10 Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker Reviews: Choose One for Your Kitchen Now! 


By  Genelia

Electric rice cookers have been lately used by people for various different reasons.

They are quick, intelligent, energy-saving, affordable, and convenient to use.

Cooking food in the Cuckoo rice cooker is absolutely a different experience.

And it is no doubt that the food becomes all the more tasty and healthy when you cook it in this Cuckoo pressure rice cooker.

Electric rice cookers such as Cuckoo rice cookers are quite famous in western countries where people have no time to cook food in their hectic lifestyles.

Cuckoo rice cooker

Places like America, Canada, the UK, and China are mainly witnessed to cook food in these rice cookers.

No matter what kind of dish does one desires to cook, the electric cookers like rice cooker Cuckoo are most suitable for all sorts of dishes.

Ranging from simple Indian dishes to the complicated Spanish cuisines, these little electric marvels are capable of cooking all varieties of food within no time.

These Korean rice cooker Cuckoo are made out of high-quality aluminum bowls which cooks the food within no time.

These cookers come with individual separators which make it convenient to cook two food items at a time.

Advantages of Cooking In Cuckoo Rice Cooker

Cooking food in the cuckoo electric cooker has numerous advantages.

The food which is gradually cooked inside the electric pot comes out with intense flavor and smell.

It is incredibly healthy and tasty. Dishes like beans, stews, rice give marvelous taste when cooked in a lidded Cuckoo rice cooker.

It is interesting to note that there are various different cuckoo rice cooker recipes available for you which helps you to cook food the way you want.

According to the Cuckoo rice cooker review online, one can add a special aroma of seasoning in the food as well.

The intense flavor and seasoning added in the food item turn it to be all the more tasty and enjoyable.

One can set the minute button as per the cooking requirement of the food item.

Along with rice, one can cook cereals, chicken, potatoes, and other veggies which are quite time-consuming.

One of the best advantages of using these cookers is that a very fair amount of electricity is consumed by the Cuckoo rice cookers which turn them to be highly useful.

Thus the cost of cooking food with these rice cookers is negligible in comparison to gas stoves or grills.

The speed of cooking food in these rice cookers is also quite fast.

Within minutes, one can boil and cook those food items which require a considerable amount of soaking for saving cooking time.

10 Best Cuckoo Pressure Cooker Reviews

Since there are many to choose, you may find it difficult to pick up the best pressure cooker that fits your budget.

Checking the detailed reviews and going for a comparison shopping is recommended which can be done easily from the comfort of home.

Here are the 10 best options to look at.

These models are bestselling in the market. After a quick review, you can pick one as per your family’s requirement.

1- Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker CR-0631F (Pink)

This electric heating cooker is stylishly designed and comes in a nice pink color.

It has an inner port that is non-stick and cooks rice without making it sticky, too much cooked, or half-cooked.

The LCD display is wide and bright with accurate timings.

This cooker is designed with the slow cooking option so as to ensure the health benefits of rice stays sealed.

Users can set up to six different cooking styles in this rice cooker.

This cuckoo electric heating cooker comes with a full one year warranty and offers replacement benefits on cooker accessories.

With the help of this cuckoo electric rice cooker, you can cook up to 3 liters of rice for your family in a single go.

This rice cooker is also prone to food and safety standards before making it available to users.

This cuckoo electric heating cooker allows you to cook both GABA and brown rice in it.

This is your handy equipment for your everyday life and during party seasons.

2- Cuckoo 6 Cups Electric Rice Cooker CRP-N0681F, Red

This cuckoo CRP electric cooker lets you prepare stews, cook veggies, brown, and GABA rice following easy techniques.

It is built-in with thirteen different styles of cooking which is easy to follow.

The manual instruction that comes along with the electric rice cooker can help you.

It has instructions to be followed on how your cooker can be used, cooking instructions, precautions to be taken, and quantity that can be cooked each time.

This cooker is made with a marble pot inside that helps in easy cooking.

The automated voice instructions are available in four different languages and the Korean made cooker promises quality and long life to your cooker.

This cooker has a detachable cover and measuring cup that can be used during your cooking process.

There is also a special compartment for steam release to ensure that the moisture content will be removed.

3- Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker CR-0631 (Pink)

This cuckoo electric heating cooker is designed in a stylish and attractive white and pink exterior combination.

The interior of this cooker is non-stick material ensuring rice cooked inside does not stay sticky after cooking.

It weighs lee compared to another electric cooker in the market and the compact design makes it easy to carry and store in your kitchen space.

This cooker also lets you cook other food items like stew and boil your favorite vegetable for healthy eating.

One important aspect of this electric rice cooker is that it is an easy and hassle-free option to clean.

The electric pot is detachable and can be cleaned as per your convenience.

Do not soak in water for a long time or make use of any kind of strong dish wash or disinfectant while cleaning.

In case of any damage, you can also check on with the manufacturer and replace the damaged parts.

4- Cuckoo Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-P0609S, Black

This cuckoo electric heating pressure cooker is programmable and has a diamond-coated inner pot that makes cooking easier.

There is a detachable inner lid that can be removed and used while serving. This cooker can cook up to 3 liters of uncooked rice.

This cooker is a handy tool when you have to cook for your family or during any party in your home.

The cuckoo electric heating pressure cooker is also compact and easy to carry from one place to another.

The compactness of this cooker also makes it easier to store without eating too much space in your kitchen.

This cooker is built-in with an intelligent processing mechanism that ensures rice is completely cooked.

The steam passage helps in removing steam at ease and do not retain any moisture in cooked food.

You can cook brown rice and other vegetables. The automatic LCD display screen shows the cooking time with an easy water drain system.

5- Cuckoo Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-P1009SB, Brown

This cuckoo electric heating pressure cooker is fully automatic with press controls for easy and simple cooking. It is big and the cooker can hold up to 5 liters of uncooked rice.

The inner pot is diamond coated with x-wall shaped making storage of rice easier.

There are a specially designed water drainage system and steam manager that lets rice is non-sticky at the time of consumption.

This cooker also comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty wherein you can replace worn out parts easily and without trouble.

There is a built-in the intelligent algorithm for cooking rice that makes the cooking process easier.

This cuckoo electric heating pressure cooker carries a simple yet attractive design and makes it easy to carry while on the move.

There are 14 safety features in this electric pressure cooker which means it the safest electric cooker to use for you and your family.

6- Cuckoo CR-0351FG Electric Heating Rice Cooker, Green

This cuckoo electric heating cooker is a boon when it comes to cooking for a large family or when you wish to finish your cooking process in minimal time.

This cooker can hold up to 1.5 liters of uncooked rice and help you reduce your time and efforts in the cooking process.

The outer part is designed in the white and green base which makes it attractive while the inside has an inner pot that is stainless and does not let rice being overcooked or sticky.

The LCD display screen gives you information on the time remaining to complete cooking.

There is no fuzzy logic and this CR0351FG model makes use of an intelligent algorithm when it comes to cooking.

The design is compact letting you store in your kitchen cabinet easily.

The inner pot can be removed for cleaning purposes while ensuring that you do not use any strong disinfectant or bleach for cleaning.

This might result in permanent marks on the inner pot.

7- Cuckoo Electric Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-CHSS1009FN, Silver

This induction base cuckoo electric induction pressure cooker is an easy and stainless steel rice cooker making it useful for cooking purposes on an induction stove.

It is spacious and can hold up to 10litres of uncooked rice.

This is an ideal companion when you have an in a house party or when you wish to cook for a huge crowd.

It is stainless steel with an inner non-stick pot. The inner lid is detachable for easy and hassle-free cleaning purposes.

The cooked rice does not get sticky making it easier for you when it comes to cleaning also.

There is no fuzzy logic used in cooking and the easy cooking instruction can be followed based on the quantity of rice you are using.

This CRPCHSS1009FN model can be used to cook rice as well as other food items with the help of 19 pre-programmed instructions in a cuckoo rice cooker that is easy to understand.

8- Cuckoo Electric Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-HV0667F

This attractive orange colored and U shaped cuckoo electric induction pressure cooker will change the way your kitchen looks.

It is stylishly designed and comes with an inner pot that is stainless steel and offers easy cooking options.

The user manual that comes along with the electric cooker can be used to understand the time required for the cooking process.

The marble coating on the outside with a thin golden line makes the cooker an attractive and elegant design for your kitchen.

Once the cooking is complete, you can remove the inner pot separately and use them for cleaning purposes.

This CRP-HV0667F electric cooker comes with a manufacturer warranty and makes sure to keep all the documents coming along with this electric cooker safe for the future.

You can also carry this electric cooker as it is compact and you can store them in your kitchen space.

In order to obtain manufacturer warranty, you can do so by getting in touch with the manufacturer’s customer service desk.

9- Cuckoo Electric Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-EHSS0309FG

This cuckoo electric induction pressure base cooker is an easy and programmable cooker that allows you for easy cooking of rice and other food items.

It is an ideal companion to your kitchen and can cook both brown and GABA rice in it.

The outer part is silver with a black color combination making it an attractive piece in your kitchen.

It is compact and can cook up to 1.5 liters of uncooked rice in it. You can easily store it in your kitchen space without taking too much space.

The inner pot is sustainable and has a stainless steel coating making it easier to use and clean.

While cleaning makes sure to not use any kind of strong dish wash or disinfectant as this might permanently harm your pressure cooker.

For warranty details and other queries on this CRPEHSS0309FG model, you can get in touch with the manufacturer help desk and gain assistance.

10- Cuckoo Electric Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-HS0657F, White

This white induction based pressure cooker is easy to use and offers you a simple solution to your cooking needs.

This cooker can cook up to 6 liters of uncooked rice.

While measuring rice for cooking make sure you use the measuring cup that comes along with this CRP HS0657F model.

Other than rice you can also use the rice cooker for cooking your favorite vegetable or even ferment yogurt.

The inner pot is stainless and lets you handle the pot at ease.

You can detach it from an induction cooker and clean them and wipe the outsides with the help of a paper towel.

While it is easy and hassle-free to clean inner pot make sure to not use any kind of dish wash or disinfectant as it might create permanent damage to your electric cooker pot.

You can also get in touch with the manufacturer customer help desk for any of your queries related to the usage of this cuckoo electric induction pressure cooker.

How to Use Cuckoo Rice Cooker?

The procedure of cooking the food inside an electric Cuckoo rice cooker is much similar to steaming.

Only little oil and water are required for cooking the food.

The gradual process of cooking retains the vital nutrients of the food.

Moreover, the lid which is used to cover the mouth of the vessel helps to retain moisture and heat without turning the food to become soggy.

Special mechanical and thermal sensors are used by these Cuckoo rice cookers for rendering heat to the food items.

The inner bowl of the pressure rice cooker cuckoo is removable and the cooker pot is marked with the markings that indicate the targeted quantities of food.

The good thing which I personally love about using a little electric rice cooker is it’s capable of cooking rice for around twenty people at a time.

These are also easy to use and convenient to manage.

Features to Look for When Purchasing

When searching for the best Cuckoo rice cooker, you should the points mentioned below:

1- The type

It is essential to remember that all Cuckoo rice cooks work with the same mechanism.

The difference stands in the materials, how many people it will feed, its size, and build.

Hence, it is important to know what you need before you make your purchase.

How many people have you got to serve? How much space can you provide it on your countertop?

Once you have an idea of what you require, it will help you get the best fit.

2- Pressure cooking

There are two types of pressure that rice cookers use: induction and electrical.

The electric model uses Fuzzy logic where a computer chip regulates the temperature and cooking hour.

Electric models make use of a heating plate that warms the water in the pan, boils it to create steam and pressure, thereby further cooking the rice.

Inducting heating is all about using an alternating electrical current which moves via metal coils blow the pan which transfers to the pan and creates heat.

This heat is equally distributed in comparison to an electric cooking plate. It covers the complete cooking pan and not just the bottom near the heating source.

Induction is reliable and faster, but the automatic regulations of the Fuzzy logic are really good and compensate for any shortcomings which the electric rice cooker may suffer from.

3- Capacity

It is one of the major things to consider when buying a rice cooker.

If you have a big family, then you need a model capable to serve everyone together.

On the other hand, if you have a single-family, then going for a smaller model will be more reasonable.

4- Weight and size

If you plan to leave your rice cooker on the kitchen counter every time, then the weight isn’t an issue for you.

But, if you want to store in the cupboard after every use, then you need to choose something which is light in weight so that you can lift it easily.

Speaking about the dimensions, some of the rice cookers are hugely big and may not come in your cupboards.

Bigger models can cover a major part of your counter so you need to ensure that you have sufficient room before you purchase.

5- Convenience

It is essential to keep in mind that Cuckoo rice cookers are manufactured in Korea, hence some of the manual guidelines may be a little tough to figure out.

But you have a number of resources online and you can check the videos available too. The cooker is pretty simple to use.

6- Simple to clean

A lot of models have auto steam cleaning specs. So, you just need to do a cleaning cycle and wipe the inside the pot.

7- Cooking time

Usually, all the rice cookers can cook white rice in 20 to 30 minutes.

However, the cooking time differs depending on the type of rice you are making and how much you are making and also varies from one machine to the other.

8- Materials

The inside of the rice cooker cooking pot is made of stainless steel or aluminum.

Stainless steel is stronger than aluminum but the latter is lighter in weight.

Another point to note here is that aluminum is a better heat conductor and this is why it is used in electric pressure models.

9- Accessories

Every product comes with a measuring cup and a rice scoop.

It helps you ensure that you add the right quantity of rice and water to the pot and is also convenient when you need to serve the rice.

10- Pricing

One thing to note down here is that the prices of the models vary to a great extent.

Some of the prices range from $100 to $600. The lower end models perform equally well as the high-end models.

Most of the customers are very happy with the results, irrespective of the price of the product.

But if you want to go for a rice cooker that can cook for more people or you want your cooker to do more things then the price will be higher.

11- Warranty

All Cuckoo rice cookers have the same warranty- one-year labor and one- year for the part.

They are replaced or replaced only when the damage occurs with normal usage.

Why is Cuckoo rice cooker brand popular?

Cuckoo Electronics Co. makes their rice cookers since 1978 in South Korea. As they are the number one selling brand of South Korea, you can blindly trust on the high quality and reliable performance of Cuckoo rice cookers. The brand has earned a good name in home appliances and is appreciated across the world for its consistency, longevity and delicious results.

What is the right way to clean Cuckoo rice cooker?

Simple cleanup is the best thing in Cuckoo rice cleaner. A lot of models come with auto cleaning setting. All you need to do is add a little water to the cooking pot for steaming. As the pot is non-stick, the steam will loosen the content and wipe out all the stains. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, just wipe the pot from the inside with the help of a cloth.

For how long can you keep rice in a Cuckoo rice cooker?

The rice cooker can be kept on warm setting for 12 hours. You can safely eat for around 24 hours; the rice dries out and commences to turn yellow or brown if kept for very long and will surely not taste as good as it should. It is recommended to remove the rice after 12 hours and store it in an air tight container.

Overall, if you are a person who wants to cook food fast without any hassle these Cuckoo rice cookers are a must for your kitchen.

Do check them out at Amazon and buy one for yourself now.


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