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By  Genelia

Fixing yourself a quick snack can help you save time and energy amid a brutal schedule. Moreover, you might have some leftover bread, vegetables, and meat that you might want to combine for a rapid but satisfying breakfast. Amid these rushed moments of feeling hungry, the best sandwich maker would be a very important kitchen companion.

Finding an appropriate sandwich maker can be a daunting task considering the wide range of varieties available in the market. Therefore, this article reviews the best sandwich makers, their features, pros, and cons. Additionally, we have also included the most critical factors to consider before buying a sandwich maker.

Best Sandwich Makers

1. Hamilton Beach (25490A) Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Timer

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Timer, Silver (25490A)
  • Quick and easy: With 4 easy steps, this breakfast sandwich maker cooks your custom...
  • 2 is better than 1: Dual breakfast sandwich maker is great for kids, extra guests, or if...
  • Create a custom sandwich: Whether you’re looking for low carb or protein packed, our...
  • Great gift: Perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, father's day, mother's day, graduation,...
  • Easy clean up: All removable parts on this breakfast maker are dishwasher safe.

The Hamilton Beach Sandwich maker is the ideal morning companion for muffin and egg sandwich lovers. This sandwich toaster offers two cooking plates for cooking double-layered sandwiches, such as cheese and ham on the bottom and a fried egg on top. You also have the option of custom making one or two sandwiches simultaneously.

Another feature of this sandwich maker is that it has removable plates for easy cleaning after use. On top of its dual cooking ability, you can make a quick and perfect sandwich just within five minutes. Subsequently, its countdown timer audibly alerts you when the five minutes are over to avoid overcooking your sandwich.


  • Removable and dishwasher safe plates for effortless cleaning
  • Timer countdown and audible alerting
  • Easy for customizing two sandwiches simultaneously
  • Perfect for muffins and egg sandwich


  • No interchangeable plates

2. Chefman Electric Panini Press Grill and Gourmet Sandwich Maker

Chefman Electric Panini Press Grill and Gourmet Sandwich Maker w/ Non-Stick Coated Plates, Opens 180...
  • HUNGRY FOR A SANDWICH? With just the push of a button, this Grill-Panini Press Combo can...
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR ANY OCCASION: Floating hinge adjusts to accommodate any size sandwich –...
  • COMPACT SIZE: Ideal for small kitchen spaces, dorm rooms, offices, and even bringing on...
  • EASY CLEANING: The tilt-up, skid resistant feet allow the grease to run to the drain at...
  • RESOURCES: UL approved with advanced safety technology for long lasting durability, &...

The Chefman Electric sandwich maker is one of the best multifunctional sandwich toasters. From Panini press, lay-flat grill to contact grill functions, count them inclusive of this remarkable sandwich toaster. Its capacity for multifunctioning is enabled by its 9x5.5 large closed cooking surface and a floating hinge, which helps adjust a press, ranging from a large burger to a thin grilled melted cheese toastie.

While open, you can grill vegetables, steak, fish, or even burgers. Besides the capacity of double sandwiches when closed, it is also ideal for making one baguette or Panini at a go.

You also need not worry about grease dripping from your food because it is made in a sloping design to drain fat at a back drip tray. This aspect, in turn, makes it easy to clean alongside its other features of non-stick plates and a grease plate. In addition, you can clean some of its non-removable plates with a damp cloth after it is cooled.


  • It is multifunctional
  • Easy of cleaning
  • Adjustable pressing


  • Probable stiffness of the floating hinge
  • Irremovable plates

3. Sage SSG600BSS The Perfect Press Sandwich Toaster

If you do not want to compromise on luxury, this is the best sandwich toaster for you. It is made with two top and flat bottom cooking plates, making it suitable for both open and wrapped cooking. To further accommodate custom cooking asides from a sandwich, it has a flexible pressing height.

It is additionally built with a power capacity of 1500W that makes it a fast cooker. More to its unique cooking ability, it does not squash sandwiches, thus making toasted sandwiches that are fluffy and delicious. It is also easy to clean due to its non-stick plates, but always clean it after cooling.

Despite its ease of cleaning, it does not have removable or interchangeable plates. Moreover, after cleaning, you can easily store this sandwich maker vertically due to its compact design. Eventually, all its features combine to give you a taste of a luxurious sandwich.


  • Non-stick plates for easy to clean
  • Adjustable height
  • Quick and powerful
  • Compact for easy storage


  • Relatively expensive

4. Cuisinart Griddler Elite Sandwich Maker

Cuisinart GR-300WSP1 Elite Griddler, Stainless Steel
  • ENDLESS FUNCTIONS: 6 cooking options in one machine including a contact grill, panini...
  • EASY TO USE: Electronic LCD display and blue LED indicator lights, Dual zone temperature...
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: Large grilling surface of 240-square-inches and sear function at...
  • INCLUDED: Removable and reversible dishwasher-safe nonstick cooking plates that store...
  • LIMITED 3-YEAR WARRANTY: Refer to user manual for troubleshooting steps and questions...

Among the best-toasted sandwich makers, the Cuisinart Griddler is one among the few that will provide you with multiple cooking functions. Its combination of six cooking custom functions includes a griddle, half-griddle, Panini press, grill, half-grill, and top-melt toasted sandwiches. In other words, this is an ideal sandwich toaster if you crave some chicken and vegetable sandwiches, Panini, or a French toast.

Additionally, it has a generous grilling surface of up to 240 inches square, making it easy to griddle eggs and grill meat. Its generous cooking surface can also accommodate double sandwiches at a go. This sandwich maker is equipped with dual temperature settings that will help you prepare two different recipes at different temperatures.

Resultantly, this appliance saves you the stress of having a separate temperature and time checker because it also comes with a small LCD screen. Its hinged lid is also adjustable with six distinct settings for top melts and lock storage.

This toastie maker also has a removable and reversible grill and griddle plates that have non stick surfaces, making them easy to clean. Along with its drip tray, this multipurpose sandwich toaster promises delicious toasties, Panini presses, griddles, grills, and an easy cleaning job after use. Ultimately, it is a sleek appliance that will be presentable for your kitchen counter.


  • Adequate surface for cooking
  • Six cooking and temperature settings
  • Nonstick surface and dishwasher safe grill plates
  • LCD for convenient cooking monitoring
  • Easy to clean


  • No waffle plates in its multifunctional spectrum
  • Relatively pricey

5. Breville Ultimate Deep Fill Toastie Maker

You do not have to be reserved with fillings when it comes to this exceptional deep fill toastie maker. It is small in size but capable of handling tasty deep fill sandwiches. Of course, when it comes to a filling-packed sandwich, the Breville sandwich toaster has a 20 percent more filling capacity than other sandwich toasters. It is also capable of making triangular sandwiches using thick slices.

Furthermore, this toastie maker is unique for its extra-deep hot plates to help you use thick slices for your toasted sandwich. Adding more to its bargain, it has a cut and seal system that helps keep your fillings safely stowed while achieving crispy edges.

When it comes to cleaning, its grill plates are removable and safe for dishwasher cleaning. After cleaning, this toasted sandwich maker is compact and easy to store uprightly. Asides from the remarkable deep fill plates, Breville also sells waffle plates separately.


  • Easy to clean
  • Deeper hot plates for increased filling capacity
  • Adjustable to waffle maker


  • Limited to the sandwich cooking setting

Factors to Review Before Purchasing the Best Sandwich Maker

1. Size

The best sandwich maker varies across different users depending on the user's preferred cooking capacity. Different sandwich makers have different cooking capabilities to match the varied consumer needs, with some having one and others two at a time. Ultimately, a good sandwich toaster should be able to fit the size you desire for a sandwich.

The size of toastie makers also matters when it comes to the cost of making a sandwich at home. Considering that there aren't many hungry mouths at home, it would be wise to consider getting a fair size for a sandwich maker. However, the best toastie makers should efficiently help you make toasted sandwiches even when you have guests.

2. Safety

Whether you are using a sandwich maker or waffle machine, it is important to prioritize your safety as a user. As sandwich toasters grill and cook, they get hot, which can be a risk if not considered. In addition, the exterior parts of sandwich makers should be insulated to protect users.

In addition to insulation, the best sandwich toasters should non-slip feet for stability. Indicator lights are also essential to know when a sandwich maker is hot. Despite quality assurance from manufacturers, you should be careful not to buy a sandwich toaster with electrical faults as a user.

Another safety aspect to consider before buying a sandwich maker is the quality of the handle. It is common to find sandwich toasters with plastic handles to be more affordable. Unfortunately, this type of handle is not appropriate for a heating device.

Considering that sandwich toasters are frequently used, plastic handles might break easily. That been the case, the best sandwich maker should have a steel handle for increased durability.

3. Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Every sandwich toaster should be cleaned after use, considering that making a sandwich can get messy with dripping grease and overflowing fillings. Preferably, it would be best if you opted for a sandwich toaster with non stick coating for quick and easy cleaning.

In addition to cleaning, you will require proper maintenance for your toaster for a longer utility life. Maintenance includes proper storage to prevent it from damage. Further, for easier storage, the best sandwich toasters are built with a cord wrap for convenience and sleek cord storage.

4. Removable Plates

Whether you are using a sandwich toaster or a waffle maker, your appliance will have plates for cooking. Different choices among the best sandwich makers will present users with different types of plates which are either removable or non-removable. If your sandwich maker has a grill plate or drip tray that is non-removable, you can still easily clean it as long as it is non-stick.

Subsequently, removable sandwich plates offer the benefit of effortless cleaning and should be dishwasher safe. Secondly, removable plates provide the advantage of swapping between different cooking functions. This latter benefit will help you save kitchen space as well as money.

5. Multifunctional Grill

Making consideration for the best sandwich toaster depends on what you intend to cook with it. Whether you are specifically fond of a Panini press, a grill press, or a sandwich press, it is advisable to buy a multifunctional grill.

Therefore, the best sandwich toaster will also provide other functions such as searing, griddling, and grilling. For instance, you never know when you might have to make quick grill meats or toasted Panini for a friend despite your dislike for them.

6. Automatic Operation

Automation for most kitchen appliances is a good feature for making kitchen work manageable. Similarly, your choice for the best sandwich toaster should be primarily guided by automation and its subsequent ease of use. In the end, this consideration will help you dive right into cooking without the need to mull over user manuals.

Automation will also come in handy in making well-cooked sandwiches. This feature will help avoid making over or undercooked toasties and snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) on the Best Sandwich Maker

1. Is a Sandwich Maker Worth It?

Indeed, a sandwich maker is worth buying more so in the contemporary fast world. It is very helpful when it comes to making fast meals for yourself or your children. Another benefit of owning a sandwich maker is that it is easy to use, adding to the ease of making a sandwich using cheap ingredients.

Over and above the importance of fixing quick snacks, a sandwich maker will provide you with versatility, unlike many kitchen appliances. Considerably, its versatility is in scope with cooking different quick fixes such as ciabattas, toasties, baguettes, croissants, and Paninis.

2. Is a Sandwich Maker Healthy?

Traditional toasties are perceived to contain a lot of calories and to be too greasy. However, with the advancement in kitchen technology, it is becoming easier to customize your sandwich to suit your health goals. As a result, you can make healthy meals with a sandwich maker using natural ingredients such as vegetables with more nutritional value.

Additionally, modern sandwich makers are also set up to help you eat healthier. For instance, a significant number of sandwich makers include fat drip trays to help reduce grease in your snack. Therefore, you should choose the best sandwich toaster with a health grill that is ridged to help you reduce fat in your food naturally.


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