Are Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinets Out of Style? 


By  Genelia

White kitchen cabinets and stainless steel cabinets are in style these days.

But when it comes to dark wood kitchen cabinets nothing can beat its style, beauty, and perfection.

This is the reason the eyes of present-day household people, interior designers, and kitchen designers always come back to dark wood cabinets for the kitchen while shopping.

In simple words, dark wood oak kitchen cabinets were considered old styled but are getting into style again in recent years due to its unmatched amazing feel and beauty.

What I personally like about then is – when altered or designed your kitchen with dark, it can tell the story of beauty without showcasing the powdered make-up.

Yes, what you get is really the natural beauty in your kitchen that never goes out from your kitchen for a long time.

So why can’t you think about it?

Benefits of Choosing Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The present generation looks for two important factors when designing a kitchen.

These are beauty and affordability. In other words, we can say that the perfect combination of beauty and quality is everyone looks for.

And there is no doubt; it is hard to find the perfect balance between these factors in any other kitchen cabinets than kitchen designs with dark wood cabinets.

As such there are several advantages for opting dark wood color for the kitchen cabinets.

Some of them are as follows:

1- Aesthetic Appearance and Uniqueness

There is no doubt that almost all kitchens we see are lighted with bright lights.

However, a combination of bright light colors like white and stainless silver will give a plain look and nothing different.

But when you make use of dark kitchen cabinets, it gives a unique look and creates a difference in the kitchen.

This aesthetic appearance really gives a pleasant look for the kitchen and makes you feel proud of your unique looking kitchen.

2- Easy To Clean and Affordable To Maintain

The beauty of the kitchen plays a great role in adding satisfaction to the kitchen activities and deliciousness of the dishes.

Even a small stain on the kitchen cabinets can bring blotch on the faces.

But it is quite natural that kitchen activities can result in the drops and scatters of cooking ingredients.

When it is white cabinets or stainless steels, the stains will be clearly visible and need to be cleaned regularly or frequently.

But when it is dark wood kitchen cabinets, it makes most of the stains and scatters invisible.

This makes you free from frequent cleaning of the cabinets.

Thus maintenance comparatively easier for dark cabinets when compared with stainless steel and white cabinets.

Furthermore modernizing the kitchen with dark kitchen cabinets never demands you to break the bank account or to look at the pockets with a desperate mind.

Choosing these types of cabinets is really affordable and you can design or redesign your kitchen with a smile on your face.

3- Good for All Types of Kitchen

Most of the people still believe that dark wood kitchen cabinets suit only for luxury houses.

But the real fact is that it comes in different styles and models and suit almost all kitchen types.

Whatever is the kitchen type, design, or size, you can find the perfect dark kitchen cabinets design for your stylish and modern kitchen.

Most of the people prefer these kitchen cabinet types such as dark cherry wood kitchen cabinets to remodel the kitchen and to bring new and amazing appearance to the kitchen.

This is the reason present homemakers and interior designer gives priority to these styles in kitchen cabinets to present a real artistic work to the kitchen.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets: Awesome Idea To Give Unique Look

There is no doubt that the bottom cabinet is always prone to dust and stain when compared to the bottom.

Hence with Two-tone kitchen cabinets, you can select a dark color for bottom and light color for top and whatever the color you wish.

This helps to maintain a unique beauty for your kitchen with two favorite colors.

Moreover, you can match the color of the floor with the bottom and roof with the top of the cabin.

No doubt if you like to bring something different, that everyone looks with amazement, then two tone kitchen cabinets are the best option.

With a single color you have to limit your execution of idea and dreams.

But as two tone kitchen cabinets are of two colors, you can have ideas and expectations about how to design your kitchen and how should it look.

Kitchen designer and interior decorators can present the homeowners with multiple styles and designs for the kitchen with two tone kitchen cabinets.

There is no doubt that both the husband and wife have their own expectations related to the tone of kitchen cabinets.

With two-tone kitchen cabinets, the expectations of both husband and wife can be executed without any worries of problems.

Two-tone kitchen cabinets give values to both of the hearts and are the reason why most of the present families opt two tone kitchen cabinets.

At present, there is no need for you to concentrate on a single tone kitchen. Just mingle your kitchen dreams to one with perfectly designed two-tone cabinets.

My Personal Love with Dark Kitchen Cabinets (with Dark Wood Floors)

As far as my personal taste is concerned I love the combination of dark kitchen cabinets with dark wood floors.

And for this reason, we have just opted for this when we have remodeled our kitchen recently.

Most of my friends guessed that a dark kitchen cabinet with wood floors may not be the best choice for me as it is not much affordable and easy to maintain.

But when we installed this in our kitchen it looks great and our same friends were just envious about the same.

So, if you are planning for remodeling your kitchen and especially the cabinets in your cooking room, kitchen designs with dark wood cabinets should be your ultimate choice.

Now it is the ideal time to remodel or design your kitchen with dark wood kitchen cabinets!

So go for it without a second thought; I am sure you will love it.


Welcome to my blog RetroKitchenAppliances. I am Genelia and I live here in Budapest. Passionate about cooking, kitchen technology, and appliances since childhood, I have planned to start with this blog where I can share my passion with the world. Hopefully, you will find the articles, tips, reviews, and buying guides here helpful.

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