Why Choose Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen? (Pros and Cons) 


By  Genelia

is quartz good for kitchen countertop

Festivities of Christmas may be farther away, but it’s neither too early nor too late for home décor.

If you can afford, refreshment brought in trends and style can render volumes about your personal flair.

It is not wrong to say that the home décor now includes as much priority to the bathroom and kitchen as to any other living area.

While, both tend to be neglected, either willingly or unwillingly; there are some practical sides to the story as well.

Leaving aside the wonderfully booming ideas of décor and flair, it will do you a world of good if you choose to go in for a deal of refreshment.

It can well mean having the existing set up replaced by quartz countertops for kitchen for enhancing looks.

But why is quartz considered good for a kitchen countertop? what are the pros and cons of using them? Is it better than granite?

Let’s address these questions and more in the article below…

Why Choose Quartz Countertops for Kitchen?

Quartz countertop is build-up of about 90% of quartz and 10% of epoxy binder (resin) and acrylic.

Also called quartzite and engineered stone, quartz countertops are the top favorite among most of the homeowners in the United States.

To your surprise, these offer various advantages over other materials like granite, marble, and others.

Some of the benefits you get with quartz countertop in your kitchen are:

1- Flexible to customization

Quartz countertops are highly customizable to your designing needs and moreover, you can have it suitably polished.

As per your needs, you may go for a glossy finish or have it smoothened to keep a flat appearance.

Quartz countertops for the kitchen also have a variety of different color schemes to present.

Besides the usual strokes of black, brown, and white; you can look for variety in green, gold, and mauve.

Also, you may have it torched to give a rough and tough finish.

In case, you want it plain and simple, you just need to go in for a makeover, with your choice of color of course.

But if you want to prove your point with a word or two on designing trademarks, there are no hassles, for the quartz countertops.

2- Nature and adaptability

Not every material used for counter topping can be as adaptable as quartz. It is the question of adaptability in terms of color or that of style.

Quartz has in the requisite objectivity to gel with the quotients of color as well as style.

So, besides the counts of durability, this is another factor that explains the choice of quartz countertops for kitchens and bathrooms.

Irrespective of the fabrication given to it, quartz will assert its statement on counts of elegance and that of strength.

Much of its unique attributes are to be traced in its crystalline look and texture.

One of the excavated wonders of nature- granite owes its composition to quartz, mica, and feldspar.

These work in unison with other minerals to give quartz its crystalline look.

3- Easy for redesigning

Unlike natural stones, redesigning your kitchen with quartz countertop is relatively convenient than you can think.

This is simply due to the fact that the sample you see online or in stores are the true representations of what you are going to exactly get in your home.

This is usually not the case with other natural stones since its very difficult/nearly impossible to get two identical slabs of stones.

4- Cost-efficient and durable

The cost of installing quartz countertops is nearly the same as you pay for natural stones.

Depending on the quality of the quartz material you are picking for the countertop, you may need to invest anywhere from $100 to $250 per square foot.

However, the cost may slightly increase depending on the complexity of the installation job.

For the time being it is going to add a word or two to the statement of sheen and that of flair. But what about the long-lasting story of strength and durability?

Well, since these are highly durable you will have to wait at least for a decade to go by before realizing the overall impact.

Won’t it prove your Dollars’ worth? You need to wait a while, but it will be worth your wait as well.

5- Practical aspects and maintenance

Since quartz countertops are usually homogeneous and nonporous, they are not vulnerable to defects with regular usage.

This simply means you do not need to seal the surface every year (which is generally the case in granite).

Coming to some more practical advantages of quartz countertops, this wonderful piece of crystalline stone is resistant to rough and tumbles including the prospects of scratches, cuts, stains, and heat.

But there is a word of caution on the stain. In order to keep it stain resistant, it needs to be given a desirable sealing.

So, for a touch of glamour and that of long-lasting value, it is wise investing in quartz countertops for kitchen.

It can really help your interiors look innovative and brilliant.

Why Should You Not Choose Quartz Kitchen Countertops?

With all the pros there are a few cons of using quartz countertops for your kitchen.

Although quartz proves to be better than granite for kitchen countertops, due to some of these disadvantages many homeowners still love to use granite in their kitchen.

You should be aware of them before you choose to pick them while renovation.

1- Slab size limit

Usually, the rectangular quartz slabs are available in the dimensions 132 inches by 65.5 inches.

So, if your kitchen is large and require installing a larger size countertop you may require a seam which may not look very good.

Natural stones such as granite do not come with such size limitations.

Hence if you are really concerned about getting a seamless finish granite would be a more suitable solution for your oversize countertop and large kitchen.

2- Vulnerable to heat and weather

While quartz countertops are highly durable and can also resist stains, these are not suitable for outdoor use (like in your outdoor kitchen).

Since quartz is susceptible to high heat (due to the presence of resin), exposure to sunlight for long can cause damage to quartz material.

Plus, you will require to be extra careful when you are placing very hot pans over these countertops in your kitchen on a regular basis.

If you need to constantly settle hot pots and frying pans on your quartz countertop, you may need to use a hot pad or a metal trivet to prevent burn damage due to excessive heat.

How to Care for Quartz Kitchen Countertops?

Although quartz is harder to get damaged soon than compared to other alternatives like laminate, granite and Corian taking good care can enhance the durability and life of your quartz countertops to many folds.

All you need to do is:

1- Remove the stains as soon as possible

Staining cannot be avoided in kitchen – thanks to spices like turmeric, pickles, and many more.

Try removing all these stains from your countertops as soon as you see any of these food items adhered to the countertop surface.

Simply using a wet cloth (with soapy water) can do the job in most of the cases. However, for removing the tougher and more stubborn stains from your quartz kitchen countertop, you can use products like:

  • Adhesive remover
  • Glass cleaner spray
  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
  • Citrus cleaner like Goo Gone

2- Clean them regularly using a non-abrasive cleaner

Make it a routine to wipe down your countertop with a soft cotton rag dampened with mild detergent.

Spills and buildup such as grease, soot, gum, etc can be hard to remove if they get dried and hardened.

So, if possible, you should wipe away all the gunk and grease with a degreasing cleaner or bleach-free wipes 2-3 times in a day.

This will not only disinfect the surface but also to get it cleaned and honed while avoiding the fine marks like fingerprints.

3- Avoid the exposure to excessive heat and hard pressure

As I have mentioned before, quartz countertops can be damaged due to quick heat changes (referred to as “thermal shock”).

It is therefore essential that you protect them all the time from extreme temperatures – above 300°F (150°C).

Get in a habit to place the hot pans, crock pots, electric skillets, and very hot dishes on the mats or trivets.

Few other things you can do to avoid the damage on your quartz countertop are:

  • Avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners that are highly acidic or alkaline
  • Use a cutting board while slicing or dicing the food items with your sharp knife
  • Prevent high pressure (like dropping off the heavy objects onto your counter top) to avoid cracking and chipping

Above all, if you ever want to move, carefully transport your countertop so that it does not get damaged due to excessive force while transporting.

Also, since quartz counters can have volatile organic compounds (VOCs) the indoor air quality in your home can also affect its appearance.

If possible, try to use appliances like a smart air purifier, humidifier, and a thermostat that can help maintain the quality of air inside and can keep up the shine of your quartz counters.

Conclusion – Which one should you choose? Quartz or any other?

Which one should you choose among quartz, granite, and many other options, will certainly depend on your personal preference!

Most of us remodel our kitchen once or twice in a lifetime.

So, the final decision we should make should be best according to our busy lifestyle, the maintenance we can offer, and various other factors.

While quartz countertop is one of the most preferred choices among the homeowners these days, I am still enjoying my granite and have nothing to complain about them even after 12 years of its usage.

I love to care for them every day and they still shine as if new!

So, if you pick the one that you love to care for, you will not be going to be wrong with either of them.


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