The 3 Best Personal Blender for Green Smoothies 


By  Genelia

If you are out in the market to buy a blender than you will be surprised by the choices you are offered.

There are lots of blenders’ brands such as countertop blenders, crush ice blenders, immersion blenders, food processor blenders and much more.

Amongst all these blenders there are very few blenders that have created a buzz.

Below we provide detailed reviews on 3 bestselling blenders that are great for preparing green smoothies in your kitchen super-fast.

Next time you need to make a green smoothie for your family or guests, you need not try hard as these blenders can make your job a lot easier.

smoothie blender

1- Vitamix Blender

The impressive line of high-performance blenders for making smoothies at home is Vitamix blenders. The name Vitamix is a decade old that has been established in offering commercial quality blending.

The all-new range of Vitamix blender is equipped with improved design, features and an upgraded motor that distinguishes it from its peers.

The Vitamix is known for offering one of the cutting edge blenders in the market.

Vitamix is a premier brand for manufacturing elite blenders and juicers for over 50 years and is consistent in presenting an impressive line of blender series for the consumers to choose from.

Blenders of Vitamix have been the most preferred choice for consumers across the globe.

High speed, switch set blades ranging from 11mph to 240 mph that prepares an incredibly wide range of food in minutes is certainly worth having for.

The best Vitamix blender has got incredible horsepower that can blend anything.

The Vitamix green smoothie blenders are versatile and can also make soups, juice, ice-cream, etc. It also grinds you grains and can do some of the amazing things that only Vitamix blenders can perform best in the kitchen.

So, if you blend a lot almost every day then it is wise to opt for Vitamix blender. The blenders from Vitamix are fashioned to endure heavy-duty blending and some of the blenders offer a variety of blending.

These blenders can work efficiently in crushing and blending some of the dense ingredients to which other blenders find it difficult to do.

Some of the exquisite Vitamix blender models are Vitamix 1782 Turbo blend, Vitamix 1710, 1300, 1363, 1732, 7500 and 5200.

All these blenders come with seven years of warranty and also; you get that amazing cookbook to try new recipes at home.

If you have been using cheap blenders till now, you will find Vitamix blender bit pricy.

The epitome of perfection comes at a bit expensive price to which some of you might think twice before buying!

2- Blendtec Total Blender

According to rookiekitchen.com it doesn’t matter which blender you choose for making smoothies, but what matters most is that it should provide you an impressive spin through-out.

And that is what Blendtec green smoothie blender does great- they just blend impressively.

Blendtec blenders are fashioned with unique specifications of Smart touch technology that is an innovative element found in the new household blenders.

The blenders such as Blendtec Total blender classic are easy and quick to use. These superior quality blenders are user-friendly and can make sorbet, crush ice, mix dough, ice-cream, make flour, green beans, marinades, salad dressings, smoothies, nut butter, and many other recipes where blending is required.

With this blender, you will get an amazing recipe book that helps you use this beautiful blending machine. It is all in all a perfect smoothie maker, no matter what you feed in, it churns beautifully blending is what you going to love with it.

The blenders from Blendtec come equipped with a well-programmed cycle. It has push-up buttons on its surface for your several blending requirements.

These blending buttons are for different blending options such as for making a milkshake, yogurt, green smoothie, sauces, syrups, soups, ice-cream, salad dressings, ice crush and much more.

All you have to do is simply press these buttons as per your recipe requirements.

What actually makes these Blendtec blenders exclusive is you don’t get these many variations on any other blenders.

Overall: Blendtec blenders have got some of the most glowing reviews from its consumers. Prices may vary depending on the model you choose, but they are certainly affordable and worth having.

3- Ninja Professional Blender

Ninja professional blender is comfortable with a lot of people for making green smoothies and other food items for any age group based on their interests.

This Ninja professional blender is tagged as a “Green Smoothie blender” because of all the health reasons. Especially; when you are dieting and looking for a natural way to diet than this is the blender to go for.

Using green smoothie blender means opting for healthy and simple eating habits that are perhaps most helpful in weight-reducing, anti-aging, detoxifying, health-enhancing, and numerous other benefits.

Buying a Ninja blender can revolutionize your health that super charges your body with every obtainable natural resource from green vegetables and fruits.

This Ninja blender very efficiently breaks open the cells of these natural produces that make you available their natural phytochemicals and anti-oxidants which are extremely good and rejuvenating for your body and all these in one switch.


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