How to Make Pista Kulfi at Home? 


By  Genelia

It is a fact that all of us love ice creams very much and Kulfi…….

Taking the name is enough for watering your mouth.

Whether it is a child, mummy, daddy, grandma, or grandfather, uncle or anybody we all love it in our family.

You don’t forget to have a one for you when a trolley of Kulfi vendor comes at your doorsteps in your colony or society.

In this way, you can have your favorite flavor whenever you want.

But think of the ancient periods, the children present then. It is not easy to have Kulfi for them whenever they want.

Kulfi is out of reach for a common man at that time and is only enjoyed by the kings and royals and their family members present at that time.

pista kulfi

How to Make Pista Kulfi?


• 2 Cups of evaporated milk
• 1 Cup condensed milk
• 16 oz Whipped cream
• 1/2 tsp ground green cardamom powder
• 1/4 Cup of green sliced pista
• Sugar to taste

Pista Kulfi is a wonderful dessert for summers. Learn how to make/prepare Pista Kulfi by following this easy recipe.

• Pour evaporated milk, condensed milk and whipped cream in a mixer.
• Add ground green cardamom powder & sugar.
• Blend well the mixture.
• Then add sliced green pista and stir slightly.
• Now fill the mixture in Kulfi cones or ice cream tray.
• Place it in the freezer for a whole night (minimum 6 hours).
• At the time of serving, keep the outer surface of the ice cream tray or cones in contact with hot water for just 1-3 seconds and remove it in a plate.
• Pista Kulfi is ready to serve.


Malai or pista kulfi is a very popular recipe. You may learn how to make/prepare malai pista kulfi by following the easy recipe in the video above.


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