The 10 Most Important Kitchen Appliances That You Need in Your Home 


By  Genelia

You might be a little confused at that title. Of course, each kitchen will have an oven and a refrigerator.

But there are several small appliances that are absolutely essential to keep in your kitchen.

If you recently moved out on your own and you are building your kitchen from scratch, you might not be considering which kitchen appliances and tools are necessary.

Before you go shopping, check out our list of the most important kitchen appliances that you need in your home.

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1- Microwave

This small and mighty machine can reheat meals in minutes. There’s no need to turn on the oven for a single serving of leftovers. You can also use a microwave to cook some meals from scratch.

Some microwaves can be bulky and take up space on your limited kitchen counters.

If you are looking to save space, consider purchasing a special cart for your microwave. You can also store other appliances or dishware on the cart.

2- Instant Pot

This appliance has captivated cooks across the world over the past year.

This electric instant cooker can churn out meals in minutes, turning frozen meat into large and delicious meals.

It’s the perfect appliance for anyone who hates to meal prep or forgets to defrost food in time for dinner.

3- Slow Cooker

Maybe it’s time to slow things down. Slow cookers, also known as crock pots, have been popular for decades.

These appliances turn cuts of meat into a tender, flavorful meal. Simply add your ingredients, turn it on, then start your day. In about six to eight hours, you’ll have dinner on the table without doing much work.

Slow cookers are also perfect for soups and chowders. Basically, these appliances are your best friends during the winter months.

4- Coffee Pot

This is a necessity for anyone with a pulse. Some would argue that a coffee pot is the most important tool in the kitchen.

You can choose a traditional coffee maker or purchase a Keurig or Nespresso. There are pros and cons to brewing your own coffee or purchasing coffee pods.

Some prefer to grind their own coffee to save single-use pods from ending up in landfills. Others like the convenience of the plastic pods. Regardless, make sure that you are getting your caffeine each morning.

5- Fryer or Air Fryer

Your decision here can be based on how healthy you like to keep your diet. Everyone loves fried foods but usually tries to avoid the calories that follow.

Air fryers have become popular as people look for ways to enjoy their favorite fried foods without adding to their waistline.

If you aren’t too concerned about calories, purchase a fryer with your preferred oil of choice.

Regardless, you’re going to have a good time in the kitchen with whichever appliance you choose.

6- Rice Cooker

Rice is usually a staple in many diets. But cooking rice on a stovetop can be messy and problematic.

It can also be a lengthy cooking process. An electric rice cooker can whip up fluffy and delicious rice in minutes.

All you have to do is measure, add water, and press a button.

7- Electric Griddles

Electric griddles are perfect for those with large families. You can pull out the appliance when you need to quickly whip up breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Most griddles come with different plates that allow you to cook different items.

You could use an electric griddle as an indoor grill or to even make your own panini or quesadillas.

8- Mixer

Electric mixers are highly-sought after. You can usually find requests for electric mixers or Kitchen-Aids on wedding registries. They are expensive but they can accomplish a lot in the kitchen.

Electric mixers are usually used to bake but can also be used to whip up mashed potatoes.

You can also purchase different attachments to create your own pasta, ice cream, or even ground your own meat. It’s a jack-of-all-trade that is a necessity in any kitchen.

9- Food Processor

If you hate chopping vegetables and cloves of garlic, a food processor will quickly become your best friend.

Food processors can be used to chop, dice, and puree fruits and vegetables in just seconds. You can even use the appliances to create dough for baked goods.

Food processors come in different sizes and can usually be broken down for storage.

10- Blender

Blenders are used to create smoothies, milkshakes, and sauces. You can even use a blender to make soup or whisk together eggs for a scramble or omelette.

A blender is different from a food processor. Blenders blend liquid ingredients together while food processors handle fruits and vegetables.

You can easily create a dirty disaster by putting liquids in your food processor! You can get by with just one blender or food processor in your cabinets but life will be easier with both.


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