5 Best Shun Classic Knife Set Reviews: Creating Kitchen Statement Since Ages 


By  Genelia

Shun knife set is a chef’s delight for ages and is one of the top favorites for people who love to cook.

These are the comprehensive assemblage of meticulously carved professional-grade quality Japanese knives that have been designed by commingling the ancient traditional technique of sword making with state of the art technological wizardry.

The shun knives will render every other kitchen knife defunct and will make a robust statement in any kitchen.

In case you are in search of some fabulous variety of efficient knives for your kitchen, nothing can suit the best other than these.

These are truly designed for experienced cooks!

About Shun Classic Knives

Shun Knives experience not even the slightest competition from any other products owing to their superior design and fabulous performance.

They are prized possession of every discerning culinary expert.

Kai Corporation, a name to reckon with in the culinary field is behind these shun knives.

The rising popularity of the Shun Knife Set is primarily due to the fact that they are not produced in quantity.

In the past few years, Shun knives have virtually exploded on the American market.

With demand far exceeding supply, Shun Knife have taken everybody by surprise.

With its exclusive line of knives, along with brilliant quality, they have ensured that their popularity rose with every passing day.

Some of the best knives in their product range includes:

  • Chef knife,
  • Boning knife,
  • Carving knife,
  • Serrated utility knife,
  • Limited edition paring knife,
  • Hollow edge santoku knife,
  • Fillet knife,
  • Honesuki knife,
  • Kiritsuke knife,
  • Nakiri knife, etc.

Why Shun Classic Knives?

Shun knives focuses on the specific needs of a chef and are designed under the patronage of a professional chef overlooking the production and design from scratch.

Quality high carbon steel ensures that the knives will remain sharper for a prolonged period.

Partner with world-renowned shun knives to enjoy that unique experience of a professional chef.

The outstanding benefits of possessing a shun knife set can be enumerated as below:

  • Quality Japanese modeled bamboo block
  • A wide array of industrial-grade shun knives befitting every occasion
  • Accompanied by honing stone to enable self-sharpening
  • D shaped design for handles for improved grip and low arm tension
  • Perfect gift for culinary professionals

The convenient design of the shun classic knife block set makes the selection of the tools easy and this paves way for quick grabbing at times of need.

Every single shun knife is precisely handcrafted from start to end and is strictly made to pass through stringent quality checks.

The knife set is adorned with a lifetime warranty, which implies that you will never need another knife to buy or replace.

5 Best Shun Classic Knife Set Reviews

Shun knife set has in its fold the entire spectrum of designer knives that can successfully carry out every possible application conceivable for home or professional arena.

Generally, an eleven piece set of shun knives comprises of the indispensable garnish knife, kitchen shears, paring knife along with specialized designs aimed for performing carving, chopping, and slicing jobs.

Below are the best Shun classic knife set reviews for you.

If you are passionate about owning these high-end knives for your kitchen, check them now before you buy shun knives online…

1- Shun DMS400 Classic 4-Piece Steak-Knife Set

With this Shun classic (4 pieces) ultimate steak knife set, the chopping, cutting, and carving come out just fine and you’ll see that you have made the best decision to buy it.

This knife set has classic looks that are designed out of Damascus steel with each of them having a fine, razor-sharp edge which makes it a perfect culinary item for your kitchen.

These knives come with amazing handles offering a comfortable grip when you are all set to make your favorite recipe.

This extraordinary steak knife set includes:

  • 4 fine edge classic steak knives
  • Each of the knives blades measured about ¾” inch
  • The knives are handcrafted by the craftsman of Japan
  • It has D shaped ebony black shaped handle
  • The knives are NSF-certified which means they meet high-level safety standards for professional kitchens
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty

It could be the best gift item if you are thinking to buy it for your friend or a family.

It’s hard to go wrong with Shun DMS400 Classic 4-Piece Steak-Knife Set since they are extremely well-crafted and designed to bring precision in your culinary skills probably the reason behind it soaring popularity.

2- Shun DMS0899 8-Piece Classic Student Knife Set

Designed exclusively for those who are learning culinary art, this Shun DMS0899 8-Piece Classic Student Knife Set is known to offer the kind of precision one requires having during chopping/cutting.

No matter whether you are cooking a fine French dish or chopping meat; or cutting a bread loaf knife plays an important role in cooking.

No matter how great your culinary skills are, if you don’t have the right knife everything turns out to be a mess.

With Shun DMS0899 8-Piece Classic Student Knife Set you’ll never have such a problem as it offers easy to use, cutting/chopping/dicing is more accurate, and most importantly it is quick and less tiring.

This student knife set comes inclusive of:

  • 8 piece knife set exclusively designed for students
  • The knife set comprises of 3-inch paring knife, 6-inch utility knife, 8-inch chef knife, 9-inch hollow ground slicing knife, 9-inch bread knife, 6-inch boning knife and 9-inch honing knife
  • The knives are made out of 16 layers of stainless steel which are absolutely rust-free
  • The handles are D-shaped, extremely comfortable and reduce the grip fatigue

Shun Classic 8 Piece Student Knife Set is the best knife set for the students learning/practicing culinary art. Why not have it now.

3- Shun Classic 10-piece Knife Block Set

With a festive season approaching, it will be the best thing to gift Shun Classic 10-piece Knife Block Set to your loved one.

Exclusively crafted for those enjoy experimenting with their cooking, the knife block set is all good for seasoned cooks as well as novices.

The Shun Classic 10 piece knife block set makes it convenient to work with different types of meat, fish, and poultry products.

Also; if you are into carving figurines out of veggies the knife block set can let you have it accomplish seamlessly.

This beautiful 10 piece knife block set comprises of:

  • 5-inch paring knife
  • 5-inch honesuki knife
  • 5-inch hollow edge nakiri knife
  • 6-inch utility knife
  • 7-inch Santoku knife
  • 8-inch chef’s knife
  • 9-inch hollow edge carving knife
  • 9-inch combination honing steel knife along with multi-purpose kitchen shears
  • 13 slot deluxe bamboo knife
  • All the knives have D shaped ebony black sturdy handle which offers a comfortable grip while working as well these can easily resist moisture
  • The knives are rust-free, as they are manufactured out of 34 layers Damascus cladding

The block knife set is handcrafted by Seki-Japan that comes with a lifetime warranty.

The set will be the best thing to bring home this festive season.

4- Shun DMS0510 5-Piece Classic Knife Block Set

Shun DMS0510 5-Piece Classic Knife Block Set is a beautiful Damascus blade with D shaped ebony handles offering firm yet comfortable grip to the user.

If you are looking to have sharped edge knives in a combination of offering various chopping/cutting/dicing this Shun classic knives set is the ideal to have it.

Whether you are pursuing culinary art, or you are a newbie wish to try a hand at basic chopping, cutting or dicing things Shun DMS0510 5-Piece Classic Knife Block Set is the best thing to have in your kitchen.

This Shun 5-Piece Classic Knife Block Set makes cooking super easy and swift and you no more have to worry about throwing a party or catering to people.

This classic knife block set includes:

  • VG-Max cutting core with 34 layers that have a stainless steel Damascus manufacturing which makes the knives corrosion-resistant, sharp and durable
  • Knives have got flowing patterns on its blades
  • It has an 8-inch chef knife
  • 5-inch paring knife
  • 6-inch utility knife
  • 11 slot bamboo block
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty

Ideal for all sorts of cutting, chopping, and dicing, you can have it to enjoy your cooking skills.

Also, it makes it a wonderful gifting option for your loved one.

5- Shun DMS2100 Classic 21-Piece Mega Block Knife Set

If you are looking for contemporary and a tasteful knife set for your kitchen Shun DMS2100 Classic 21-Piece Mega Block Knife Set is the one to go for.

Shun Classic 21-Piece Mega Block Knife Set is one of the best cutlery sets that you can’t resist once you have your eyes on them.

The reason it reduces your cooking time by letting you cut/chop or dice without making it messier.

The blades are sharp and the grip is awesome to trim your veggies in a jiffy. No wonder it is one of the top choices of chefs across the world.

This mega block knife set comprises of:

  • The knives are manufactured out of VG-Max that has 32 layers of high carbon stainless steel
  • With a stunning look, all the knives have ultra-sharp 16-degree blade angles
  • The D-shape handle offers a comfortable yet firm grip for various types of trimming, chopping, dicing and cutting ingredients
  • The knives are rust free and the block doesn’t lose it shape
  • The knife set comes with a lifetime warranty

Very basic in looks but has ergonomic qualities that enhance your culinary skills making it less boredom in what you are cooking.

There are several leading brands offering the knife with different blade styles as well.

Browse it online to have detailed info of the knife you are looking for.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are other important knives to have it such as boning knife, carving knife, serrated knife, filleting knife, etc.

Understand each of these is unique and offers different abilities.

The cost, quality, and structure would vary depending on the brand you pick.

How to Sharpen Shun Chef Knife?

Sharpening of the kitchen knife blades should be done by the experts or under their guidance.

No matter you are willing to use a machine or a whetstone, if you are not experienced in manually sharpening your kitchen knife blades, you can chip or break the blade in half resulting in completely damaging the knife.

For these very reasons, the Shun Company offers its customers a free sharpening facility that comes with a knife when you but them from a reliable store.

You will just need to pay for the shipping and processing to get your Shun Chef Knife sharpened professionally.

In case you live near a Shun shop, you can even bring your Shun knives there for getting free sharpening of your knives.

They can sharpen up to two knives for you instantly.

However, if you have more than that to sharpen you can leave them at the shop and collect them the next day with razor-sharp blades.

If you plan to sharpen your valuable Shun knife at home with a whetstone, you may refer to the video below.

Buying Shun Knife Set For Your Kitchen

Whether you are a pro cook or just a minimalist cooking person; knives can help you do your cooking chores in a jiffy.

Having well-designed, sturdy, sharp edged knives/ knife set is necessary for your kitchen.

However most of the time, it happens that we don’t understand the significance of having good knives for our kitchen.

We happen to buy the basics and use it for multi-purpose cutting, chopping, and dicing which is wrong.

For your help, Here we brief with the important tips on choosing the best knife set for your kitchen:

Check out the major considerations:

1- Style:

The German and Japanese knives are major kinds of knives you will get in the market.

While both are reliable for kitchen work, you need to ensure that you acknowledge what each provides with regards to functionality.

Usually, German knives are bigger in size with curved blades in comparison to the Japanese kitchen knives.

It makes them best for different demanding cutting jobs.

The Japanese knives are light in weight and great for precise slicing

2- Handle:

The way a knife feels in your hand adds a lot to how effectively it will help you in doing the tasks.

Hence, you should choose a full handle, a comfortable knife made of non-slippery material.

There should balance between the blade and handle to offer better control to the movement of the knife.

3- Blade material:

You definitely want your kitchen knife blade to be long-lasting, hard, corrosion-resistant, and sharp.

The stainless-steel blade knives offer all the traits leaving the last one.

You need to sharpen the blades regularly. The other blades used in kitchen knives are carbon steel.

They remain sharp for a larger time period and this is why chefs prefer them to stainless steel knives, but the only con is that they are extremely costly.

Another blade material being used is ceramic. It is known for its lightweight and hardness.

Damascus blade that has a core made from carbon steel with soft and hard layers of stainless steel; lastly comes titanium which is light in weight and highly durable!

4- Kind of tang:

Tang is the blade part which reaches out to the knife’s handle. But, is it important?

Well, first you should know about the different types of tang- partial and full.

A full tang explains that the metallic piece expands to the complete length of the handle while a partial tang reaches out partially.

So, obviously a full tang will offer higher strength and control to your knife, making it a good option.

But it doesn’t mean that partial tangs aren’t suitable. Usually, the Japanese knives have partial tangs and work completely fine.

5- The way you cook:

What kind of food do you cook? Will you require the complete set kitchen knife?

The food you cook guides you on what kind of kitchen knife you need to shop for.

Depending on the kind of cutting you do in your kitchen, you should buy a perfect knife for it.

6- Sharpening of the knife:

It is important to ensure that your kitchen knife is in good shape every time and hence keeping it sharp all the time is important.

The whetstone set comprises of bamboo bases, 2 slip-resistant rubber bases and flattening stone.

When you purchase knife sharpening stone, you will get a guide on steps to sharpen your knife.

So, make sure to go through that before sharpening your knife.

7- Interior décor of your kitchen:

It may not be a concern for a lot of people, but if you like to keep your kitchen décor a priority, then you would like to consider it when purchasing kitchen knives.

Once you have cross-checked all the factors stated above, choose the kitchen knives set which compliments with the appearance, design, and décor of your kitchen.

Paring Knife vs Chef Knife: What To Choose?

Choosing the right kind of knife according to your cooking style is important.

The two most common ones that we come across are paring knives and chef knives. Let’s check the basic differences between them quickly.

Paring knives:

These knives are small, basics one with 2-4 inch in size ideal for usual cutting and chopping veggies.

These are versatile knives that are mostly seen and used widely.

Also, these knives can be found with slightly longer in size as well which are ideal for all sorts of cutting ingredients.

Chef knives:

Chef knives are a bit wider and longer in size that comes with a sturdy handle for a firmer grip.

The size could run anything from 5 inches to 10 inches.

These are large knives that you usually see in the chef’s hand mincing meat, cutting bigger size veggies for the preparation of food.

It makes your cooking tasks relatively easy and quick.

Especially if you are planning a small gathering or some function it would way easier for you to manage in preparing your dishes with ease.

Tips to Take Care of Japanese Kitchen Knives

Unlike German knives, the Japanese knives have a rigid maintenance routing for longevity.

The blades are comparatively thinner and can chip, if not properly cared.

Below here are some tips to help your knife serve you for a long time:

1- Washing:

You should handwash Japanese knives.

Do not put the knife in a dishwasher because detergent, hot water and random motion may damage the blade or handle of the knife.

2- Sharpening:

It is important to maintain the sharp edge of your blade, but if not done skillfully, it may destroy the edge completely.

3- Cutting surface:

If you want to maintain the edge of Japanese blade, then don’t use glass chopping boards.

Make sure of wooden boards. Even bamboo and poly boards have been seen to damage the knives edges.

The Bottom Line

Knives are important kitchen tools that you can’t do without.

Whether you are looking it for yourself or to gift to someone else, Shun knives and block sets are perfect kitchen accessory to have it right away.

These blocks set from Shun knives are now widely available at online stores such as Amazon to make quick purchases.

Why not quickly place your order and have it delivered right at your home before the festival begins!


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