10 Best Gourmet Kitchen Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Look Special 


By  Genelia

As such, there is no specific meaning of Gourmet.

But yes, there is definitely a specific style – a style that reflects your own artistic endeavor.

We are here talking about gourmet kitchens and what makes them gourmet…

What is a Gourmet Kitchen?

Gourmet is basically a term associated with high-quality dining with high-quality ingredients served with a special presentation.

The culinary art of great food and drinks served with high sophistication can be called Gourmet.

It contains the best quality fresh meat, fresh fish, vegetables, or other food products.

All parts of the food item are made with the best recipes and are decorated & served delightfully.

Gourmet food can be described as a well prepared and well-seasoned food.

This is usually the food made with the best and rare ingredients which are quite expensive.

People who have a discriminating taste for such high-quality food and drinks are referred to as gourmet.

10 Tips To Design A Gourmet Kitchen

Gourmet kitchen as the name suggests is a special decorative kitchen that belongs to a very niche stratum.

The craze for the gourmet kitchen was in vogue with the rise of television cookery shows.

Gourmet kitchen appliances, cabinet designs, cooking wares, crockery, cutlery, and culinary tools have become a basic demand for the gourmet kitchen only after the television shows done by the professional chefs.

In case you are really passionate about designing and decorating your kitchen in a Gourmet style, here are some additional tips for you.

We have tried to make it less expensive, just in case you are not in a mood to invest more in your kitchen renovation.

1- Add proper gas and grills:

A typical gourmet kitchen design consists of a gas that has six burners, drawers for warming, and a cooktop grill which would give the effect of an outdoor grill.

Make sure that you add this according to your need as well as budget.

2- Check the kitchen island:

A unique feature of a gourmet is a kitchen island. It should be in the shape of a workstation where a cook can perform activities in a standing position.

It is said that cooking is one of the best ways to connect with people. So choose the design where you can cook along with one or two more people.

3- Change the stone and countertops:

Solid stone counters and quartz are the best options for decorating your kitchen in a gourmet style.

But if its a bit expensive for your pocket you can also go for stone floor tiles or ceramic tile which can serve the purpose well and good.

4- Redo the old paint and wallpaper:

Colors can drastically change the mood and style of your kitchen. Adding a couple of coats of paint on your old cabinets as well as a wall can be a therefore good option.

No matter you are going with paint or wallpaper, try adding maximum wooden touch which will give you a feel of a gourmet kitchen.

5- Add the lights above island:

Getting some beautiful and interesting lights above your kitchen island can give a unique nice new look with little money.

You can check with your nearby DIY store to get some affordable and decorative pieces.

6- Add the pot fillers:

Although this is not an essential most item, it can make your kitchen tasks easier when added to your kitchen.

People who have already worked in a gourmet restaurant knows the advantage of this.

Pot filler faucets are generally installed near to your kitchen stove to make the filling of large stock pots easier.

Consider adding one if you really think you need it in your kitchen.

7- Do not forget the furniture: 

With so many small table-sets, chairs, and stools available in the market, finding the appropriate ones does not incur much time for your gourmet kitchen.

As you can find a large variety of colors, styles, and variations by investing just a few minutes you should not forget about changing these while renovating your kitchen.

8- Arrange a pot rack:

Building a good pot rack to hang a good number of pots is yet another great idea for getting a gourmet-style kitchen.

You can look around and get some unused items in your home or kitchen which can be easily re-purposed and used for creating this.

This can be a good idea for you if you do not want to invest more.

9- Build a wine pantry:

Wine is one essential most item in our kitchen which should be preserved with care.

If kept in a decorative way using a good wine holder or wall mounted wine rack, it can serve the purpose of a fine wine pantry in your home.

10- Gourmet kitchen appliances:

If the kitchen is made in the style of a gourmet and there are no gourmet kitchen appliances then it becomes really difficult to work properly in that kitchen and the result is also not up to the mark.

Gourmet kitchens must contain appliances such as coffee grinders, espresso maker, double oven, high-end dishware and dishwasher, built-in refrigerator, etc.

How Much Does A Gourmet Kitchen Cost?

Designing a gourmet kitchen or your dream kitchen space is like a dream itself.

And the prices can vary widely depending on numerous factors (like the size of kitchen, its present condition, the accessories you desire to add, etc)

On the higher end of the spectrum, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 and $18,000.

This will typically include a full kitchen renovation which will include:

  • Wall painting
  • Upgrading the cabinets
  • Installing the new sink and faucets
  • Installing the tile backsplash and flooring
  • Adding some of the essential accessories and appliances

Overall, the cost of redesigning your kitchen should depend on the budget you have in mind.

By keeping the balance between your budget and your desires you should manage to get a dream space you have in mind.

The Bottom Line

Well, there can be a countless number of other ideas and tips which can help you style your kitchen in a gourmet look.

Make sure that you choose and adopt the ones that are good for your family and your friends.

Plus, it should be within your budget.

While you are in search of the best Gourmet kitchen supplies, you can look at online stores.

Stores such as Amazon have served the purpose of all the users who are searching for the best styles and designs for their kitchen.

SO why not just shop online and save your money in addition to the time.


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