Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System Review: Best Single Cup Coffee Brewer for Your Kitchen 


By  Genelia

When talking about getting a single-cup brewer at home, most of the people did act skeptical.

We often think that how come a single cup brewer would cater to the varied needs of a number of family members staying together.

But believe me, machines like Keurig B70 are still a superb option and can do all that for you which you desire.

I have been using this machine for very long and I still love preparing my morning coffee using this machine.

Why Single Cup Brewer?

Although there are many coffee makers available today that helps you in preparing excellent coffee at home, single-cup brewers are mostly preferred by people who are yet single.

Maybe you are a college student or a young professional, choosing the best single cup brewer or coffee maker will make you wear off all the worries when you come to the home, after a hectic day’s work.

You actually don’t need to depend on anyone to get you something more scintillating like a cup of perfectly brewed coffee to soothe your senses.

There are hundreds of brands to choose from when you are looking for the best single cup coffee brewer.

To find out the best single cup brewer you need not travel the world barefooted, it’s all so simple nowadays when you compare them online.

One I found great for me is Keurig B70!

Keurig B70

Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System Review

If you are talking about some of the best single-cup brewers then coffee pod brewers such as Keurig can just not be neglected.

These are famous for their excellent functioning and outstanding mechanism.

Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System is said to be the best single cup coffee brewers available today.

And no doubt Keurig Model B70 is one of the most preferred single-cup brewers all over the world.

As far as I am concerned, I personally use and recommend Keurig B70.

Using this machine for the past few years I don’t think I had any major problem with this machine.

And most excitingly my hubby prepares me a coffee using this machine most of the time when we need some change 🙂

Reasons Why Keurig B70 Brewing System Is Most Preferred?

If you are fond of hot coffee and want your coffee to be brewed perfectly then K cup brewer like Keurig B70 is one of the best options for you.

The greatest advantage of this machine is that you can brew about ten to twelve different cups of coffee for your guests that too within a very short span of time.

The most important is you can use it with patented K-Cups for easy coffee preparations.

5 brew-size options with removable drip tray and dishwasher-safe parts are also provided with the machine.

Here are a few important reasons why people love using this machine for preparing their coffee daily.

1- Ease of Use and Cleaning:

You just need to pour water into the machine and open the lid to insert the cup, then close the lid and select the cup size from the touch panel, and there is your amazing coffee ready to be sipped.

The people who have already bought and used Keurig coffee maker are very much happy with the ease of using this machine.

Also, the machine is fashioned in a way that makes it easy for the person to clean and maintain.

It requires inexpensive maintenance making it last longer than usual coffee makers.

2- Chic Styled and Compact:

This coffee maker is a compact machine that fits anywhere easily on your counter-top.

The outer appearance of the unit is done in a classy black finish along with offering quality as well as reliability from its brand.

The unit is aesthetically pleasing that blend well in your kitchenette space.

3- Affordable Price:

Keurig B70 coffee maker is a modestly priced coffee maker that it is hard to find the exact match.

It serves the budget as well as the requirement purpose for every kitchen.

With its exquisite features and the way it is fashioned, it provides the correct temperature for whichever type of coffee you want to prepare.

Few Other Best Features and Functionalities

Unlike drip coffee makers you don’t need to make a full pitcher of coffee every time you make a cup for yourself.

It will be as if you will be wasting half a gallon of water and loads of coffee beans for that.

The leftover coffee is kept cooked for hours until you make the next cup. This is a total wastage of resources.

In Keurig Model B70 there is no leftover that is cooked for hours after you take out your first cup of freshly brewed coffee.

The only basic requirement of getting the perfect coffee from this machine is to use spring water instead of tap water.

You can easily observe the difference in the coffees made with tap water and spring water individually.

Keurig B70 Platinum also offers a wide range of features like Auto On/Off, Digital Clock, One-touch control panel, Adjustable Temperature Control, and the “Set Your Favorite Cup Size” option.

There is a program machine inside this hi-tech brewer to help you brew the caffeine drinks whenever you want.

The blue-lit water reservoir and blue lit LCD display are provided in the machine that makes it easy for preparing your coffee.

Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System Troubleshooting and Fixes

Although Keurig has launched so many latest models, Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System is such a darling that people still love using it for brewing.

If you are one among them and are facing certain issues here you may find help regarding your problems.

Let’s get into some of the common problems people face with this machine and their possible fixes.

1- Brewer Not Turning On

If your Keurig B70 Platinum is not getting powered on, this can be due to:

Unit malfunctioning: This is generally a fault in the internal computer of the unit and you will need to reboot the internal computer to fix the issue.

Just as you do with your smartphone, turn it off and unplug the machine for a while.

After a few minutes plug the unit on again. Most probably this may fix the problem.

Trouble in power connection: You will also need to make sure that your Keurig B70 Platinum unit is properly connected to a power source.

If required flip the power switch that is usually located on the back of your machine.

In some instances, there can be a fault in the power outlet and a circuit breaker of your building.

Try to reset the circuit breaker and make sure that it’s functioning properly.

2- Time Is Not Displaying

When you find that the time is not getting displayed on the unit’s LCD screen this can be majorly due to interruption in power.

If there is an interrupted power supply you will wait for a few minutes and need to set the clock.

3- Getting Error with Your Display

If you are getting some error on your display screen, the screen itself will guide you about the action you will need to take for fixing the issue.

If there’s a flashing blue light (located in the water reservoir) on the screen its an indication that you need to fill the reservoir with water.

Just take the reservoir’s cap out and refill.

If there’s a descale message appearing it’s an indication that you need to descale your machine.

Just flush the reservoir’s unit and you are good to go.

You will generally need to descale your machine every three to six months as recommended by the Keurig.

4- Watered Down Your Beverage

As you use your machine, there may be a problem seen when the coffee you get is not brewed as it should be.

Or in some instances, the beverage you get will taste watered down. This is due to:

Clogged waterline: For fixing you will need to loosen the debris (with a paper clip) which may have clogged the unit.

K-Cup not inserted: Each time you need to get a great tasting beverage you will need to insert a Keurig Single Cup (K-Cup) flavor.

Make sure that you have inserted it properly. If there is none, just insert a new one.

Reusing the K-Cup: K-Cups are meant only for single-use, they shouldn’t be reused.

If by mistake you are using the same k cup from a previous brew, it can make your beverage tasting watered down.

5- Cup Not Getting Filled

This can be awkward when you see that your cup is partially filled with water or there is absolutely NO water getting into your cup.  

Remember, until you see “Ready to Brew” displaying on your screen, you will not be getting any coffee into your cup.

So, make sure that you check with following when you see issues like these:

Fault in a vacuum which may be causing the water to get into the air pump (located at the bottom).

This can cause an interruption in the water supply and even rust if not fixed.

Handle not properly closed can interrupt the brewing of the machine and water supply.

Make sure that the handle is completely pushed down and closed for proper working.

Puncture needle when clogged can be fixed by inserting a straightened paper clip into the machine’s needle exit area.

You may need to repeat this step until you find all the debris unclogged.

6- Getting A Beverage with Metallic Taste

The brewed beverages in your coffee maker can have a metallic taste mainly due to lack of cleaning.

If the reservoir is dirty or if the water sits in there for long it may have scale build-up.

This calcium deposits in the machine can result in metallic taste. So, make sure you clean the reservoir properly before using it next time.

Its also recommended that you use only filtered water (and not your regular tap water) in the unit as this can again cause change in taste due to minerals present in tap water.

7- Brewer Not Puncturing the K-Cup

If upon closing the lid you see that the brewer is not puncturing the K-Cup you should ensure that the lid is closed properly.

If its not closed completely you will not see the screen displaying “READY TO BREW”. In this case open up the lid and close it again firmly.

If the lid is closed properly, the problem may be due to bent puncture needle that’s designed to puncture the K-Cup.

If you find it bent, you will need to replace it with new one.

8- Brewer Does Not Pump Water

Waterline and the filter in the unit can become heavily clogged if not cleaned on regular basis.

This will be majorly due to minerals and other kinds of particles present in the water.

If you find no water (or very little) getting pumped into the brewer you will need to clean the clogged waterlines and filter before brewing.

9- Brewer Shuts Off Occasionally

This can be identified when you are continuously using the machine for making coffee and immediately you find that the cup is not completely made.

At times it may happen that the machine does not brew at all and shuts off.

This can be generally an issue with the magnet when it gets out of its place.

You will need to realign the magnet while holding the reservoir in place to get this fixed.

10- Brewer taking long time for warming up

When the brewer is taking too much of time for warming up the water its possible that the air is blocking some of the water from going into the brewer.

This may happen occasionally and you may use a straw to clear the air flow.

Just put the straw over the sharp needle (that is poking the top of the K-Cup) and blow on it. This is from where the water comes in.

most probably the water starts bubbling and the air flow gets cleared up after a blow.

Overall, Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System is an award-winning coffee brewer machine that is appropriate for coffee lovers who like to keep things simple and easy.

The coffee machine is not an item to be showcased; its functionality is something that contributes to its beauty majorly.

The functionality of the machine will make it a hit or flop in the user market.

The major coffee brand Keurig has the finesse of producing amazing looking coffee machines to feed the artistic hunger of its customers.

Those who like elite and finesse would definitely love this single-cup brewer Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System by Keurig.

You should check this out at Amazon if you want to buy a high-quality single-cup brewer which is affordable.


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