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Anytime can be the right time to have wine. However, the right way to have wine is to use a wine decanter. A wine decanter set will forever change your experience with wine once you start using wine decanters. Wine has a lot of nuances to it depending on how you treat and handle it. The best way to let the wine breathe and have a flavor of your liking is to use a decanter. For a wholesome experience, you will need the best wine decanter, and we are here to take you each step of the way till you find the one that suits you best.

What is a Wine Decanter

A wine decanter is a crystal or glass vessel you pour wine into before drinking it. Wine lovers have a specific way of taking their wine to enjoy each glass fully. Taking wine straight from the wine bottle is no longer a norm as it might have been in most places before. A wine decanter set is used in most cases when dealing with red wine.

Apart from just improving the flavor, a wine decanter does many things to the bottle of wine. It has already sat on the shelftop for quite a while when buying or serving wine. The siting changes the flavor of even the best wine, and a wine decanter will do justice by inspiring the true flavor of the wine.

The other important job that the wine decanter does is wine aeration. The wine that has stayed in the bottle for a long time is deprived of oxygen, which plays a very huge role in giving the wine its favor. The decanting process introduces oxygen back into the wine, bringing back the flavor that will make the wine taste amazing. New concealed tastes will be released, and you will not want to put the genie back in the bottle but in your mouth and down your throat.

Apart from looking good on your dinner table, the wine decanter will be the talk of your dinner parties because of the work it does. The decanter improves your wine experience by introducing more fresh air to smoother the wine. Older wine, for instance, might be a bit bitter because of the amount of wine spent in the bottle. Young wines do not have this problem, but you still want them smooth. The wine will have a taste that will make the moment a special one.

The other reason for decanting wine is to get rid of sediments. Unlike white wine, red wines have more sediments in them. The sediments are not a hazard to your health. However, they might alter the taste of your wine. A wine decanter will ensure the sediments stay at the bottom of the decanter and not on wine glasses. Drinking wine just gets more interesting once you get yourself a decanter. Here are some decanters that you should look at when looking for a new decanter like the wine lover you are.

Is a wine decanter worth it?

Best Wine Decanter

1. Le Chateau Wine Decanter Set

Le Chateau Red Wine Decanter Aerator - Crystal Glass Wine Carafe - Full Bottle Wine Pitcher
  • 🍇Taste Your Wine's Rich Natural Flavors: After being kept in an airtight bottle, your...
  • 🍇Maximum Aeration for Smooth, Crisp Wine: Our large wine decanter holds a standard...
  • 🍇Stop Dreading Tough to Remove Red Wine Stains: Wine stains are a nightmare to clean,...
  • 🍇Add Some Elegance to Your Wine Gatherings: Our hand blown lead free wine decanter has...
  • 🍇Delight Your Fellow Wine Enthusiasts: Wine lovers can never have enough wine...

Le Chateau wine decanter will bring back your wine's authentic flavor to its natural standards after staying in an airtight bottle for years. You can now leave wine stored for a long time, knowing that this decanter will come to your rescue when you need it. In addition, the decanter is the perfect piece for your home bar because everyone will like its classic shape.

Le Chateau wine decanter gives you maximum aeration, forming a crisp wine at the end of the process. The hand-blown decanter is large enough and takes only a few hours to dry once you wash it. The decanter can take any cleaning brush and does well with hand-washing. Le Chateau is the best hand-blown crystal decanter you will find in the market today.


  • Lead-free crystal decanter
  • Elegant design
  • Maximum aeration
  • Large surface area
  • Easy pouring


  • No airtight stopper to keep unused wine

2. HiCoup Red Wine Decanter

HiCoup Red Wine Decanter with Aerator - 750mL Crystal Glass Wine Carafe and Purifier for Home Bar
  • A PIECE OF ART - Crafted from hand-blown, 100% lead-free crystal glass, this sleek and...
  • VERSATILE - Our U-shaped, crystal glass wine decanter also works beautifully as a...
  • ELEGANT AERATION - What better way to make a statement at the dinner table than with this...
  • EASY TO CLEAN - After a night of drinks and camaraderie, wash these wine decanters by hand...
  • DINNER PARTY ESSENTIAL - Elevate your hosting game with a red and white wine decanter wine...

HiCoup red wine decanter is the decanter to dethrone any decanter in the market mercilessly. The crystal glass red wine aerator has a unique shape and unforgettable wine. The modern U-shape will look good on any surface in your house without feeling off. In addition, the decanter gives you the option of using either side to decant wine, making it one of the most versatile decanters in the market today. Buy HiCoup red wine decanter for an experience like no other.


  • Easy fill
  • Stylish
  • Versatile decanter
  • Flavor enhancing
  • Stable


  • No lid to keep the wine from over-oxidizing

3. YouYAH Wine Decanter Set

YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter Set with Aerator Filter,Drying Stand and Cleaning Beads,Red Wine...
  • FASTER & MORE EFFICIENT AERATING EFFECT ---- The bottle stopper uses the newest waterfall...
  • AERATOR AND FILTER ---- There is a fine filter in the aerator spout, which can remove...
  • PERFECT HAND-MADE MASTERPIECE ---- Unique design, and does not imitate: The glass body is...
  • EXQUISITE DESIGN OF WATERFALL BOTTLENECK ---- The decanter combines the functions of...
  • ARTISTIC BASE ---- A unique base design that reinvents your imagination of the traditional...

YouYah wine decanter has not only made it to this list but is the most useful of them all. The wine decanter has a feature that most decanters struggle to achieve while maintaining a stylish look. The decanter has an aerator spout that removes sediments and oxygenates the wine, adding flavor to every sip. In addition, the decanter is hand-blown and has features that a machine-blown crystal decanter can not match up to. In addition to the decanter, you will find a filter and steel cleaning beads to keep the decanter clean. Furthermore, the set stands for hanging the decanter upside down for drying.


  • Useful accessories
  • Lead-free
  • Hand-blown decanter
  • Offers maximum aeration


  • The accessories take much storage space

4. JUSTSTART Wine Decanter

Wine Decanter Built-in Aerator Pourer, Wine Carafe Red Wine Decanter,100% Lead-free Crystal Glass,...
  • DECANTER WITH CLASSIC APPEARANCE : Designed for wine lover , suitable for a bottle of 750...
  • WINE CARAFE BUILT-IN AERATOR : It is different from the traditional decanter , our...
  • EASY POUR AND ANTI-SPILLS : Considering the situation during daily use, our decanter is...
  • THE PERFECT GIFT : It is an essential for wine lovers.Surprise your wine connoisseur...
  • ALMOST 24-HOUR AFTER-SALES SERVICR: If you have any questions or if you are not completely...

True to its name, JUSTSTART wine decanter sets the session going every time you are about to have wine and a good time. The decanter has a sleek design that works perfectly for your interior design. In addition, the decanter has a built-in aerator that does the ever so important job of bringing the wine back to life by providing oxygen that will wake up the flavor in the wine.

This decanter is a wine lovers favorite wine decanter because of its practicality in doing what most wine decanters are not doing in the market. So get one today to enjoy having wine with your friends.


  • Built-in aerator
  • The decanter has anti-spills
  • Classic design for your home bar
  • Best wine decanter for aeration


  • The built-in parts might be difficult to wash

5. Godinger Dublin Wine Decanter

Godinger Dublin Wine Decanter
  • Dublin Crystal Collection wine decanter carafe compliments any decor
  • Brilliant and timeless design will impress for years to come
  • Lead free crystal. Capacity: 750ml
  • Since 1973 Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, stainless, and...

Choosing to buy Godinger Dublin decanter is not as difficult as solving Schroedinger's equation. The wine decanter has a classic design that you only see in classic movies. The decanter is the answer to enhancing your space because of the classic, timeless design. Apart from beauty, the decanter has many practical features that you can be sure will serve you well.


  • Lead-free crystal
  • Strong brand since 1973
  • Classic design


  • No aerator was installed in the decanter

6. GoodGlassware Wine Decanter

GoodGlassware Wine Decanter – Personal Red Wine Carafe with Wide Base and Aerating Punt - Crystal...
  • THE DECANTER MOST SUITED FOR EVERYDAY USE – The GoodGlassware Personal Decanter is a...
  • SIMPLE TO USE AND CLEAN - The GoodGlassware Personal Decanter has a concave aerator base...
  • Holds 44 Ounces (1300 ml), Height of 8.7 Inches with a base diameter or 6.5 Inches - break...
  • DO GOOD WITH GOODGLASSWARE – All glasses under the GoodGlassware label are 100% safe and...
  • CUSTOMERS COME FIRST - We stand firmly behind the quality of our glassware. If you’re...

True to its name, GoodGlassware wine decanter is indeed a glassy marvel that will leave you driving for more wine. The glass has a design that is easy to use and clean, making it ideal for use in a house frequented by guests. In addition, GoodGlasware has a stable shape and a large base that makes it easier for the wine to aerate properly. Buy GoodGlassware today for a remarkable experience with your wine.


  • Stable base
  • Large design for aeration
  • Sleek design
  • Easy fill and pour
  • Easy to wash


  • No stopper to keep air out

7. Riedel Cabernet Decanter

Riedel Cabernet Decanter
  • Give your Cabernet room to breathe in the machine-blown crystal Cabernet decanter.
  • Decant young wines several hours before they are served giving the wine a chance to bloom...
  • Beautiful gift item or perfect addition for your home bar collection
  • Capacity: 37 5/8 ounce
  • Hand washing recommended.

The Riedel Cabernet decanter brings class to the table. The wine decanter has a large, sleek and simple design that is hard to beat. The design will fit comfortably onto any table, making it one of the best wine decanters in the market today. The wine decanter is easy to fill and just as easy to pour. The machine-blown crystal decanter gives your wine room to breathe and adds the much-needed flavor to your wine.

Riedel Cabernet is a brand well-loved among wine lovers and enjoys a lot of positive reviews. The decanter is proof that simplicity can sometimes get the job done.


  • The decanter has a simple and sleek design
  • Easy to fill
  • Easy pouring
  • Stable base
  • Great for aeration


  • No air-stopper to keep left-over wine from too much oxygen

What to Look for When Buying a Decanter

Getting a red wine decanter is an easy choice to make. However, getting the right wine decanter is not the easiest choice because of the many options in the market that offer the best methods you can think of. However, once you get a decanter that checks these features, you will have your favorite wine decanter. These are the features you can look at when buying a wine decanter for expensive and inexpensive wines.

1) Shape

Wine decanters come in different shapes, including ones you never thought of. The wine decanter set plays many roles apart from decanting the wine. For example, the wine decanter needs to hold the wine without risking spillage. In addition to keeping the wine in the container, an elegant decanter will make your visitors want to try out the inside the container. The best decanters have shapes that play these roles without any challenges of having to compromise on a function.

The shape of the wine decanter will depend on your liking of what you are seeing when buying a wine decanter. Is it a shape you will feel comfortable holding? You will have to use the decanter manually to pour wine. Therefore choose a decanter that will best fit your hands. Look for a decanter that will fit the surface on which your wine will sit.

The decanter's shape will determine how easily you pour the wine into your wine glass. If the shape makes pouring wine intimidating, you do not have to pick the decanter. Some hand-blown decanters have interesting and intriguing shapes that you will definitely like.

You will come across shapes like the slanted spout,

2) Size

How much wine will you probably end up decanting? On some occasions, you might end up using the whole bottle of wine to welcome guests into your event. Having friends over will mean that you will use more than one bottle of wine because we have that one friend who will down an entire bottle of wine. Therefore, whether you will use a full bottle or not will determine the size of the wine decanter that you will get.

You can get small to medium or large wine decanters in the market. Depending on how much wine you will be decanting, you will not miss out on the kind of decanter you are looking for. A small decanter is suitable for a glass or two of wine. The medium decanter will do a standard wine bottle, while the large decanter operates in liters. You can decant wines up to 1.5 liters with a large decanter. Wine decanters are not the hardest to pick in terms of size. The best wine decanters are the ones that will hold the amount of wine that will serve the needs that are best known to you.

3) Design

Although we have mentioned this in passing in the article, the design your decanter has is vital to enjoying using it. If you can find a decanter that doubles up as a decorative piece and a wine decanter, you are in luck. You can decant wine when you have to or enjoy a beautiful space when taking other drinks.

The decanter's design will make more people want to try out the wine than a boring decanter. Wine decanters hold wine for crying aloud, and they should be treated with the importance they deserve. Most people prefer glass decanters because of how easy they are to style. Glass decanters will look good on almost anything in the house. You can place a glass decanter literally on any surface, and it will still look intentional.

Unlike the bottle of wine that requires its surface intentionally made for wine bottles, a well-designed decanter will go on any surface without trying so hard to fit in.

4) Material

In most cases, you will find two types of decanters in the market. Most wine decanters are made of glass, while more expensive ones are made of crystal glass. A crystal wine decanter is not very popular as it is costly and rare to find in the market. Glass is preferred mainly because other materials affect and change the flavor of the wine. Therefore, most decanters are only limited to glass as the primary material.

There are some differences between glass and crystal decanters as they share many features. The crystal decanter is further divided into lead-free crystal decanters and ones with lead in them. You can go for the lead-free options if you are unsure about the safety of the decanter you are acquiring. If you acquire the lead version, ensure the wine does not stay in the container for very long. The point is to have fun and not risk health by exposing oneself to lead.

The standard glass decanters have a lot of advantages compared to crystal decanters. The glass decanter is dishwasher-safe, while the crystal decanters are not. There is a risk of exposing lead to other utensils when using the crystal decanter in the dishwasher. A standard wine decanter will least likely surfer thermal shock, especially when made of borosilicate. As long as you go for non-lead crystal glass, you can freely use the wine decanter.

5) Stopper

While we are trying to expose the wine to more oxygen, we are not trying to make it rancid. The wine decanter needs to have a glass stopper to keep the wine tasty the next time you will have it. If you do not see yourself finishing the wine in one sitting, then you better buy a decanter with a stopper. Nothing tastes as bad as rancid wine because it no longer has the intended flavor.

6) Filter

The point of decanting wine is to get rid of the sediment to have a pure experience of the wine. However, a filter will still come in handy when decanting wine to catch the renegade sediments that want to get into your glass. Filters are used more in red wines as opposed to white wines.

Types of Decanters

a) U-Shaped/ Swan Wine Decanter

U-shaped wine decanters have arguably the most elegant design you can find around in the market today. The wine decanters have that shape for a specific purpose; to make the decantation an easier process. The swan decanter is interesting because the shape allows both sides to work, both as the handle and the pouring side. You can use the thin side or the thick side to pour the wine, depending on your preference that day. The side makes pouring the wine into the decanter easy and neat. The chance of spilling the wine is significantly reduced because of the wide side.

b) Decanter With Strainer

The strainer is arguably one of the most important features of a decanter. After opening the bottle, you do not want your wine to be overly oxidized. The best wine decanters consider what happens after you have had enough wine. Wine decanters with strainers ensure your wine keeps its flavor for the next time you enjoy your drink. The strainer further does the important job of keeping the sediments at bay when pouring wine.

c) Wine Decanter Breather

This decanter is an interesting one. You can attach a wine decanter-breather to the bottle of wine and flip it over for the wine to splash into the decanter. When the splashing happens, the wine gets maximum aeration in the process. The advantage of this decanter is that you can it back and get the wine back into the wine bottle for future use. This decanter uses a process almost similar to the double decant method.

d) Electric Wine Decanter

There is hardly any list without an electric alternative nowadays. Luckily, the wine-decanter list is not an exception. You can find electric wine decanters for your red wine, and you can let the other decanters remain decoration around your house. In addition, the electric decanter passes air through a tube to accelerate the process. You can therefore be sure your wine will be ready in no time.

Electric decanters are useful in situations where you have a lot of guests. The wine will be decanted fast and efficiently.

e) Other

Consuming wine is almost like having a practice. Wine has so much information that we can not cover in one article. That fact shows how much there is to wine that meets the tongue. Other ways and alternatives to decanting can include a pourer, an aerator and a filter. These have different functions that might complement the decanting process. Apart from just sitting in the bar cart, these accessories serve a huge purpose in ensuring you enjoy your wine.

How to Decant Your Wine

And finally, it is time to get into the lab and purify the elements. There is science involved here, and all you need is keenness, and you will be good to go. Once you have gotten your wine that you let sit for a while, you need to decant it using the following steps;

  • The first step, which rather happens automatically, is that you need to let the wine sit for about 24 hours for the residue to settle. If it was old wine, it might have sat somewhere just waiting for you. However, touching the bottle unsettles the residue, messing up the process.
  • Once the wine has settled for about 24 hours, it is time to decant the elements in the bottle. Get your wine glass, decanter and wine ready.
  • Pour the wine at an angle into the decanter, ensuring the wine touches the sides of the glass. The wining touching the sides of the glass ensures enough aeration is happening. The pouring degree should be about 45-degrees to let the wine out smoothly. The wine might start sucking in some air if the angle is higher, unsettling the sediments and beating the whole point.
  • If the wine you are pouring is older, hold a flashlight on the side of the bottle so that you can see what the level of the residue is. This way, you can see the sediments more easily than when you do not have a flashlight.
  • Once the sediments reach the neck area, you can stop the decanting process. The sediments will look cloudy or dusty within the wine you are pouring.
  • You can place the cork stopper and shake the bottle to increase the aeration further.
  • You can wait for about 20-minutes before serving anyone with the drink.

Final Take

Wine is arguably the oldest drink there is. Luckily, the practices of enjoying fine wine have been kept and guarded closely to keep the art alive. A wine decanter is one of the things you will love the most if you are a wine lover. Therefore, you need the best wine decanter with features that will serve you while also looking good on the set.

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