PK Grill and Smoker Reviews 


By  Genelia

There is always a need felt for a portable kitchen grill that can consume less kitchen space.

And in the event Portable Kitchen PK 99740 Cast Aluminum Grill and Smoker exactly do so.

This is a reproduction of the original design of a charcoal grill and smoker that rules the market in the 1950’s.

There are many stories that still prevail in the market regarding the longevity of this appliance.

Even after four decades, people are using the older version with an elegance.

Among the many kitchen appliances that are currently thriving in the market with the grilling section, PK 99740 Grill is one of the best to look at.

PK Grill 99740 Review

In a modern age where sleek stainless steel appliances are popping up in the market, it is nice to find a decade old retro designed appliance ruling the hearts of food lovers.

10 reasons why I simply love to use this charcoal grill and smoker in my outdoors are as follows.

Hopefully you will also love using it…

1- Easy to Use:

This portable grill is very simple to use and you can have an enjoyable experience while cooking on this appliance.

The cast aluminum vents will never break, and so the product is going to last like its predecessor.

2- Comes with essential accessories:

This Portable Kitchen PK 99740 outdoor grill and smoker also comes with a charcoal basket, small aluminum side and bottom trays which makes the cooking convenient and safe.

3- Great many recipes with charcoal aroma:

The aroma of charcoal can be felt in the dishes prepared by this PK grill smoker.

Many mouth-watering dishes like plank salmon, beef roasts and chicken roasts can be made effortlessly.

4- Perfect Control of Temperature:

This PK kitchen grill also have a venting system which is unique in the sense that it takes all the control of the temperature in a brilliant manner.

High temperature grilling can be done by the use of this retro look grill and smoker without any hassle.

5- Rust Free:

PK 99740 Cast Aluminum Grill and Smoker is made up of heavy duty aluminum, and hence there is no chance for rusting.

Product can therefore last for many decades without any problem.

6- Portable for Partying and Holidays:

The Portable Kitchen PK 99740 is portable in nature and hence can be carried away on picnic or for partying or get together.

While holidaying, you can actually relish many tasty dishes with this grill.

7- Easy Re-fuelling:

This portable outdoor charcoal grill and smoker boasts of a hinged grid that makes the process of re-fuelling an easier task.

There is no need to remove the food preparations in order to re-fuel the appliance.

8- Easy to clean:

If you are concerned about the charcoal ash then be stress-free as the appliance allows easy cleaning of ash.

9- Parts easily available:

PK grill replacement parts are easy to find at sites such as Amazon.

In case you are worried about its repair or any such issues, there will be no hassle for you.

10- Affordable price:

PK grills for sale is now available at a very reasonable price at Amazon.

So, you can just shop risk free there and enjoy partying with your friends next time when you are going outdoors.

All in all, PK grill and smoker is sleek in its design and will truly compliment your modern outdoor kitchen decor.

Online you can also find PK grill 360 model which is also a great to look at. You can just compare and buy one as per your needs.


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