5 Best Miele Coffee Machine (Reviews & Buyers Guide) 


By  Genelia

Miele Coffee Machines are here to make your day and lift our spirits.

They offer the ultimate in coffee making category that will cheer you up and take the hassle out of your sophisticated life.


The coffee system with Miele Coffee Machine will ease every aspect of coffee making either for an individual or group.

Miele Coffee Machines are state of the art appliances driven by cutting edge technology that has been deduced through years of research and innovation.

It draws its inspiration from an epicurean ideology that stresses upon soothing of taste buds over anything.

The machine comes fitted with on-off touch control, clear display, arrow to browse through various program options, touch control to confirm your choice.

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Also it has the preferred settings saved with the sensors made of superior technology to last a lifetime.

The touch control lets you select between your favorite drink i.e. coffee or espresso.

Other features that stand out are plastic and metal drip tray, door grip, coffee dispenser, and a valve for steam or hot water.

5 Best Miele Countertop Coffee Machine Reviews

With Miele Coffee Machine, preparing variants of coffee to soothe your taste buds is no longer a Herculean task.

The Miele coffee machines are competitively priced and the features adorning the machine make every cent spent on it worth it.

The entire technological extravaganza for coffee preparation is installed with sensors at adequate points to save your already frayed nerves from being strained more.

Check out below for the best selling coffee machine models that are manufactured by Miele.

You will surely find the best suited for your kitchen when compared to these!

1- Miele CM6150 Grey Countertop Coffee System

Miele CM6150 Countertop Coffee Machine, Medium, Obsidian Black
  • Coffee Pot Function
  • Direct Sensor Control Panel
  • OneTouch for Two
  • Height Adjustable Coffee Spout
  • Dishwasher Safe Drip Tray

This Miele countertop coffee machine is German engineered as it is built with inflexible quality and the system is tested for quality performance.

Get this Miele CM6150 Black countertop coffee system which is tested to give 20 years of standard and quality performance, which are comparable to 50,000 cups of coffee.

Its electronic steam valve makes café style drinks with just a push to the button away.

It, in a very convenient way distributes two double-sized lattes and cappuccinos.

In the case of cleaning and care, this Miele coffee machine is simple and easy to clean with an automatic cleaning system and detachable components without any issue.


  • Is found to be adjustable in height to place different or same size cups
  • Integrated with a cup warmer which heats the front section in less time
  • Comes with a dedicated hot water spout to dispense hot water for coffee or tea
  • Presents an automatic cleaning program to clean the milk pipework every time when the machine is switched off.

2- CM6310 Countertop Coffee System in Black

Miele CM6310 - White Coffee Machine, White
  • Direct Sensor Control Panel with 4 lines of text
  • OneTouch for Two - the ability to make two drinks at once with the touch of a button
  • 4 User Profiles
  • Makes Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino, & Lattes
  • Cup Warmer

This Miele CM6310 countertop coffee machine is the next generation machine with new features and signal tones that are awesome and fabulous to know and include in your collection of kitchen appliances.

It makes the best and ever tasted coffee from a fully automatic machine which cost less than the other competing and expensive products.

It holds the function to use the milk either from its installed flask or directly from the carton.


  • Presents a direct sensor control panel with 4 lines of text for easy operation and ultimate convenience
  • Has a single touch for two
  • Suits to your personal taste
  • Presents the ability to make a couple of drinks at the same time with just a touch of the button
  • Has 4 user profiles
  • Measures 10 inches in width, 14 inches in height and a depth of nearly 17 inches
  • This Miele coffee machine occupies good space on the counter
  • Automatic rinse and easy cleaning programs with easily removable brew unit and dishwasher parts, that let you take care with less effort
  • Presents luxurious experience with a perfect finishing touch

3- Miele CM6110 Countertop Coffee System

CM 6110 Coffee System (Black)
  • Perfect results and intense coffee flavour

Miele brand coffee systems are the top and leading systems with advanced technology, which gives more quantity of coffee cups with a single push button.

In that regard, you have this Miele CM6110 Black Countertop Coffee System which is tested and proved as the best with a quality performance that equals 50,000 of coffee cups.

Its 15 pressure bars make sure about the consistent results and offer a wide range of drink building ability which include cappuccino, espresso, or macchiato.


  • Available with an insulated stainless steel milk flask which keeps the milk cool without any loss in quality
  • Has a two-line LCD display, which creates an instinctive user line, making simple selections to enjoy a cup of coffee
  • The height is adjustable making it a perfect Miele countertop coffee machine to accommodate a range of cup sizes right from the average American mug to the classic petit espresso.
  • The ground coffee chamber presents the traditional brew procedure by pouring the ground coffee into the chamber to move back and forth amid a caffeinated and decaffeinated drink.
  • Has an electronic steam valve which makes steaming easy and simple
  • Presents a removable brew unit to remove from the machine and rinse under the running water for easy cleanup

Miele coffee machine in black is a real beauty for your kitchen.

Check online to know the Miele coffee machine price and make your choice to get an average and large cup of coffee every day.

4- Miele CM5300 Black Countertop Coffee System

Miele CM5300 Coffee System, Medium, Graphite Grey
  • Onetouch and OneTouch for two function - make one or two servings at the touch of a button
  • Coffee pot function - make up to 8 cups of Coffee at a time
  • Directions control panel with 4 row text display
  • Brewing specialties - one or two servings of espresso, coffee, long coffee, Ristretto,...
  • Second type of Coffee possible using ground Coffee

Café quality coffee mugs of your choice are before you when you choose this Miele CM5000 Black Countertop Coffee System which presents all your favorite coffee flavors with advanced programmable settings.

Being designed for your appropriate use, this Miele countertop coffee machine with the finest components is the true choice to prefer and fulfill your desire of consuming more than a single cup of coffee at the patio.

If you are with wonderful plans to get the right coffee machine in the form of a fully automatic countertop, then choose this and go through the amazing features for easy and better use.


  • Miele coffee machine is good in action and interesting to prepare a number of coffee cups in a day
  • Lets you select from the 4 types of drinks to prepare and enjoy with family
  • It comes with a one-touch button function to make double cups of coffee at the same time without waiting for any longer time.
  • Presented with dual modes Eco and comfort mode to operate the machine for usage and to save energy.
  • Has the program to use the required amount of hot or warm water
  • Easy to clean and avoid unpleasant smell.
  • It helps to develop and maintain the flavors of coffee and prepare more and more cups for the guest.

Go through the Miele coffee machine price online at sites such as Amazon and order now to highlight the look of your kitchen and add a golden feather in the cap of kitchen appliance collection.

5- Miele CM 6110 Coffee System

CM 6110 Coffee System (White)
  • Direct Sensor Control Panel with 4 Lines of Text
  • OneTouch for Two - the ability to make two drinks at once with the touch of a button
  • 4 User Profiles
  • Removable Water Tank
  • Removable Brew Unit

This self-supporting and unconnected whole bean coffee machine with a 4-row text display and direct sensor control panel is a perfect choice to choose and add to the other available advanced appliances in the kitchen.

Miele CM 6110 Coffee System is an exact countertop coffee machine which offers the ability to program with four user-profiles and make it perfect for your family and for the coffee enthusiasts.


  • It’s one-touch for two cups preparation let you prepare two beverages at a single time
  • Its one-touch program includes coffee, latte macchiato, espresso, cafe latte, and cappuccino
  • Adjustable in height from 3 to 6 inches as per the cup size to make it perfect for everything.
  • Comes with removable water tank
  • The spouts are rinsed automatically when the machine is switched on or off and makes sure that the fresh, cleaned and warm system is ready to use and get the first cup of fresh coffee.
  • The programmable cup settings of this Miele countertop coffee machine allow choosing desired coffee size, temperature and strength.

Give a look towards the Miele coffee machine price and make up your mind for the next purchase online

How to Use a Miele Coffee Maker?

The Miele coffee maker machine is one of the easiest espresso machine to use and clean.

If you have just purchased the machine or are planning to buy one, you can check the operating instructions and steps on descaling, degreasing, and cleaning in the below videos.

Cleaning a coffee maker in a thorough way is more essential to avoid any build-up grime, grease or any sticky food particle on it.

They may don’t actually look dirty but spoils the appliances as they have buttons, handles, switches where spilled mater of food accumulates easily.

Here are few tips that can help you clean your coffee maker machine efficiently.

After using the coffee maker, remove the flask and soak in warm soapy water to clean and replace it.

Descale all the water deposits with two to three cups of water dissolved with an equal quantity of white vinegar as this formula removes all the dirt and settled coffee cakes inside it.

To ensure that the vinegar is rinsed, you need to run the two cycles in the machine to remove the left-over vinegar in the coffee flask.

Always use a dry cloth to remove the excess water as every machine needs proper and careful care to make them look neat and new in every way all the time.

How to Descale a Miele Coffee Maker?

Few Important Tips For Buying Miele Coffee Maker

The most popular Miele countertop coffee machines and built-in coffee makers are manufactured by USA based company mieleusa.com which is founded in 1899.

Today Miele is working in nearly 50 countries and in another 50 markets by importers.

So, if you are planning to buy a Miele coffee maker, you will not be disappointed at all.

The Miele built-in coffee maker machines takes out the guesswork out of creating special coffee when you dream of having a frothy mocha, or espresso coffee.

These classic coffee machines have been introduced with an intention to give you your desired kick start to your busy mornings.

If you want something versatile, reasonable, robust, and stylish then these machines are the one to go for.

You will simply love this out especially when you want to get that vintage dash into your kitchen.

These Miele coffee maker machines take out the guesswork out of creating special coffee when you dream of having a frothy mocha, or espresso coffee.

These classic coffee machines have been introduced with an intention to give you your desired kick start to your busy mornings.

Besides the above Miele coffee maker machines there is Miele built-in coffee machine available which can also serve your purpose.

However according to most of the Miele built-in coffee machine reviews these are not as great as their counter top models.

You may check the detailed reviews and Miele coffee machine price to compare it with few other brands if your requirement is built-in coffee makers.

The coffeemaker is widely available at online stores such as Amazon, where you can choose your type of color matching with your kitchen along with attractive prices and discounts.


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