What Is the Best Electric Mini Food Chopper? 


By  Genelia

A mini food chopper is fundamentally a tiny food processor.

This small kitchen appliance can perform an important role in your kitchen to help you each day as a great companion.

From chopping a few cloves of garlic, ginger, and pepper to cutting the veggies into tiny pieces, all can be done with a mini food chopper with the least effort.

Believe me, adding an appliance like these in your kitchen space can be the smartest idea, you will not love to miss!

best mini food chopper

Benefits of Mini Electric Food Chopper

The main task of a mini electric food chopper is chopping, but it can also perform other functions like grinding and pureeing – thanks to its stainless-steel blade.

What I like most about these mini-sized food choppers are:

Attractive, Safe, and Easy to Use:

Mini food choppers and food processors are available in various designs and sizes in the market. Most of them are made up of plastic body and hence are shockproof.

Most of the mini food choppers come with a safety interlock facility. So there is absolutely no chance of any accidental touch to the sharp blades while the machine is in operation.

A mini chopper food processor is absolutely easy to clean in a hassle-free way. These can also be washed safely in your dishwasher.

Highly Versatile and Fast for Daily Tasks:

These electrically operated mini food and vegetable choppers work very efficiently and can help you immensely in making sandwiches spreads and beating eggs for cake preparation.

If you need to dice onions in large quantity then there is no need to use a knife.

You can do this by simply putting small batches of onion in an electric chopper machine, without having tears in your eyes.

If you are tired of purchasing dry bread crumbs from the nearest grocery store to coat your fried foods like chicken, pork chops, and vegetables then take the help of this mini food chopper machine this time.

Simply add blocks of dry stale bread and process till you get small crumbs.

You can also use this small kitchen appliance to crush candy and cookies for your sundaes and pie crust respectively.

Its sharp stainless-steel blades that run by a powerful motor can crush almost everything.

Besides all these you can also use these chopper machines to make delicious salsa and for preparing baby food.

You can also find an electric chopper to be immensely helpful in grinding some typical types of pulses and cut food into small bite-sized pieces for infants to eat.

Thus, it helps in saving time for mothers to prepare food for their children amidst all the household work.

The 5 Best Electric Mini Food Chopper

Mini food choppers are sleek compact machines that can add a style factor in your kitchen.

The good thing is you can choose one of the best mini food choppers from the variety of colors that matches your kitchen countertop or walls from the online store such as Amazon.

For making your task easier we have shortlisted some of the best brands and models below.

You may consider checking the features and consumer reviews in detail before making a final buying decision.

1- Ninja Mini Food Chopper

Ninja Express Chop Food Chopper is another great mini chopper that can add beauty as well as functionality in your kitchen.

It comes with 200 Watt Power Pod which can effortlessly mince, chop, grind and blend a variety of ingredients like a professional so that you can easily prepare exciting meal recipes for your family.

With the 16 ounces of capacity this Ninja Express Chop NJ110GR is a perfect chopping appliance for items such as garlic, onion, zest, spices, herbs, cheese, bacon crumbles, nuts, chocolate, dressings, sauces, and spreads.

It also features a non-slip base and splashguard on the chopper bowl that keeps everything steady and clean.

An additional storage lid is provided so that the food you chop remains fresh for a time being. The removable parts of the chopper are all dishwasher-safe and can easily be cleaned.

Furthermore the ergonomic design of a powerhead is easy to handle and control so that you can achieve the best consistent results every time in your kitchen.

Ninja stackable food chopper is also available online which comes with additional food bowls to chop different varieties of ingredients in one go.

You can check them online if it’s available at your location.

2- Hamilton Beach Mini Food Chopper

Hamilton Beach Food Chopper is last in our list of best electric mini food choppers.

This comes with a powerful 450 watt with 2 speeds plus pulse.

This food chopper/processor comes with a 10 cup bowl capacity which is big enough for most of the jobs you have in your daily kitchen.

Stainless steel, reversible slicing /shredding disc is provided with this food chopper so that you can shred or slice easily within seconds.

With its stainless steel S-blade you can also perform tasks like chop, puree, and mix.

The best thing about this Hamilton Beach mini food chopper is its bowl scrapper attachment which saves time when chopping or pureeing.

As it works in both On and Off modes, there is no need to stop the processor and remove the lid to use a spatula.

3- Brentwood Mini Food Chopper

Brentwood MC-105 1.5-Cup Mini Food Chopper is a special kind of food and vegetable chopper that has got some special features for you.

Firstly, the chopping jar is made up of clear plastics and the jar has got the maximum capacity of 1.5-cup.

The product has got awesome red color which is simply great to view and can boost up the aesthetic value of the product.

The super-sharp blade of this item is made up of stainless steel.

These blades are so sharp and durable than any kind of foods can be chopped easily within seconds.

The detachable parts are dishwasher-safe and thus can be easily cleaned within dishwashers so that food wastes can be easily eliminated.

The product is equipped with an absolutely non-skid base and safety lock-lid so that the foods can be properly chopped and do not go out at the time of chopping activity.

4- Cuisinart Mini Food Chopper

Cuisinart CH-4DC Elite Collection 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder, Die Cast is a popular product right now for your kitchen.

4-cup chopper (which is also used as the best grinder) is equipped with an advanced control panel with the facility of simple touch-pad.

Thus, the device can be easily operated without any manual effort.

Both blunt and sharp edge can be acquired from the smart-power blade that can be auto reversed easily.

Recipe-instruction book along with spatula are included within the package in order to make the cooking easier.

Dishwasher-safe parts are included and you can also get a limited warranty for 18 months.

Acute safety can be now easily maintained with the blade-lock system and this is the reason you can make efficient and safe usage of the chopper by curtailing different kinds of unwanted accidents or troubles.

5- Proctor Silex Mini Food Chopper

Proctor Silex 72500RY 1-1/2-Cup Food Chopper is now available at Amazon and you can easily buy the same with improved features.

Prep-time within the kitchen can be effectively reduced to a great extent with the use of this compact-sized Proctor Silex food chopper.

Work bowl has got one to half-cup capacity and it is being made in a transparent manner. It has got a completely safe base and thus can be conveniently kept.

Exceptional control can be offered over consistency by pulse control and thus the device can be operated with ease.

The processing blade which is composed of stainless steel is quite durable and thus can be easily removed.

The device can be conveniently cleaned without facing any hassles.

North-American electrical standards have been abided for making this kitchen equipment and this is the reason it can be conveniently used for a long period of time.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Mini Food Chopper

Now when you know what are the best mini food choppers to buy its time to check for the important things you will need to look at when buying them.

Do note all these things carefully, especially if you are buying a machine that is not mentioned above.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when purchasing a mini food chopper:

1- Power

Mini food choppers can run with manual power or electricity. The electronic processor will render better convenience and offer amazing performance.

It allows you to personalize the speed as it has adjustable specs.

An electric food chopper has a motor that runs very fast. It has the ability of almost 200 watts and renders powerful performance.

While with manual food choppers, you will have low utility bills and use it as per your needs.

2- Blade

With strong blades, a food processor will deliver greater performance.

So, make sure the blades are sharp enough to chop all kinds of ingredients and allow you to use it for a larger time period.

Also see if it has interchangeable blades so you can use it for multi-purpose.

3- Operation

Always choose the one which functions in zero or low volume. Silence is very essential as it helps you to work without getting annoyed.

You should if there are some versatile options in designs so you can use it in different ways.

The varied discs of food chopper allow you to do several things like mixing, grating, pureeing, chopping, shredding, etc.

Some allow you to control the speed via toggling.

So, see if the chopper is simple to use and can easily be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Easy cleaning is an essential point and allows you to have convenience.

4- Safety

This factor is important in everything you purchase.

Models that have gaskets will allow you to handle the job easily without creating a mess.

For higher stability, you see if it has suction cups so that you can keep it anywhere, on the platform or kitchen counter.

Also check if it has a solid base so that it doesn’t wobble.

Other than this, you should check if it features a locking mechanism and good controls.

5- Size and design

The size totally depends on the individual need of the user.

A lot of food choppers are available in different sizes.

However, because you are looking for a mini food chopper, you shouldn’t go for a large capacity. 

Also see if it has a portable design or not and can be carried anywhere you go.

It should be perfect for household purposes and should have easy storage facilities.

6- Feeding mechanism

When purchasing a mini chopper, you should ensure that it has a wide feeding tube.

It helps you in saving time and you can put large items too. Some have adjustable feeding tubes for your convenience.

You can add big items like pumpkins, potatoes, and carrots too.

Other than this, it should also give you the convenience of adding dry and liquid mixes too.

Few other factors to look at

In addition to all the above, it is also good to check the quality of jars. You can use the chopper safely with BPA free jars.

So, make sure that the quality of the jar is premium.

You should also see if the chopper comes decked with multiple accessories which allow you to use it in several ways.

Also, note if it has a juicer attachment along with other blades or not to handle other tasks too.

See if it permits you to save on your electricity bills and has an extension cord for better reach.


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