5 Best Digital Pressure Cooker Reviews: Pick One to Make Food Fast and Easy? 


By  Genelia

People seem to have busier schedule than ever. They are always on the go and have a very less time for cooking.

Leading a hectic life there are lot many things that are sacrificed and one of the most important is healthy food.

Digital pressure cooker

People rely on take-outs or fast food meals which are not healthy and do nothing than making you obese.

This is not only unhealthy but invites a lot of health problems.

If you are amongst those who is leading a busier schedule and has to literally struggle hard for cooking healthy meals than it is time you switch to digital pressure cooker.

The digital pressure cooker is nothing but a type of excellent kitchen utensil that you can have if for your family.

Because it tags along with various health benefits, most people like to cook the food in it easier and quicker.

Why Digital Pressure Cooker is A Must Have for Your Kitchen?

In today’s date digital pressure cookers are the most convenient cooking utensils available, making you’re cooking more convenient and simpler.

When it comes to juggling family, work and household chores it makes sense of buying this digital cooker as it lets you prepare healthy food and saves a lot of time that you can have it with your family.

Digital pressure cookers are different from the traditional ones as they are electric and digitally functioned.

Most of these are equipped with built in heating mechanism and are available in stand-alone pattern.

The construction, the mechanism and the designs is similar to that of traditional ones but these smart digitally controlled pressure cookers helps you cook you’re food very fast and easy.

The other important benefit of buying a best digital pressure cooker is it lets you save good deal of money on energy bills.

When you’re cooking time is minimized you will see your utility bill drastically going down.

The food flavor remains awesome and lets you enjoy the sumptuous meals every time you cook with digital pressure cooker.

5 Best Digital Pressure Cooker Reviews

For your convenience we have listed down the best digital pressure cooker brands that are most popular and comes with best features and prices.

Check them out and get one now for your family.

1- Aroma Housewares digital pressure cooker

The Aroma Housewares Digital cool touch rice cooker and food steamer is an ideal and handy tool to help you with your kitchen duties in your busy schedule.

This automatic digital rice cooker by Aroma Housewares helps you reduce your time spent towards your cooking process.

It comes with an option to cook up to 4 cups of uncooked rice. You can make use of two varieties of rice – white and brown rice.

In case you wish to warm up your already cooked rice then the steamer allows you to use up to 8 cups of cooked rice.

But in such cases you need to be pretty sure to use only the measuring cup that comes along with the cooker.

The most beneficial part of this rice cooker and steamer is that it is easy to clean and provide you with hassle free operating techniques.

The packaging comes with a free recipe booklet to relish on cooking your favorite delicacies.

2- Instant Pot digital pressure cooker

Instant Pot Multi use Programmable multi cooker does the job of performing the job of 7 different kitchen appliances.

The instant pot can be used as a pressure cooker, steamer sauté, rice and slow cooker, cook food and retain warmth till you are ready to use it.

It is built with more than 10 smart programs. This way you can cook all your favorite dishes in just the press of a button.

The interiors of the cooker have a 3 ply bottom coating allowing even heat distribution and retain the aroma and flavor of your dish.

The microprocessor attached to this Instant Pot programmable digital rice cooker manages pressure and adjusts intensity and heat of your food maintaining quality.

For longer life and easy maintenance it is advised to use only original accessories of Instant pot.

The accessories include stainless steel racks, soup spoon, cup to measure quantity and a recipe booklet to make your cooking easier and enjoyable.

3- Nesco digital pressure cooker

Nesco American Multifunction Pressure cooker as the name suggests comes with an inbuilt option to cook, steam and warm your food.

This works to ensure that the health benefits of food is retained and cooks to perfection using minimal time.

The stainless body of this digital rice cooker by Nesco makes it much attractive and an interesting piece of investment to your kitchen.

The control panel is designed in such a way that the user gains complete control on cooking.

User can take control in adjusting cooking time, pressure and the method of cooking.

The multifunction cooker also comes with an option for user to warm your already cooked food to your desired level and also retain warmth of food for longer hours.

As a maintenance tip, do not use the same electric plug along with other appliances so as to avoid overload.

It is advisable to use original accessories that come along with cooker for quality and longer life.

4- Elite Platinum digital pressure cooker

Elite Platinum Stainless Pressure cooker is ideal and handy kitchen equipment that can replace many other utensils in your kitchen.

It comes with 8 in built functions and allows you to cook rice, meat, veggies, and lentils and even cook soup.

This way user can reduce the amount of time spend in cooking thereby making cooking easier and fun.

The vented lid in the cooker allows escaping steam and cooking effectively thereby retaining the health benefits of food as such.

Just like easy cooking option, this Elite Platinum stainless steel cooker also provides you with easy cleaning and maintenance option.

A user manual comes along with packaging can be referred to understand techniques of cooking and cleaning of this digital rice cookers.

The packaging also has a recipe book that you can try in your home.

The cooking time is also pre-programmed so that your food does not over or under cook leaving you with perfect eating experience every time.

5- Cuisinart digital pressure cooker

Cuisiniart electric stainless pressure cooker comes with 6 quart capacity, side handles that does not heat up, dishwasher, cooking pot for easy cooking and a trivet.

The exterior of the cooker is stainless and is designed to not leave any finger marks on the cooker. It is easy to handle and hassle free cleaning option.

The inbuilt program settings of this Cuisiniart digital cooker allow for slow and high pressure cooking as per user convenience.

The cooking options are controlled with the help of push buttons and provides user with option to cook, warm, sauté or simmer.

Users also get a three year warranty with the cooker which means you can get your accessories replaced if required.

The instructions are easy to understand so that users do not get confused about the techniques of using the cooker to benefit.

One important using technique to keep in mind is that the digital rice cookers should never be closed too tightly.

Besides the above most popular brands there are brands such as Maximatic, Ivation, Farberware, Ronson, Kambrook, Gourmia, etc which are good to check out if you want to compare some of the new models and brands.

I am sure that you will find the best for you when you check them online at Amazon.

Factors to Consider when Buying

When it comes to buying a smart digital pressure cooker, many things need to be checked and ensured very well.

Fortunately, there are many brand new cookware manufacturers using quality materials to make a pressure cooker.

You can choose from the varied range when planning to buy a smartest pressure cooker.

Here we discuss about the most important things to take care of when buying a smart pressure cooker for your kitchen.

1- Check for the material and make:

One most important thing to consider is heavy-gauge and high quality steel.

This is one main criterion as without a quality stainless steel body, all other features and elements go nothing.

Stainless steel pressure cooker is recommended to choose for the high quality material and long lastingness.

Choose a stainless steel cooker with a stamp or label indicating ‘18/10 stainless steel’, meaning it is a composition of 10% nickel and 18% chromium.

Benefits of the composition include;

  • Shine and gleam
  • Corrosion and stain resistance

It is strongly recommended to avoid non-stick pressure cookers for many reasons.

One of them is that the non-stick platform does not last and it causes several health issues due to the non-stick coating.

2- Look for the smart features, functionality and technology:

With the changing advanced technology it is important that you buy a product for your kitchen which is latest and high tech.

Smart pressure cooker is said to be smart when it comes with the latest technology and functionality to make the cooking convenient and fast.

You should therefore check for the features such as built in smart programs, Bluetooth functionality, digital display, etc. when you are buying a smart pressure cooker which is really SMART.

Instant Pot programmable pressure cooker is one of our top favorite and we recommend checking it out if you are in need of a smart pressure cooker for your kitchen.

3- Look for precise pressure indicator and quick release:

The normal standard for a pressure cooker is the capacity to reach 15psi (pounds per square inch) for most pressure cooker recipes.

Check if the cooker has a precise indicator that best indicates when the standard level has been reached.

Modern pressure cookers come with Quick Release option built into the pressure regulator.

With this mechanism, the pressure is lowered down inside the pot without losing heat.

Quickly equalized pressure allows other ingredients to be added from the recipe and also for resume cooking using the pressure cooker.

4- Size of a pressure cooker:

You may think whether to buy a 4 qt pressure cooker or a 6 qt model. Well, this depends upon the amount or portion of food your family want.

Besides this, your storage space and budget has to be considered as well.

A 6 qt pressure cooker is the basic size for a family and one can go for 7-8 qt model if they can afford the budget.

Basically, a pressure cooker can fill 2/3 full for most foods and ½ full for foods that foam during cooking.

5- Safety features and Warranty:

Today, pressure cookers come with a lot of safety features that previous versions did not.

Modern versions can vent additional steam from a valve with an audible hiss at the time of overpressure.

It can also pull out the pressure that continues to go up the sealing gasket through a safety hole in the lid.

A good pressure cooker will last for many decades, however you should consider the quality and history of the company and the warranty to cover its products.

Though gaskets-like parts are not replaced, you have to choose a renowned brand company that offers cooker parts and accessories.

Safety Tips While Using an Electric Pressure Cooker

Most of the people are scared while using a pressure cooker but in reality, there is no need to be scared of it.

In today’s time, a pressure cooker comes loaded with several safety specs which are of great help.

To render further help, here is a list of safety tips which you should keep in mind while using the electric pressure cooker:

  1. It is suggested to check the pressure cooker before you start cooking. You should inspect the gasket to make sure that there aren’t any cracks on the pressure cooker or gasket. Also make sure that the rim is shiny and clean with no residue.
  2. Another thing to keep in mind is that there is right amount of food and liquid in the cooker. Never overfill the pressure cooker with either water or food and also make sure that there is sufficient liquid to pressure cook anything you have put in. Keep in mind that food like beans and rice gets swollen up at the time of cooking.
  3. Never use a pressure cooker to pressure fry anything. It is not good and may lead to accidents. A lot of pressure cookers are not meant for this kind of use.
  4. Go for quick-release options to release the cooker’s pressure after cooking. Don’t try and open the lid without releasing the pressure from the cooker. You can also keep the cooker idol and allow the gas to release naturally, but you can also go the safety release.

Steps to Clean and Maintain your Electric Pressure Cooker

  1. Clean the lid of the cooker after using it every time.
  2. Clean the valves along with the rims too as gunk accumulate there which prevents the lid from sealing perfectly.
  3. Wipe clean all the residue food particles from the valves with the help of toothbrush
  4. Take the rubber gasket out and clean it with warm water as it may get smelly after using a few times.
  5. Your gasket will wear off with time. Hence, you need to replace it with a new one.

Is it safe to use electric pressure cooker?

Yes, electric pressure cookers are safe to use and they come decked with new modern safety specs making them safer than ever.

But, you should follow the instruction and user manual properly because no one can guarantee the safety of an electrical device.

Does high pressure in cooker helps the food to cook faster?

Yes, high pressures some time for you. But it also leads to energy wastage because high pressure is only needed in the primary stage after the desired pressure level has been reached.

After that the pressure commences to escape and doesn’t enhance the cooking procedure.

What foods can you not cook in an electric pressure cooker?

Basically, a pressure cooker can be used to cook foot which is humid and moist. You cannot cook anything hard or crispy with a cooker.

But, there are cookers which can be used to cook keeping their lid open. You can use them to fry and roast.

Where to Buy An Advanced Digital Pressure Cooker at Competitive Price?

Buying a digital pressure cooker is a big advantage, especially for the busy people who are unable to prepare meals at home and spend a lot outside buying fattening foods.

These digitally programmed pressure cookers are equipped with latest technology and features that help you to cook in reduced time so that you can utilize that time in other work.

The digital pressure cookers are available under various brands. You can choose one that suits your cooking requirements and budget best.

Browse the websites like Amazon to compare the features, functioning, performance and pricing between the two digital pressure cookers.

Check the detailed reviews and go through the consumer ratings carefully. This way you will be able to get the best one for your family.


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