Why I Still Love Using My Nostalgia Retro Series Refrigerator? 


By  Genelia

“Nostalgia” is nothing but a longing for something from the past.

Whether it is your favorite childhood food, comfort, or a style or a memory, Nostalgia Electrics presents a unique collection of products with innovative features that let you go back to those old childhood memories.

Nostalgia offers you the appliances that are designed to remind the bygone era which once used to be your favorite food to have with family and have lots of fun and entertainment.

And same is true with their retro style refrigerators which were once the hottest selling on stores like Amazon.

Nostalgia Retro Refrigerator

Why Retro Style Fridge Freezer?

As designing a 1950s kitchen is becoming popular in the modern era, so does the demand for retro-style fridge freezers are increasing.

These retro fridge freezers are available in large as well as compact capacity with all the conveniences you would prefer to have in your high-end appliance.

Additionally, these come in all yummy color combination, that a true 50s enthusiast craves for – yellow, mint green, white, silver, candy red, pink, mint green, and blue.

However, as the appeal and quality of these 50s appliances are top-notch, you definitely need to be prepared to pay some extra for getting that unique and stylish look for your kitchen.

No doubt the investment is worth making to get your very own 1950s kitchen that is so cute, stylish, and rare to see.

What Do I Like about Nostalgia Electrics Refrigerator?

Nostalgia Electrics Mini Refrigerators were much popular due to its retro looks and vintage style.

The thing that I like most in my Nostalgia Electrics mini-fridge is its ideal for my dorm, kitchen, workshop, game room, picnic, office, living room, and just anywhere I feel like carrying.

The reason you are going to love this mini fridge is, it’s quite portable and compact and is easy to carry.

Not just sodas, but you can put cheese, a piece of chicken, yogurt, or any foodstuff that you want to it during traveling or requires chilling.

1- Great Design:

The interior and exterior are furnished with great quality. It has got a fantastic chic look that quickly attracts the eyes.

People find this unit too cute for their kitchen and love adding favorite cooling beverages while they are traveling.

Besides the good attractive design, the Nostalgia Electrics fridge comes in attractive colors too.

You can shop for them in colors like pink, blue and others to suit your requirements.

2- Runs Quietly:

Unlike other units, this Nostalgia Electrics fridge sits quietly where placed, because of the way it is been made.

The mechanism is simple that offers proper ventilation and takes care of other things like intake and exhaust of air. Due to this the buzzing is never felt.

3- Size and Portability:

Because of its size, it is exceedingly mobile to carry.

These mini-sized fridges can be easily carried and placed anywhere you want since it doesn’t require so much space.

4- Comes from A Reputed Brand:

Over the years, the Nostalgia Electrics Company has become a popular and well-known company of amazing quality novelty appliances.

Being known for the first home chocolate fountain and popcorn machine, it has created a position as the premier brand for every family to have lots of fun and entertainment in its use.

In the case of novelty, fun, and entertainment, the company is considered the top source for the theme, design, style, price, and quality as well in the market.

The range of Nostalgia home goods and products includes cotton candy machines, popcorn poppers, snow cone machines, hot dog makers, ice cream makers, and many more.

These retro-styled items for your kitchen make Nostalgia Electrics among the top brands that ship to more than 35 countries worldwide.

What are the Other Retro Fridge Brands to Consider for Kitchen?

If you have made up your mind to opt for a retro-styled refrigerator, but want to check some other brands other than Nostalgia

 you can consider looking at the top brands at online shopping stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others.

Here you can find the best range of retro fridge freezers for sale in the US, UK, and other places.

Below are the top 20 bestselling retro fridge freezer brands you can choose from.

We are sure that you will love adding one among them to your kitchen this festive season…

1- Smeg

2- Swan

3- Gorenje

4- Miele

5- Servis

6- Frigidaire

7- Amica

8- Big Chill

9- Northstar

10- Montpellier

11- Daewoo

12- Bush

13- Krug

14- Baumatic

15- Currys

16- Electra

17- Hotpoint

18- Lec

19- Nordmende

20- Husky

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Refrigerator for Your Home

As there is a huge variety, designs, colors, and brands available on the market you should research and choose the one that compliments best with your kitchen theme.

You actually need to check about your requirement and various other things so that you buy the most functional unit that lasts for long.

Below are few important things you should look for when buying a good fridge freezer for your family…

1- Size and Dimensions:

This is the first and foremost essential thing you should look at carefully. Fridge freezers generally come in two varieties.

The first is the Integrated fridge freezer or built-in fridge freezer.

This is the basic one that comes with a compartment that contains a freezing unit inside it.

These are most suitable for someone who is living alone or for people who want to get a fridge just for ice.

The other type is an under-counter fridge freezer where the overall unit is quite tall and comes with a separate freezer unit (placed either above or below the main fridge unit).

The two units in these fridge freezers can be split in the ratio of 60:40 or 70:30.

These are usually bigger in size & capacity and are therefore good for big sized families.

For those who regularly buy fresh food and need to use the freezer for ice cubes or ice creams, can go with a model that has a larger area and smaller freezer.

Whereas if you shop once in a week and tend to keep frozen foods for long you should go with a higher capacity freezer.

While choosing the one you should keep a note on your requirement, family size, room space, and lifestyle.

This will help you buy a fridge with proper dimensions and size that can well accommodate in the space you have in your home while suiting all your demands.

2- Energy Efficiency and Star Rating:

Fridge freezers are common energy rated from “A to G”.

This depends on their energy efficiency where “A” is the best you can go for as it will help save you good money on your electricity bill.

However, this will be available at a bit extra initial cost.

Most of the modern appliance models come with a rating from the A-C range. You can get one according to the usage you have.

Fridge freezers also are given star ratings from 1 star* to 4 stars ****. This is generally for the freezer section and you should go with the one that comes with more stars.

A fridge freezer with low stars (1 or 2) basically means that you can safely keep your food frozen for one week to one month.

Whereas a freezer with 3-4 stars means that the food can be kept frozen for about 12 months safely.

3- Frost Free and Auto-Defrost:

Frost-free fridge freezers generally mean that there is no more the need for de-frosting and emptying out of scrap water or ice in your kitchen.

You should definitely consider this option if you want to get a bigger size freezer.

Although the models with this particular feature tend to be costly, it’s definitely worth considering.

Auto-Defrost is another great feature to look at which means that the unit will automatically regulate the temperature in your fridge freezer so that frost build-up is prevented.

This simply means that you will never get unwanted ice ever again. Although this particular feature is not available in all the models its worth looking out.

In addition to the above important factors, you should also look at features like fast freezing, low noise, shelving, doors, food drawers, pricing, etc.

Do note that cheaper units will tend to be noisier and comes with fewer features.

These may also consume slightly more energy when in use. It is therefore best to invest a few extra bucks while purchasing appliances like the fridge freezer.

Look out for good design and strong construction that comes with a proper warranty as you won’t want love to replace it every year.

Overall, Nostalgia’s great priced refrigerators are easy to use and well designed to make your life more comfortable, luxurious, and cool.

You will surely have an exciting cool new sensation with these freezers this summer if you opt to buy one.

The money you spend on these Nostalgia Electrics compact refrigerator with dispenser is worth the investment and you will surely love to spend great time this summer with these refrigerators at your home.

Most of the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Fridge also offers big discounts especially when Christmas is around the corner, so one does not have to think about buying them from the physical market.

Just go browsing and check them at stores such as Amazon to get some unique designs for your kitchen which all will just love to have.


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