What Is the Best Air Popcorn Maker for Home Use? 


By  Genelia

Popcorn is a great low-fat snack that does not cause any health issues as these are made without artificial colors, preservatives and flavorings

Popcorn flavors generally suit vegetarians, however, you should check the packaging.

Many interesting trends are emerging in night clubs with popcorn, such as popcorn parties!

Event organizers may go for popcorn suppliers that render a bulk load of plain popcorn for night parties

Today, popcorn popper is not a strange thing in a commercial setting or even at home.

The technological revolution in home entertainment has made families enjoy the movie theater experience, which is beyond most people’s budget.

Still, popcorn makers deliver a fun way to know how popcorn is popped and renders the movie theater experience that most people seek.

Many people think that they can’t make tasty popcorn at home. I think that they are not yet aware of plenty of popcorn machines that are available in the market for sale.

These are available in different flavors to suit your taste and also stay as a fashion statement with a wide array of colors and sizes.

Moreover buying one among these will help you make your kids happy at home as you can feed your kids with the tasty and yummy popcorn whenever they demand.

What is a Hot Air Popcorn Maker?

Hot air popcorn maker machine is one of the most popular among the home users who are looking for a portable popcorn making machine.

The best thing about choosing these hot air popcorn makers is its healthiest preparation of pop-corns instantly for your family.

Instead of using oil or butter for popping the corn, there is hot air-flown inside the machine which raises the temperature or the kernels.

This results in the popping of the corns.

These hot air popcorn maker machines are designed in such a way that kernels after popping flows out directly into the bowl placed near the machine.

10 Best Pop Corn Maker Machines For Home Use

There are many different brands and companies supplying popcorn popper machines with sophisticated features and functionalities.

You just need to choose the most suitable and affordable machine for your use at home.

Below listed are 10 best pop-corn maker machines that you can look for while buying one best for your home use.

1- Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper 04820

This Presto Poplite hot air popcorn is easy to use and pops more than 18 cups popcorn in less than 5 minutes’ time.

The design is attractive and imported quality makes it an ideal investment option for a healthy living.

It is plastic made and works better than any microwave popcorn maker and every kernel fed into the cup is cooked.

Each popcorn is crispy and nonsticky with the strict burnt taste and smell that makes an ideal eating option.

This popcorn makes is healthy in the sense that it has fewer calorie content compared to the ones you purchase outside.

This popcorn maker is built to American standards and you can season your popcorn with additional toppings and salt as per your taste.

You also get a collection bowl along with the popcorn maker to collect popcorn in an easier fashion without spreading it out of your cooking area.

The design is compact and you can carry them along for your party with family and friends.

2- HOTPOP Collapsible Microwave Popcorn Popper Bowl

Hotpop collapsible microwave popcorn handles provide users with an easy option to cook their favorite popcorn in less than 4 minutes.

You need to just add kernels to the pop maker and close the lid and place them in the microwave.

The exterior has a cool touch feature making it easier to handle and use.

The inside of the popcorn maker is PVC free and toxin-free giving your family with healthy eating option.

The collapsible microwave popcorn handles is compact and you can carry it where and whenever you need.

It can also fit into your kitchen cabinets and take them out only when required.

This way you can enjoy healthy popcorn without bulking like an electronic popcorn maker.

Learn the user manual properly before working with the popcorn maker.

To ensure longer life, ensure to use only original accessories for the popcorn maker.

3- Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper

Salbree silicon popcorn maker with the collapsible bowl is an ideally designed popcorn maker that can save space and offer you with healthy eating option.

You can relish on tasty and healthy popcorn, unlike the usual popcorn makers that could cause harmful effects on your body.

The silicone popcorn maker is dish wash safe which means you need not worry about cleaning options as it is easy and hassle-free.

The built-in handles in the bowl make it easy and handle and do not heat up during the cooking process.

The compactly designed popcorn maker can fit into your kitchen cabinet easily and does not eat up too much space.

The seasonings required for your popcorn can be added either before or after preparing your popcorn.

Unlike bagged popcorn, it does not use bags to prepare popcorn and can save from trash.

Be cautious while removing popcorn from the maker as the inside could be warm.

4- Nostalgia Electrics Air Pop Popcorn Maker

This Nostalgia Electrics APH200RED Air Pop Hot Air Popcorn Maker is a tabletop party pleaser that helps you to place the unit on the table and enjoy healthy and fresh snacks.

It uses hot air in place of oil, producing a delicious and light kernel to enjoy plain or with a tasty flavor.

Available with a measuring cup, this Nostalgia popcorn maker ensures the right use of the quantity in every batch.

You can add 4 oz can every time you make use of the machine as the popcorn maker consumes few minutes to create a big bowl of popcorn, making it a perfect snack to enjoy watching the television shows and movies.

5- Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Mini Popcorn Popper

This Nostalgia Electrics RHP310 Retro Mini Hot Popcorn Popper is an amazing product which for sure will rock in every party and event with its stylish and 1950’s elegant look.

This Nostalgia 50s style popcorn maker is convenient to use on the tabletop that pops the kernels with hot air in place of oil presenting a deliciously healthy and low-fat snack to enjoy in free time or during the dusk at the patio.

It is observed that this clear tabletop popcorn popper lets you watch the popping of delicious and fresh popcorn overflowing into the bowl placed below.

Being the favorite snack of every person in the family, add it to your hosted party to let guests and kids enjoy the lip-smacking flavor of popcorn.

6- Colonel Popper Microwave Popcorn Popper

Colonel Popper popcorn maker is a healthy and easy to use popcorn maker.

It is silicone-based and comes with handles that are convenient to use and does not absorb heat.

It is compactly designed and unlike other popcorn makers or microwave popcorn bags, the popper popcorn maker is easy and environment friendly.

You can also season your cooked popcorn with oil or butter and use the handles to toss them completely.

Once your use is complete you can collapse the popcorn maker to up to 2 inches and store them conveniently at any space.

The colonel popper maker passes through various food and safety standards for testing before launching it for use.

It is easy to clean with your hands or even in a dishwasher.

The silicone-based popcorn maker is available in trendy colors and you can pick your favorite colors.

Make sure to learn the cooking instructions from the booklet that comes along with the packaging.

7- Microwave Popcorn Maker by Thomas Rush

Microwave popcorn maker with silicone bowl lets you cook your popcorn in less than 4 minutes.

Relish on your healthy popcorn with your favorite seasoning with the help of trendy and easy to use microwave popcorn maker.

This popcorn maker is designed in such a way so as to accommodate it inside the microwave. It comes with a class of its own.

The packaging comes with 5 easy to cook recipes and manual instructions to be followed before using your popcorn maker.

Make sure you follow the instructions correctly and make use of original accessories with your bowl.

This microwave popcorn also has a 10-year warranty letting you replace any parts without costing you much.

The exterior has handles that do not attract heat and are easy to use.

The collapsible design of the microwave popcorn has a trendy design and can occupy your cabinet without occupying much space.

8- Wabash Valley Farms Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper

This Wabash valley farms a stovetop popcorn maker is a great appliance in your kitchen if you are into healthy eating habits.

It helps you make theatre-style popcorn in less than 3 minutes’ time.

You can relish on popcorn with your favorite seasoning and enjoy your day at the home, office, or your day out with friends or family.

The patented stirring mechanism with handles makes nonsticky popcorn.

Each kernel thrown inside the pan is cooked until it is burnt completely and crispy.

The interior and exterior of the pan are aluminum coated and strong to handle the pressure.

Apart from easy cooking, yet another added benefit is that it provides a hassle-free cleaning option.

You just need to have a tissue handy and clean off insides of the pan. This pan also offers longer life and manufacturer warranty on accessories.

The clip-on lid on the pan and the wooden handle makes it easy to handle and use.

9- Great Northern Popcorn Original Stainless Steel Stove Top

This great northern popcorn stainless stove makes 5-quart popcorn that to theatre styled in less than 3 minutes time.

This popcorn maker is designed with a unique styled spinning mechanism that helps in cooking kernels easier while also ensuring that kernels do not burn.

The knobs and handles attached on the sides of the pan are made of wood and do not allow heat to travel up.

With this popcorn maker, you are enjoying healthy and tasty popcorn without taking much cooking time.

The great northern popcorn is a stainless top and gives you a way for easy and hassle-free cleaning options.

Taking home a stainless stovetop popcorn maker means you are making a lifetime healthy investment.

The innovative design used in popcorn maker allows moisture to escape and retains crispy popcorns for your use.

The cleaning option is also easy as you just need a paper towel and this job will be done.

10- Nostalgia Electrics Coca Cola Series Mini Hot Air Popcorn Popper

This stylish Nostalgia Electrics Coca Cola Series RHP310COKE Mini Hot Air Popcorn Popper is a hit among the present generation.

Its pop-up feature which presents nearly eight large bowls of healthy and oil-free popcorn is never so exciting before.

Grab and enjoy tasty popcorn with this Nostalgia hot air popcorn maker machine now.

With this Cole Mini Hot Air Popcorn Popper, you can enjoy the popcorn which you never tasted so good before at home.

So why not live a healthy life with Nostalgia electric Popcorn maker and enjoy the taste of fresh and crunchy popcorn at home!

Buying the Best Popcorn Maker

Purchasing a popcorn maker is not a difficult task; however, it may feel overwhelming when you look at the options available in the market.

However, you need to consider few important things when buying the best popcorn popper for your kitchen.

1- Check Size:

The amount of popcorn that can be popped at one time depends on the kettle size.

You want a popcorn maker to entertain your family and friends frequently, hence purchasing a large-sized kettle is recommended.

Keep in mind the amount of popcorn you will want on a constant basis.

For example, if you host parties once in a while, then you can go for a small-sized kettle.

Small-sized portable popper is however sufficient for small groups of people and you don’t need to worry about leaving anyone without popcorn.

2- Check Look and Style:

Modern-day popcorn poppers do not look old-designed like their earlier counterparts.

In fact, these are now available in virtually all sizes in many different flavors and varieties.

They come with sleek and customizable styles that let today’s moms produce popcorn in mere minutes.

So if you are really concerned about the look and style of your kitchen, just check the design and style of the machine before buying one.

3- Check Budget and Buy Online:

You also need to set a realistic budget when buying a popcorn maker.

Never think that expensive popcorn makers only could get your best popcorn popper experience.

Actually, there are many popcorn poppers available at under $50 that can do a great job without costing a lot.

Online is the best place to buy good quality and low-cost popcorn maker of your choice for residential use.

A lot of companies have online shops where you can make a comparison shopping by checking the price rates of different models and also with different shops.

Besides this, you will also be able to buy the best popcorn poppers and maker from the comfort of own home.

Short History About Popcorn Makers

Popcorn machines before and now

Popcorn machines have been around for around 4000 years and have improved greatly since.

These are now available with different brand names and with varied functionality.

The previous versions of popcorn makers or machines that were previously available in the markets looked completely different as they do now.

Some of the old fashioned popcorn maker and machines are:

  • Cart popper
  • Theater-style popper

The cart popper is the most popular old fashioned popcorn maker that is mostly recognized.

The later style popper has not really changed all that over the years and they almost look the same since invention.

Anyway, these old day popcorn machines are not made to use inside the home, they are meant for commercial usage with their big and bulky design.

Apart from these two, there are also other styles in old day popcorn machines, such as stove top or fire pit maker.

These models are meant for home use and would not make a big amount of popcorn for commercial use.

But, they do work excellent when around a bonfire or out camping.

Different Types of Modern Day Popcorn Machines

It is really fun to watch a movie having a bowl of popcorn in your hand! Isn’t it?

With developments in technology, popcorn makers have evolved a lot.

They made it possible for moms to get their kids (and the whole family) hot popcorn as and when needed, like while watching a movie at your home theater.

Today there are many different types of contemporary popcorn maker machines available in the market to choose from.

You just need to take care of the accurate temperature setting that the product has to have.

This is necessary because the popper needs to get into a certain temperature to pop great, tasty kernels each time.

Some of the most popular types of popcorn makers include:

1- Microwave popcorn maker:

These poppers are likely the easiest and quickest type to use and it allows you to pop the corn while watching a film without missing any scenes.

2- Stir popcorn popper or maker:

These are the classic looking popcorn popper machines which include a motorized stirring rod.

This enables smooth functioning while making popcorns at home. You get perfectly popped corn in just a few minutes with these machines.

3- Air popcorn popper or maker:

This is one popular popper type using air instead of oil to pop kernels. This type is popularly chosen by people who follow a healthier lifestyle.

It blows hot air at the kernels to pop them and you can get evenly popped corn without getting kernels burnt.

Corn will pop in constant motion and you don’t need to worry about unevenly popped corns or burnt pieces in the whole batch.

4- Oil popcorn popper or maker:

These poppers are available in electric or stovetop style and you should remember to use oil during the popping process.

Popcorn made from this popper will have higher calories and hence, families much prefer this type for the taste it offers.

5- Commercial style poppers:

This type is a bit expensive than all other types.

They are similar to the machine that you often see at Movie Theater that has a glass case on a cart and a large metal bowl to pop the corn.

Of course, they are stylish to see, but most families don’t have the space to hold it.

These are few important popcorn machines that are widely used, these days.

They are equipped with some of the techniques of old day poppers and are redesigned for home use.

You can use these popcorn poppers or popcorn maker machines in your home, either on the counter top or inside the microwave.

Best popcorn makers of modern times offer a variety of flavors to suit all kinds of people with different tastes.

Some of them include plain, toffee, salted, strawberry, apple, sweet, and much more.

With the availability of online stores like Amazon you just need to use your credit or debit cards to pay the amount and the product will be delivered at your door steps.

So, do thorough research and choose a better model.

Oil Popcorn Maker Vs Air Popcorn Maker: Which One to Choose?

When planning to buy a good popcorn maker for your family online, you may find yourself flooded with other decisions such as its length and width, whether to choose kettle popcorn maker, hot oil popcorn maker or hot air popcorn maker and much more.

When you go for buying a retro series popcorn maker, you must think about how you want the popcorn to be popped.

Oil popcorn maker uses oil to maintain the kernel from sticking together to the pan and it make flavorful popcorns.

On the other hand, air popcorn makers employ a set of hot air to pop the popcorn and stick it together. Hence this model is much better for health freaks.

However, it is important to know that hot air popcorn makers don’t have flavors that of oil maker. Therefore, you will need to add your own afterwards.

Before buying one you should also read the instructions to operate the machine carefully so that you can decide on whether it will be good for you or not.

To conclude,

You should consider some reliable popcorn maker reviews online before narrowing down your search.

You actually need to be very careful and consider all available options before choosing the final one.

Read and compare some of the best reviews, consumer ratings, and customer feedback available.

This will help you make a better decision.

At last, always choose the company product that has many positive customer feedback and reviews.


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