange/ lime juice are used in this cocktail.

c) Red Snapper

To make the perfect red snapper, you'll need to pick up a particularly special whisky. Crown Royal is used in this shot, along with Amaretto and cranberry juice. The taste is fantastic, which is why it's been a hit for so long.

d) Boilermaker

It's difficult to say no to a boilermaker. This classic consists of a shot of whiskey followed by a beer chaser. Some want to drop it. Some prefer to pound it, while others prefer to sip it slowly.

2. Vodka

To different types of vodka consumers, smooth vodka means different things. For some, neutrality or the lack of overt taste and ethanol afterburn when consumed plain or in a mixed drink determines the smoothest flavor.

Others prefer cheap vodka and don't mind a little fire and heat, but they want something pleasurable that won't keep them out of work the next day. Others still enjoy stuffing a giant piece of fruit with liquor or whipping up a powerful jello shot or two to keep the celebration going.

a) Kamikaze

Kamikaze was created to reduce the pursuit and was named after the Japanese fighters who would perish to finish their mission. That's what this perfect shot will do. Combine the plain vodka, orange liqueur/Triple Sec, and fresh lime juice in a cocktail shaker. This sour mix has a wonderful tart flavor that makes you pucker.

b) Drop of Lemon

This cocktail isn't the same as the lemon drop martini. Instead, pour a shot of vodka, drink it down, then suck on a sweet lemon to make the lemon drop. It's a good time, and it's the perfect drink to make you pucker.

c) Vodka Cranberry Syringe Shot

The vodka cranberry syringe shot is so simple to make that anyone can do it, and it's pretty entertaining. The only ingredients you'll need are cranberry vodka and citrus soda. Then, you'll squirt the vodka into your mouth and chase it with the soda instead of sipping it.

d) Stoplight

It's time to line up the shot glasses for some vodka shots! The stoplight is entertaining, but you must be prepared when the word "go" is given. Three glasses of vodka are needed for this colorful round of shots, each with a dab of cranberry juice, orange juice, or melon liqueur. It's only for one person to consume.

e) Cool Colada

To make this tropical shooter, you'll need to stock up on vodka. The cold colada is a twist on the pia colada, made with pineapple and coconut vodkas, as well as a splash of pineapple juice.

3. Tequila

Does your mind jump to tequila when you hear the words alcohol shots? There's a type of good tequila to warm your bones and get you feeling loose, whether it's Silver/Blanco, Reposado, Gold or Patron Tequila.

a) Straight Shot

Take a teaspoon of table salt and nestle it in the webbing between your thumb and forefinger of your non-drinking hand while holding a lime/lemon wedge. Suck the lemon after smashing a shot of straight tequila and licking the salt off your hand.

b) Black Rose

It is the layered shot to order if the bar has Tequila Rose on hand. The strawberry cream liqueur and black vodka are mixed in equal parts to make the black rose. Float or sprinkle the vodka over the pink layer and watch it whirl.

c) El Vocho

El vocho consists of a reposado tequila shot and a peppery chaser. Pineapple, cilantro, mint, and jalapeo are among the ingredients in the green mix, which gives it an extra kick.

d) Mexican Samurai

To make the Mexican samurai shot, you'll need Ty Ku, a neon green soju-based spirit. Then, when you combine that tropical fruit liqueur with tequila in a cocktail shaker, you've got yourself a nice little cocktail.

4. Rum

Shots of rum are perfect for keeping you warm in the winter, energizing you when you need to get things done, or sweetening up a hot cup of coffee. Rum adds excitement, flair, and fun to social gatherings of all kinds. It's sweet, spicy, and scorching on the tongue.

a) Flaming Dr. Pepper

If you plan on burning your booze on fire, you should exercise extreme caution with yourself and your ingredients. Flaming liquids aren't easy to work with. This great shot has been described as "less of a shot" and "more of a complete drink" that is consumed swiftly.

The recipe calls for half a pint of beer, which yields a little more than a shot glass can hold. So a pint glass is filled halfway with beer, and a shot glass is filled with 3/4 ounces of Amaretto and topped off with 1/4 ounce to make this drink.

After lighting the liquid in the shot glass on fire, the shot glass is carefully dropped into the half-pint of beer. The resulting drink is usually consumed in a matter of seconds, tastes quite similar to Dr. Pepper, hence the name. 

b) Afterburner

There's a rumor that the Jim Bean brand thick liquor AfterShock solidifies in your stomach and releases more alcohol the next morning. But, of course, this is a myth. The afterburner shot drink, on the other hand, isn't. Instead, it's a hotshot that'll be ideal for spice connoisseurs. The ingredients include the Bacardi Rum 151 and Cool Citrus AfterShock Liqueur.

c) Motor oil

Motor oil shots have been the most popular shots at bachelor parties for as long as we can recall. These shot drinks are as traditional as they are insane. Jagermeister, Goldschlager, Malibu Rum, and Peppermint Schnapps are required ingredients.

d) Voodoo

The star of the voodoo is rum, which is also a floater. Tia Maria (a coffee liqueur) is on the bottom, rum cream is in the middle, and overproof rum is on top. It's a strong one, but it's easy to drink.

e) Big Bang

Double the rum, and the joy (or hangover) will be doubled! The big bang shooter includes 151-proof and dark rums and triple sec, orange and pineapple juices.

5. Schnapps

Schnapps is a popular drink choice for people looking for a sweet shot with a lower alcohol content than true hard liquor. Schnapps is usually around 23 percent ABV).

a) Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple upside-down cake is a tropical favorite and the most recommended Peach Schnapps shot combination when you don't know what to drink. It's a dessert-inspired image that's both modern and delectable. You will need Stolichnaya, Jim Beam, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple juice and a splash Maraschino Cherry Juice.

b) Buttery Nipple

It is a delightful beverage created with butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream. In a chilled shot glass, pour 1-ounce butterscotch schnapps. To float the Irish cream on top of the schnapps, pour 1/2 ounces over the back of a bar spoon. Any time you want a little something special, serve this as a shot or a full-sized cocktail.

c) Fuzzy Jager Cranberry

One of the first popular Jagermeister cocktails was the red fuzzy Jager cranberry. It is still rather popular nowadays. The sweet blend of peach schnapps and cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker makes this one of the finer Jager mixtures.

d) Licorice Ball

A licorice ball can be made in various ways, just like many other late-twentieth-century bar shots. Sambuca, Irish cream, and grenadine are among the ingredients in one. Another adds Kahlua, butterscotch schnapps, and Irish cream to make it more butterball-like. The dirty licorice ball blends the best of both worlds with Kahlua, sambuca, and Irish cream.

e) Peppermint Patty

The peppermint patty is a creamy treat used to make a mint-chocolate shot. Creme de cacao is combined with peppermint schnapps and cream in the main recipe. Pick up some chocolate syrup or vodka if you want a little more chocolate.

6. Liqueurs

When it comes to shots, liqueurs aren't the first type of alcoholic beverage that springs to mind. But suppose you can conjure up a variety of flavor sensations to splatter into a shot glass, freeze into a jello shot, or damage an icy glass of Bailey's Irish Cream. In that case, this collection of expressions will liven up your highball.

a) Jolly Rancher

One of the most gorgeous tiered dessert shots is Jolly Rancher. This sweet and robust fruity-flavored shot is totally up your alley if you're not a huge fan of hard liquor. Amaretto, Melon Liqueur, Grenadine, and Sprite are among the ingredients.

b) Melon Ball

These adorable melon ball shots are simple to make. You might even have everything you need if you have a well-stocked bar. It also tastes wonderful because it calls for a melon liqueur, vodka, and pineapple juice.

c) Bazooka Joe

Turn to the Bazooka Joe when you want a shot that tastes like the bubble gum you used to love as a kid. In your bar, you'll need Irish cream, blue curacao, and a banana liqueur to make that characteristic, sweet taste.

d) B-52 Shot

In the B-50 family of shots, the B-52 shot is the most popular layered shot. As you delicately pour Kahlua, Bailey's Irish Cream, and Grand Marnier, it will put your layering abilities to the test. The liqueurs naturally pile up and produce a delectable mixture.

e) Beam Me Up Scotty

The beam me up is another shooter that will put your booze floating abilities to the test. Building a Scotty shot is a lot of fun. This one starts with coffee liqueur, then adds banana liqueur and Irish cream to finish. You can shake it up a little in a cocktail shaker if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is the Best Alcohol for Straight Shots?

Whiskey is often considered one of the greatest alcoholic beverages for straight shots. It not only has a lower alcohol by volume (ABV) than tequila and vodka, but it also tastes fantastic on its own. Shots with vodka and tequila are still possible, but the taste is so intense that it's impossible to stomach.

Another reason why whiskey is the best liquor for shots is that distillers like to experiment with different flavors. You can taste the type of grains and yeast used to create a specific whiskey flavor in the finished product.

2. What is the Best Alcohol for Jello Shots?

Because vodka brands range from 40% ABV to nearly 100% ABV, it is the perfect alcohol for jello shots. With a 95 percent ABV, Spirytus vodka is the most potent. In addition, the neutral flavor of vodka helps the jello flavor to shine through. Gin, tequila, and even whiskey are some forms of alcohol that perform well with jello shots.

Gin has a zesty flavor because it's prepared using juniper berries, which are inherently piney and fruity. Tequila is a wonderful complement because agave's natural sweetness carries over into the distilled form. Because sweetness and jello go hand in hand, you may not even notice that the jello contains alcohol.

Whiskey works well as a basis for jello shots. Vanilla, maple syrup, and coconut notes complement the sour and tangy jello flavors nicely. The jello flavor will still dominate, but by playing with other mixed drinks combinations, you're sure to come up with something delicious.

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