Can You Use Induction Cookware on An Electric Stove? 


By  Genelia

can you use induction cookware on electric stove

Induction cookware is a type of cooking vessels that are specifically designed to be used on induction-stove tops.

Induction cookware either needs to be made from or have an outer coating of Iron (including cast iron), steel, or magnetic stainless steel.

These materials are known to be ferromagnetic.

Induction stovetops have a copper coil that is place underneath the stovetop. When alternating current passes over the coil it creates a magnetic field.

The cookware you use on this stovetop must be made from a material that will react to the magnetic field in order to create heat.

If the cookware isn’t made from or at least has an outer layer that is ferromagnetic no heating will occur.

Hence, cookware made from non-ferromagnetic materials will work on other types of stovetops, but will not work on induction-stove tops.

When it’s about using induction cookware on an electric stove, the short answer is – yes you can use all your induction cookware on your electric stove.

Lets, look into the details and a bit longer answer below including how these cookware works and what can be some problems of using induction cookware on an electric stove and what you will need to care for.

Induction Stoves are Electric Stoves

First of all, it is important to note that induction stoves are also electric stoves.

The main difference between induction stoves and standard electric stoves however, lies in the way they cook food.

A standard electric stove uses an electric current that heats up the burners on the stove the stove’s burner then transfers heat to the bottom of the cookware.

Which then heats or cooks the food that is placed inside of the cookware.

On the other hand, in an induction stove heat is not generated in the burner, but in the cookware itself.

While induction cooktops use electricity it produces alternating current, which produces a fluctuating magnetic field that will indirectly produce heat.

This is why an induction stove only works when cookware is placed on the burner that can react with the magnetic field.

However, when most people refer to an electric stove, they are referring to a standard electric stove rather than an induction stove.

Can Induction Cookware Be Used on An Electric Stove?

Yes, you can use any type of cookware when cooking with an electric stovetop.

Copper, aluminum, cast iron, and stainless-steel cookware all can be used when cooking on an electric stove.

So, it is really no surprise that induction cookware which is made up of two or three types of cookware material can be used on electric cook-stoves as well.

Situations When You Would Induction Cookware on an Electric Stove

Since induction cookware is specifically made to be used on an induction stove you may be wondering why anyone would use this cookware when cooking on an electric stovetop.

Here is a look at some of the reasons why people would use induction cookware on an electric stove.

1- You Have Moved to a Different Place:

There may be a situation where you have an induction stove in the place where you have been living and so you purchased induction cookware to cook with and then move to place with an electric stove.

When this happens, most people are not going to throw out all of that cookware so they simply continue to use it with the electric stove they are now using.

2- You Got a Piece of Induction Cookware as a Gift:

You may have an electric stove and simply receive a piece of induction cookware as a gift.

Many people will simply use cookware instead of trying to exchange it.

However, just because induction cookware can be used on a standard electric stove doesn’t mean that they are the best choice.

There are still some problems you may face with them and you should essentially need to know about them.

Problems of Using Induction Cookware when Cooking on An Electric Stove

While you can use induction cookware when cooking on an electric stove and do so safely, doing so may not be the best idea since there could be some problems using induction cookware on an electric stove.

Here is a look at some of those problems.

1- Hot Spots-

Unless the induction cookware is made from cast iron, most induction cookware is made from a thin layer of steel (stainless steel), which may prevent even heat distribution resulting in hot spots.

Unless you constantly stir the food in the pot or pan this may mean that food will stick and burn in some parts of the pan and remain uncooked or lack adequate heating in other areas.

2- Won’t Properly Retain Heat-

In addition, induction cookware may not retain heat the way you would expect.

In addition, induction cookware won’t heat as fast on an electric stove as it would on an induction stove top, so if you are using induction cookware on an electric stove hoping your food will cook faster then you are making a mistake.

3- Breaking Down of the Induction Cookware-

When induction cookware is used on electric stoves the cookware make break down making it impossible for the cookware to be used on an induction stove in the future.

What Is The Best Induction Cookware to Use on An Electric Stove?

There are some types of induction cookware than can work well on an electric stove.

1- Cast Iron-

Cast iron works great for cooking all different types of food. Cast iron is slow at absorbing heat and holds a good deal of heat.

However, if the bottom of the cast iron is not smooth it can scratch the glass surface of the electric stove.

2- Enameled Cast Iron-

Enameled cast iron cookware works well on a standard electric stove as long as the enamel surface is well covered and this the cookware has a thick flat bottom.

3- Sandwich Clad Stainless Steel-

Sandwich clad stainless-steel works well on an electric stove.

This cookware is durable and because it is often combined with copper or aluminum, which conducts heat well this type of cookware works well on an electric stove.

What is The Best Non-Induction Cookware for An Electric Stove?

1- Heavy Weight Aluminum-

Heavy weight aluminum is a good choice of cookware for an electric stove because this cookware conducts heat well and cooks food faster than other types of cookware.

2- Copper Bottom Cookware-

Copper bottom cookware works well for cooking food on an electric stove, but this type of cookware can leave behind a residue that may look like scratches on the stove top.

If the copper cookware overheats the residue will permanently stain the stovetop.

3- Titanium Cookware-

Titanium cookware works well on electric stoves and conducts heat well resulting in the ability to cook food evenly.

Now that you know which induction and non-induction cookware work best with an electric stove you can choose the right cookware set for you. 

When shopping for cookware consider your needs and your budget before making your choice.

Should You Buy Induction Cookware for Your Electric Stove?

It really wouldn’t make a lot of sense to purchase induction cookware to use with your standard electric stove.

There are too many other cookware options available that are less expensive than induction cookware.

And considering the fact that the induction cookware doesn’t perform the best when used on standard electric stoves, there is no reason to purchase induction cookware for an electric stove unless you have an induction stove.

If, however you already have induction cookware and want to use on an electric cook top you will need to be careful.

Since most electric cooktops are today made from glass (strong glass) there are a few things you need to consider.

First of all, make sure the bottoms of your pans are flat. Not only will this result in more even heating, but also non-flat pans may crack the stovetop.

You also should not set very hot or cold pans on the surface of your cooktop. It is best if the pans are room temperature when set on a glass top electric stove.

At last, don’t bang or slide a pan across a glass top electric stove as this could break or scratch the stovetop.

The bottom line

Using the right cookware matched with the right cooktop can make a difference in how you cook and what you will cook.

So, if you are planning to buy a new cookware set for your kitchen its good to do a bit of research and choose the right set, so that you can give your family the best taste and health they deserve.


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