7 DIY Hacks to Organize Pots and Pans In Your Kitchen Cabinets? 


By  Genelia

how to organize kitchen cabinets pots and pans

Pots and pans are among some of the clunkiest utensils we keep in our kitchen.

They’re huge, often completely different sizes, and are super hard to stack and store.

That said, we can’t just have them outlying around everywhere, can we?

The sooner you commit to organizing your kitchen’s pots and pans, the sooner you’ll find yourself breathing sighs of relief when you don’t have to cause an avalanche of metal every time you make scrambled eggs.

In this article, we compiled some easy ways on how to organize kitchen cabinets pots and pans.

Hopefully, these storage tips will help you reach organizational enlightenment. So, without any delay lets jump in…

1- Make your own drawer dividers

If you have deep drawers—which, really, could be an organization life-hack on its own!—this method is perfect for you.

You can organize your drawers more efficiently by using dividers.

You can obviously just buy these dividers from the store, but, if you’re on a budget, lazy, or just feeling pretty creative, you can also make them yourself!

All you need to do is cut material like foam board or cardboard to the right length and width of your drawer and plop them in.

You can even decorate them if you’re feeling artsy!

Just make sure that the material you pick both fits and is sturdy enough to maintain the force of the pans.

2- Hang ‘em up

There’s plenty of ways to hang your pots and pans around your kitchen.

One way is to buy a pegboard; these handy little devices will give you a ton of options in exactly how you choose to hang your pots and pans without having to break the bank.

It’s a great trick for those with a lot of exposed wall space and is super simple to set up.

If you’re looking to hang up products inside a smaller space, you can also consider buying some easy-to-attach hooks to the walls of your cabinet and hang your pots and pans from there!

They’re smaller, which means you’ll have to buy more, but it also means you can space ‘em out and have more control over where each pot or pan goes.

There’s also plenty of ways to get a bit creative with what exactly you’re using to hang up your pots and pans.

You can repurpose something like a towel rod and hook your pots and pans onto there, or even build your own hanging rack out of wood and rope.

Doing this will give you a bit more control over exactly how your kitchen looks but maybe a bit too difficult if you’re not the most proficient wood-worker out there.

3- Separate your pots and pans with some tension rods

This is an easy way to organize your shelves.

Rather than using screws or hooks to stay in place, tension rods use tension alone to keep still, which makes them super non-permanent and easy to experiment with.

Use tension rods as columns to lean pots and pans against, letting you more easily store them on their side without taking the risk of having every pan domino off your wall!

4- Use a pan organizer rack

This may sound a little obvious, but, hey, Occam’s Razor and all that!

Adjustable pan racks and organizers are fairly cheap and easy to come by and can give you a ton of organizing capabilities for very little cost.

You can usually net one for less than $30, and with it, you’ll be able to adjust the rack exactly to your liking.

Buy one and give it a shot!

5- Use the power of magnets

To save some cabinet space, use magnet strips to hang your items!

Cheaper and weaker magnet strips will allow you to hang up utensils—-particularly knives.

But if you look hard and enough and are willing to spend a bit of money, you can definitely find some magnet strips capable of holding up your pots and pans.

If you use a bit of strategy, you can find ways to organize and hang your utensils, pots, and lids without having to shell out too much for a bunch of magnet strips.

You’ll be looking at roughly a $20-$30 purchase here, but you can get really creative with how and where you place the strips and it requires basically no real set-up, so try ‘em out!

6- Install some sliding storage in your cabinets

A sliding storing rack can work miracles on your kitchen’s organization.

These are sorta like the kinds of racks that you would find in a dishwasher but meant to be installed into a cabinet.

You can usually either store the pots and pans directly into the rack or hang them off the rack.

This option is definitely on the pricier side; depending on exactly what kind of cabinet you want you could be looking at anywhere between $50 and $150.

And, it does require more set-ups than a lot of the other methods.

That said, if you are willing to pay more for a more complex and organized storage system, this may be worth the buy.

7- Put them on display!

Rather than simply storing all of your pots and pans away into your cabinet, consider setting them out on open-shelves instead.

This does not need to be an aesthetic faux-pas; there are plenty of ways you can set out your pots and pans to look modern and tasteful and keep your kitchen aesthetically pleasing.

That said, you may be limited on spacing with open-shelves, and you may find that a lot of your pans and utensils simply do not look good enough to be put on display.

Before picking this option, make sure to really try and plan out how you want your kitchen to look like.

If done well, a kitchen like yours could be very organized and look straight out of something from Pinterest.

If done poorly, well, your guests will probably just realize that you were looking for a quick way to store your pots and pans.


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