What Is a Maslin Pan? (What It Is Used For) 


By  Genelia

I am a huge fan of making jams on my own.

The aroma generated while preparing it makes it mouth-watering and stimulates my taste buds.

Who on earth would say no to Jams?

And believe me, instead of buying it from outside, it gives you more thrill to make it on your own and serve the delicious jam to your near and dear ones.

To make this all you need is one major pan and you are good to go. We are here talking of what is known as maslin pan!

Let’s see more about it in the article below…

what is maslin pan

What is a Maslin Pan?

Are you a DIY person who is trying your hands on making a jam or jelly on your own?

It’s simple and what you need is a big pan called Maslin Pan.

Maslin pan is typically a multi-purpose pan, when it comes to preparation of food and jam in large quantities, for a big family or a large gathering.

It is a go-to pan in many households. And when you see it, it looks like a big tea cup with a heavy bottom.

Maslin Pan: Short History

Right from middle-ages, it has been a customary practice to preserve jams, sauces, and fruits.

The scarcity of food during climatic and seasonal changes forced people to find out ways to preserve their food.

Now, you may wonder, how they would have done that when there was not much advancement in technology like we have now.

Every era in human history has its own scientific inventions or developments suitable for their living corresponding to that period.

Time to visualize – You might imagine how it would have looked like in the earlier periods?

Let’s come back to reality, definitely, it would not have looked so much shiny and ergonomically designed with good handles for a firm grip.

But they served the main purpose of storing large quantities for a big family.

Ancient Europe was the first to use the pans in large numbers but there is no data to find out the exact period when this came into use.

Historically, it was popular during the 16th and 17th century and used to make jam and jelly.

Any guesses from your side, about the material of which it would have been made? I guess, the right answer would have popped in your mind.

Yes, its copper, the widely prevalent metal during those periods.

No doubt that this cookware would have been durable and heavier than the current ones.

What is a Maslin Pan Used For?

You need these kinds of large pans in making marmalade or jams.

Even though the Maslin Pan was used to make jams, over the years people started using it for stew, jelly, sauces, etc.

But still, then it is colloquially called “Jam Pan” even though it is used to make other things.

The bigger base aids in evaporation of the water content in the fruit and finally you are left the desired Jam or whatever you cook.

The good handle enables you to hold it firmly and transfer the contents into another container using a spout for pouring.

What to Look for When Buying A Maslin Pan?

I know, you are very much searching for an answer to the above question.

You may not own a maslin pan before and look forward to buying your first quality maslin pan or you may not be satisfied with your old jam pan and looking for a replacement.

In the market, there are various brands and companies promoting their maslin pans in competition with their peers.

Obviously, you will get confused on how to choose your perfect maslin pan.

So, note down the below checklist points and find it by yourself which suits you the best.

1- Longevity and Price:

You never compromise on quality, so it is wise to go for a maslin pan that is not very cheap in quality and price.

Try to buy pans that are durable in quality and priced at an average rate.

Let’s get into a detailed picture of the other aspects that need your attention while looking to buy a Maslin pan.

They are as follows:

2- Broad Sides:

Broader sides of the pan enable you to mix the veggies or fruits without any difficulty and no worries about spill over.

3- Markings:

Markings in the inner side of the pan assists in measurement levels, especially, when you follow a DIY recipe without any confusion while following it.

4- Handles and Lid:

The main and side handles of the Maslin pan help you in carrying the pan without the fear of getting your skin burnt and they remain cool always.

Also, make sure that you have a lid to cover it fully.

5- Proper Angle for Thermometer:

The angle of the pan is very much important in not letting the thermometer slip inside the jam.

The correct angle will help in measuring the temperature without any hassles.

Even distribution of heat in the base of the pan is also important as the flame can’t reach all over the bottom.

If you prefer to use it on induction stoves, then look for maslin pans that are compatible with it.

Last but not least, a maslin pan with a solid and sturdy body can last for many years and maybe for some generations.

So, take the utmost care in choosing the right one for you keeping in mind the above factors.


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