Best Retro Kitchen Tables, Chairs, and Bar Stools: Adding Style to Your Space 


By  Genelia

The retro look is the latest craze among fashion freaks and home makers.

This has cascaded down to kitchens too with them being decked with retro kitchen furniture styled in the looks of the 1940s and 50s.

Retro style furniture for your kitchen has a charm to itself that captivates the onlookers and adds a signature look to the weary kitchen.


Retro kitchen and furniture have drawn its inspiration from the elegant and bold looks of the Scandinavian design concepts of the 1900s.

Any organic shape can be visualized and materialized employing the formable ply and plastic that has been injection molded.

Numerous magnificent pieces of retro furniture that appear to be seamlessly positioned on the ground on their slender stands can adorn the kitchen.

5 Best Retro Kitchen Furniture Sets

Items That Can Add Functionality & Style To Your Place

Kitchen tables, chairs, and stools that are vintage-styled serve as an icon representative of the retro look.

The legs are long and thin with glistening yet sober chrome painted over it. The table top has Formica as the staple.

The table can have shapes like oval, circular, and rounded triangular shapes.

Retro furniture boasts of superior designed sculpted to have diversified light shades.

The shades have drawn heavy inspiration from science fiction designs.

At times these designs are also available that suit perfectly for your small-sized kitchen.

Here are 5 unique retro furniture items that can be chosen to add functionality and style to your place.

Just check them out and pick them on Amazon as per your requirement.

1- 5pcs Retro White Round Dining Table & 4 Red Chairs Set

Colorful and classic, that’s retro white round dining chairs for you!

The White round table with four red chairs is a classic combination and does not shy away from adding elegance to your living space.

It is stylish and comfortable at the same time and has a laminated dining top design.

The curves are smooth with silver metal frame on sides adding elegance to the white table top design.

The table and chair are strong and offers a long life. The design is compact and can be removed and assembled at your convenience from time to time.

The light weight design of the chair allows you to carry a chair at your convenience around your home.

The chair and table can work to your advantage for your everyday use and the back rest chairs are just an added advantage.

Buy and assemble it in your home to enjoy a magical retro dining experience.

2- Coaster 50’s Retro Nostalgic Style Oval Dining Table, Chrome Plated

The Coaster Nostalgic Dining comes with unique and retro style design and adds beauty to your dining space.

It carries a chrome plate oval design designed after the famous American style. The table is assembled and the stands are made of the steel frame.

The tubular steel frame is chrome plated and made with quality. This way you get a longer life for your dining table.

The oval design of the table makes it easy and hassle-free cleaning option. The sides are smooth, strong, and durable and carry a rich style on its own.

You can also match your chrome plated dining table with chairs that are sold separately.

One of the most beneficial aspects of nostalgic dining chrome-plated table is that it can be assembled and removed as and when required.

Yet another added advantage is that the design is compact and does not eat up too much of your dining space.

3- Retro 3-Piece Chrome Bar Stools and Table Set

Retro 3 piece chrome stools set comes along with a chrome-plated table and a pair of stool.

The design is retro and coated in black giving an elegant dining experience.

You can have the table and stool placed in your living or dining space to enjoy your meal there all day long.

The table top is black coated and stools with black cushion top with chrome steel plated handles.

The chrome-plated handles with black design offer for easy cleaning and hassle-free maintenance options.

The steel stool has a swivel option giving you an added advantage.

Keep in mind to follow the instructions before trying to assemble the table and stool.

The retro design of the table and stool is inspired to offer a retro chrome look to your home and is strong and built with smooth edges.

The soda style design makes the retro style chrome stools is a quality piece of furniture for your home or office space.

4- 50’s Retro Nostalgic Style Black Bar Stools (Set of 2)

The retro nostalgic black stools are designed after the famous American style that existed in the 1950s.

The stools come as a pair and you can use it to be placed in your dining or library space.

It adds elegance to your home and offers you simple and easy options to assemble it.

The fountain bar stool is chrome plated with black cushion covers and is uniquely designed.

It is light weight and compactly designed making it easier to carry around your house. The swivel option in black stools is an added advantage.

The surfaces are smooth and durable, offer you easy cleaning and maintenance options.

Once you order for the nostalgic style black stools you will also get an instruction manual that will help you with step by step instructions on how you can assemble your stool.

This is definitely the best gift you can gift yourself or your family.

5- Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary Dining Chair, Black, Set of 2

The coaster home contemporary dining chair is the best choice that you can purchase to your already existing dining table.

The design is compact and the black cushion covers add elegance and richness to these chair.

They come as a pair and you can customize the cushion cover to your choice with either black or red as per your dining table design.

This design offers a classic look to your dining space with a relaxing and distinctive design to your home.

The chair is incomplete without its chrome-plated design that is easy to clean and maintain.

The lean back option in coaster contemporary dining chairs gives you a relaxing feel and comfortable seating experience.

The instructions in manual will help you assemble a chair in hassle-free manner and without much effort from your side.

Do not be worried about the simple design; the best part of the contemporary dining chair is that it is strong to hold heavy weights.

Besides the above 5, there are loads of furniture items to look at. Why not add a few of them and make your kitchen unique and awesome.

When you check online you can find a great list of shopping stores, including Amazon, where you can find a range of unique-looking retro kitchen furniture for sale that is available for you.

Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Stools and Furniture Sets

The contemporary kitchen can be made to look even better by using kitchen stools.

Some kitchens have an attached bar to it and if a kitchen is to be constructed or remodeled with an attached bar, the correct kitchen stools are to be selected that suits the needs.

A kitchen space gets completeness not only by the paint but also by the color and texture of the furniture that is used in it.

Kitchen stools can be bought from the market and they vary in colors, designs, styles, and also sizes.

The material with which the kitchen stool is made also varies and ranges from wood to chrome.

The features needed to be considered for purchasing kitchen stools are as follows:

1- Your Use:

Backless stools are suitable for just quick meals and they occupy less space and are cheaper.

But if the stool needs to be used often and for longer time, go for an expensive and more comfortable one.

2- Comfort:

If comfort is more important than cost, then stools with arms can be purchased.

But before buying them, the space available should be checked as these stools are bulky in nature and occupy much space.

3- Height:

When deciding about the height of the stool to be purchased, the height of the people using it should be considered.

From bench top, the ideal stool height is 10″ – 11″.

4- Look:

The kitchen stool should be selected on the look that you want it to provide – a classic or contemporary look.

If contemporary look is what you want, then swivel chairs constructed using aluminum or stainless steel can be used.

If traditional look is what you want, buy a 4 legged stool made of wood.

If you want a blend of both classic and contemporary, a stool made with leather will help you in this.

5- Accessibility:

If you want to take things from a shelf that is high, you can buy step stool.

They are much safer and you need not drag chairs or others around the kitchen in order to get access to things placed high.

6- Space You Have for furniture:

Before buying the stools, checking should be done to understand whether the needed space is there for accommodating the stool.

If many stools have to be bought, check whether they can fit around table and 30″ distance is there between the center of the stools.

The doors and walkways has to be considered and the number of stools can be deciding by dividing the length of bar by 30.


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