What is the Best Manual Food Chopper for Your Daily Kitchen Tasks? 


By  Genelia

Do you have a passion to cook the best meals for your family?

Do you spend a good deal of time in your kitchen preparing lovely and great tasting recipes for your kids?

Are you passionate about learning new recipes and much more…

You necessarily have to first get the best vegetable chopper which does its job perfectly.

This automatic machine in your kitchen is helpful to chop meals stuff and greens in a systematic manner making your task easier and fast.

A vegetable chopper is necessary for a kitchen for giving your 100% to the food you are cooking.

This advanced kitchen tool can grind, trim, and pulverize big meal items into dust kind pieces.

In this article, you will get a good picture of the best manually operated vegetable chopper which has been designed to help the cook (like in you) to make the dishes easily.

Benefits of Manual Food Chopper and Slicer

Gone are the days when housewives were needed to use knives and other typical tools to cut food items into correct sizes.

They used a big sized knife and vegetable cutter and underwent threats in repelling knives for slicing items.

Now, advanced technology has upgraded the vegetable chopper dicer tool so as to function essentially better than typical kitchen tools.

When you look for online vegetable chopper reviews and feedback, you will get to know that kitchen appliances are modified extensively due to the big change in the culinary industry.

Well, there are many reasons why getting a vegetable chopper and slicer is necessary for a modern kitchen.

Here we list the top 5 reasons which will clearly state that why getting the best vegetable chopper and slicer for your kitchen is most important.

Check these out.

1- Ideal for daily use:

Manual vegetable chopper and slicer are available in small size or as big sized food processors.

However small-sized manually operated vegetable chopper and slicer is the most popular as the device can do the same task a bigger unit does in a practical manner.

These tools are perfect for daily use for a household of 4 people. It works with good speed and has high-quality plastic containers.

It powerfully chops and minces hard fruits, vegetables, and cooked items.

2- Easy to clean and highly durable:

Manual vegetable chopper and slicer are most preferred for small families as compared to electric vegetable choppers.

These come with a top that you can easily grip with one hand.

However, if you want to prepare food in large quantities you may consider getting an electric vegetable slicer and chopper.

Both of these choppers (whether electric or manual) are easily cleanable and comes with a highly durable plastic bowl which is perfect for daily use.

It is slip-resistant under running water and equipped with stainless steel blades for safe use on the dishwasher.

3- Easy to dismantle:

Manual, as well as electric vegetable choppers, are easy to dismantle as it is made of very few parts. You can easily put them back together after cleaning.

Manual choppers and slicers are mostly preferred due to low cost. It has an ergonomic design which is easy to hold.

You can easily clean it under your sink and moreover, the unit can be used to make baby food (according to some moms) because it can liquidize certain foods.

4- Quick chopping and slicing:

Many users report that an electric vegetable chopper/ slicer can chop items within seconds. For example, it can chop onions within 3 seconds.

Persons who hate to handle garlic and onions by hand will find cooking great with this tool.

Basically an electronic vegetable chopper has two knobs to provide you with 2 level speeds.

One is to dice tough stuff like nuts and the second is to chop somewhat softer items.

The tool is outstandingly straightforward to function, you just need to put the items inside the device, close the cover, press the switch, and get the chopped items ready within seconds.

5- Decreased overall food preparation time:

Vegetable chopper and slicer helps you to prepare meals by quickly chopping food items like onions, vegetables, and other ingredients in less than half the time.

A best vegetable chopper and slicer can also help to chop herbs, chunky salsa, nuts, and many other food items.

Moreover, salad dressings or bread crumbs can be made in an instant whenever you need them.

If you are living in a big joint family you may consider getting an electric vegetable slicer and chopper instead of a manual one.

5 Best Manual Vegetable Food Chopper Reviews

When you check online you will find workable and razor-sharp manual vegetable chopper that you can use for your kitchen.

These choppers are easy to use and you can even take off blades and use it along with other parts of the vegetable chopper provided with the machine.

Listed down are the 5 best choppers to look when you plan to buy one.

1- Maxam Vegetable Chopper Review

This Maxam Vegetable Chopper is a leading and most desired machine to choose for the enhanced look of your kitchen.

Loaded with lots of amazing features, it proves to be a good companion to all chefs.

For homemakers, it is the right choice equipped with 5 stainless steel cones and a protective finger guard for easy cleanup.

It is the best food shredder with several pieces.

It makes your kitchen chores like cut vegetables simple and it comes with the easy cleaning procedure.

Some of its awesome features include:

  • Includes Shredder, French fry cutter, stringer, waffle, and slicer
  • Features a 3 leg suction cup as a base for a firm, tight and safe grip
  • Available with a chrome finish as a great product
  • Cones are dishwasher protected
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Has medium grater
  • Dimensions: 10.5×13.8×10.8 in inches and weight: 5.8 pounds

2- Brieftons Manual Food and Vegetable Chopper Review

Designed for a fantastic and perfect blending and chopping task, this Brieftons Manual Food Chopper is the right product that you ever wished to have in your collection of kitchen appliances.

This versatile and amazing tool completes your cutting task in less time with less effort with easy build-up and safe use.

If you hate cutting onions, then chop effortlessly without any water in your eyes and follow the same with your desired vegetables and fruits within seconds. Features include:

  • Has sharp stainless steel blades for safe and fast mincing, cutting and chopping
  • Gives comfort with soft grip lid, easy pull cord, anti-skid base, and even a large handle that is ideal for easy leverage.
  • Compact in size with a 3 cup capacity which is great for small space kitchen and to pack for the journey
  • Presents superior value for your choice as it includes Brieftons Food chopper
  • It makes cooking easy and full of fun.

3- OXO Good Grips Vegetable Chopper Review

No more watery eyes are hereafter as you have OXO Good Grips Vegetable Chopper with an easy-pour opening which is safe and quick to chop the peppers, onions, and other things in an easy way.

Chop your veggies and fruits easily without taking out the lid.

Besides this, the stainless steel blade design and lower-level cutting area keep the food in the right place and the lid provides control for efficient chopping.

Some of the best features include:

  • Chops the fruits and vegetables safely and quickly in an easy motion
  • Presents convenient opening for trouble-free pouring or disassembling
  • The removable grid allows proper cleaning amid the chopper blades and the stored on the board
  • The lid designed in order to provide control for well-organized chopping
  • Provides 2.5 cup capacity body to collect the chopped food
  • It has a non-slip base that provides stability and proper grip while chopping vegetables.
  • Light in weight and is 4×8.5×5.2 inches in size

4- Vegetable’s Chef Vegetable Chopper Dicer and Slicer Review

Your search for a perfect vegetable chopper finishes with the introduction of Vegetable’s Chef – Onion, Vegetable, Fruit and Cheese Chopper – Dice, Slice and Chop for Salads, Soups, Ragout.

Its amazing features and superior value are what let you feel easy and interesting to chop vegetables and fruits for salads and soups as well.

Replace your old ideas and countless tools as this veggie chopper is a big time saver and your right companion to complete multiple chopping tasks in no time.

Some of the exciting features are:

  • Has 3 sharp stainless steel blades for dicing, chopping, and slicing
  • Available with a single lid cleaning tool
  • Provides 5 non-slip feet for a secure and firm grip on the countertop
  • The lid is rubber covered for a better grip and safe use
  • Crafted of reinforced plastic for heavy-duty and durable
  • All the accessories are detachable for cleaning and easy assembling within minutes
  • The chopped vegetables are right in the container for easy storage and transfer into another bowl for the further cooking process.

5- Prepworks by Progressive Fruit and Vegetable Chopper Review

This Progressive International fruits & vegetable chopper is the right choice with a wide range of functions.

It serves as an amazing kitchen tool to make your cuisine time wonderful.

This in-house designed product is a perfect choice to improve the ways of cutting and chopping in the kitchen.

Presented with high quality and inventive tools, this vegetable chopper serves as amazing and worth kitchenware.

Some of the best features are:

  • Presents one-handed chopper is ideal for chopping the fruits, nuts, chocolate, vegetables and many more things for the recipe
  • Enjoy and have fun with easy slicing, chopping, and dicing of vegetables and fruits without any mess of other tools and cutting boards
  • Allows to press the pusher lid down and cut the food into a measuring container
  • Available with a built-in slide blade to be free from the pre-cutting
  • Comes with a storage box, cleaning tool, and a dishwasher safe
  • Slices the mushrooms and strawberries in a softer way
  • Has a clear base in the form of container to catch the cut veggies and fruits and reduce the kitchen mess

Types of Manual Vegetable Choppers

If you think that all manual vegetable choppers are the same, then you are completely wrong.

You shouldn’t stereotype the choppers as there are kinds of choppers available in the market.

1- Box models:

They are multi-purpose and have square or rectangular shaped boxes that have blades on their surface and a box below.

You just need to put the veggies or fruit on the blade and close the box. They will get diced and fall in the box.

2- Pulley type choppers:

They work by a string and pulley system. Here, you need to pull the string which rotates the blades present in the box and chops the veggies.

They are like beyblades, useful bit a little lame.

3- Food processor choppers:

It follows the same pulley cutting model, but the blade rotation mechanism is a little different.

Rather than using a string to pull the pulley, you have to look after the top of the device which you need to rotate to dice out the veggies.

You can also may chapatti dough with these models.

How to Use a Hand Food Chopper?

Using a hand food chopper is very simple.

Based on the design you choose, it may either come with a rope that you need to pull by hand to chop or you may need to rub the veggies on the top surface of the chopper/slicer.  

Things To Look While Buying Best Vegetable Chopper Online?

Now when you know about the best vegetable chopper in the market, let us consider a few good points that you need to look at while you are planning to buy the best vegetable chopper for your kitchen.

While buying the best vegetable chopper dicer you should first decide on the kind of vegetable chopper that helps you safely chop food items in a competent manner.

1- Capacity:

Food choppers are small in size in comparison to food processors and may be available in different sizes ranging from 1cup to 4 cups.

What you need to chop on a regular basis determines the capacity of the chopper you should buy.

If you want to use it mostly for mincing ginger, garlic, etc. or dry fruits and nuts, then go for a small capacity chopper.

However, if you want to dice vegetables, fruits, and mincemeat, then go for a large capacity chopper.

2- Versatility:

A lot of choppers perform the task of dicing, mincing, and chopping foods but they don’t offer grinding functions.

Hence, you should find a chopper that doesn’t just cut vegetables in different sizes, but also finely chops dry fruits and nuts and mince garlic, ginger, and meat.

This kind of versatility is only possible when you go for an electric chopper.

A lot of electric choppers have the power to function as a makeshift grinder too.

Though a chopper’s versatility is handy, it shouldn’t be considered as an important spec.

3- Blade material and type:

Your veggies will not get chopped on their own. They need a particular sharpness of blade for this.

Stainless steel is the most common blade material which is being used in choppers these days.

They are long-lasting and resistant to corrosion and rusting. The stainless steel blades need lower maintenance and are simple to clean.

Other than the material, you should also consider the type of blade you are going to need.

A good option would be to go for a straight-lined normal blade.

But, if you want to raise the bar of your cutting game, then go for saw style blades or spiral blades.

They provide you a specific shape to your chopped veggies. But, it doesn’t matter as the vegetables will get soggy and lose their shape when cooked.

4- Electrical or manual chopper:

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is your requirement.

Basically, there are 2 types of vegetable choppers – manual chopper and electrical chopper.

If you have a small family and need to chop less quantity of veggies each day, you may consider getting a manual vegetable chopper which is comparatively less costly than electric vegetable and food chopper.

By applying small manual force using your hand you can operate these types of chopper easily to get the veggies chopped within seconds.

And the great part is that you do not need any power source (electric or battery) while using these manual vegetable choppers.

If you buy an electrical chopper, you just need to put food items inside the jar, cover it, and then press the required button to get the items sliced or chopped.

5- Easy cleaning and maintenance:

Well, this certainly is the deal-breaker. It is simple to clean knife and board, but is it the same with a vegetable chopper?

When purchasing a chopper, chances are that you will use it on a daily basis until the gadget breaks.

And no way, you cannot use the chopper once used in the daytime to chop veggies without cleaning in the night.

Considering the different types of boxes, blades, and arrangements of the gadgets, sometimes it may get difficult to clean.

Hence you should buy a model which is simple to part and easy to clean.

Going for models with long and narrow boxes may be tough to clean because you can’t easily reach out to all the corners.

And, when you talk about electric choppers, the case is no different, other than electricity.

You first have to part the vegetable jar and the blade from the main switch and then clean.

Ensure that the wire and the device don’t get wet. Also, ensure that the utensils are fully dry before you put them to use again.

6- Cost-effectiveness and ease of use:

Though operating a manual food chopper takes a bit of extra time and effort, it is available at a cheap price when compared with electric versions.

People of any class can afford the above said manual vegetable chopper without breaking their bank account.

If you use the chopper only a few times of a week, then no need of buying highly expensive choppers made of high-quality material that operates with electricity.

If it is a handheld chopper, the cost will be less than that of a machine.

The blades in these chopper machines are stainless steel and can be cleaned easily.

No doubt, manual choppers are easy and fast to use and also require less maintenance. It’s a perfect option for you if you have limited use.

Food Chopper Vs Food Processor: What Is The Difference and Which One To Choose?

There are many products out there in the market that can typically help you to process your food.

These include – juicers, blenders, processors, and chopper. It is tricky and at times difficult to find out the major difference between these items.

However, as we are specifically talking about food processors and choppers here in this section of the article, we have listed a few major differences between food processors and food choppers.

A food processor is huge in size as compared to choppers but the major advantage with a food processor is that it helps you get through daily cooking at ease.

Food processors can generally help in grinding, shredding, chopping, slicing, and even make a puree out of veggies in your kitchen.

Food chopper is only a chopper or at times can help you with mixing food of minimal quantity.

While a food chopper can cut 2 onions at a time, a food processor can chop at least 8 to 10 onions in one go.

So, if you are interested in cooking for a larger crowd in minimal time then the food processor is your kit.

To make it easier, listed below are few major functionalities of a food processor as compared to food chopper:

  • mix or knead the dough
  • chopping, shredding, and slicing of veggies in the kitchen
  • grinding (meat and nuts)
  • grating veggies and cheese
  • make puree

Food processor and food chopper can also be differentiated based on the following:

Size and scale:

Now, this is a major space where choppers take a higher hand. Most food choppers are compact and do not consume too much space in your kitchen.

Food processors are larger than choppers and offer the benefit of processing up to 12 cups of food at any given point of time.

Cost and ease in use:

As compared to a food processor, choppers are pretty cheap. A high-end food processor will cost you a much higher price than that of a chopper.

Depending upon your utility you could always go ahead with buying a processor or chopper.

As processors are usually bigger and heavier than a chopper it becomes a demanding task to clean processors as compared to choppers.

Households make use of processors only on occasions where the crowd is large.

So, Which One To Choose: Food Processor Or A Chopper?

Food processor or food chopper; your answer is the key to your requirement.

A food chopper can only chop food for you whereas a processor can chop, process, and even knead or dough as required.

Experimenting in the kitchen, baking your favorite cake at home or if you love to entertain people with good delicious food then a food processor can be handy to you.

But if you regularly cook only for yourself or your family as such then you could always stick to a chopper as it makes pre-cooking tasks easier for you.

Can a food chopper puree?

No, it cannot. To puree or liquify the food (like baby food) you should either use a blender or a food processor.

Can you use a vegetable chopper as a blender?

Well kind off somewhat! A vegetable chopper is a simple gadget that can chop big parts of vegetables. A blender is a gadget used to juice things and make purees. So, they aren’t same -same! Some electric choppers may be used to make purees but you won’t get the required consistency. It will give you chunky messes rather than a good puree.

What’s the difference between a vegetable grater and a vegetable chopper?

Unlike food chopper that chops the vegetables and fruits, vegetable grater is used to grate the veggies. It cuts the vegetables into slices which are not chunks but extremely thin. They don’t have steel blades. They can be made completely of plastic and don’t come with setups or big boxes.

Overall Cooking is a very interesting job, but chopping is an equally boring one.

Do you feel the same?

Then, why not make your cooking enjoyable and interesting with the help of a good chopper that eases your work?

While buying a food chopper do consider its features, color, and price so that you can choose the right one that suits your requirement. 

For purchasing Vegetable Chopper or Vegetable slicer online you can just log on to sites such as Amazon and eBay where you can come across some fantastic deals too.

While making a final decision to buy a vegetable chopper dicer you have to go through the feedback made by industry experts on the most effective vegetable choppers and find out the most cost-effective device for your kitchen.

Get access to the best vegetable chopper online to win praises and respect of your guest for the many delicious foods that you prepare with it within a few minutes.


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