Is Yellow A Good Color For A Kitchen? 


By  Genelia

An attractive color combination can automatically transform your kitchen’s countenance.

Classic combos are bright red with blues while you can also pick yellow, light pinks, and other pastels as per your taste.

But whether the colors like yellow a good color for a kitchen?

YES, it is amazing. In fact, I love to have some yellows in my kitchen (in the form of curtains, and small kitchen appliances) because it has a soothing quality in it.

is yellow a good color for a kitchen

Many times, it has such a positive effect, that after seeing YELLOW in my kitchen I feel calm and happy. 

And for this reason, here in this article, I will be specifically talking about adding a great look to your kitchen with color yellow and how you can do it without affecting your budget.

Why Yellow in Kitchen?

The first thought which comes to our mind, when we think “yellow kitchen colors” is its brightness.

This is because; yellow is the color with the closest resemblance to sunlight, our life force.

Yellow color has a strong influence on a refreshing quality and that is why yellow has been traditionally considered as a cheerful color.

Yellow is the happiest color in the spectrum which symbolizes joy and happiness. It increases creativity and improves memory.

According to psychology, yellow color represents happiness, joy, hope, courage, and peace.

The yellowness produces a stimulating effect on the intellect.

Soft yellow can make people feel happier while bright yellow can attract attention.

Yellow is therefore considered to be a perfect color for the kitchen as it symbolizes freshness, joy, happiness, and much more.

Yellow color not only stimulates you but also offers freshness to all people who walk into your kitchen.

If you want to get a cheerful cooking mood, a yellow kitchen can be the best choice for you.

7 Tips to Decorate Your Kitchen with Color Yellow

If you are feeling bored with your kitchen, a change of decor is all you need to get inspired again.

The easiest way to change the look of your dull kitchen is by changing kitchen few accessories and appliances.

Here are some of the great exciting ideas for decorating your kitchen in an affordable most way.

1- Yellow Kitchen Appliances

If you have small kitchen space and are worried about getting appliances that look good in your small-sized kitchen, then buying yellow-colored kitchen appliances can be a great option for you.

As these gadgets are light and bright colored these will not make your space dull. Instead, it makes your small space look bigger.

Appliances such as yellow KitchenAid mixer, tea kettle, pressure cooker, toaster, coffee machine, microwave oven, and many more are quite popular and can easily brighten up your kitchen giving it a new unique look.

2- Yellow Kitchen Floor

Renovating your kitchen floors, tiles and backsplash can help you in beautifying your yellow kitchen in an easier way.

Although this can prove expensive for many if done with some research you can do it within your budget.

For instance, if you are tight in the budget you can consider adding new yellow-colored rugs or floor mats instead of changing all the floor tiles of your kitchen.

3- Yellow Kitchen Walls

Vibrant wall colors and paints can make a significant difference in your kitchen.

Yellow kitchen paint, wallpaper, pictures, wall art, and decor can do this all for you when you want to paint-up your kitchen Yellow.

Many of these items are available online at stores such as eBay at attractive discounts.

You just need to do a bit of research for finding the ones that suit your kitchen environment and space.

4- Yellow Kitchen Lights

The kitchen without beautiful lights is a dull place to cook.

You, therefore, need to make sure that the lighting in your cooking space and above the island is appropriate.

Yellow kitchen pendant lights can be added at a very low cost above your countertop which will make cooking for you easier as well as exciting.

5- Yellow Kitchen Furniture

Cross-dressing your kitchen with complementary/supplementary kitchen furniture is always exciting and fun-filled.

Especially when you are planning to color your kitchen yellow, you can add a whole lot of stuff such as yellow chairs, tables, bar stools, cabinets, cupboards, and much more.

You can buy new ones or some used furniture according to the budget you have.

Yellow kitchen with white cabinets is my favorite and I hope you will love this combination too.

Just try them with the yellow leather kitchen chairs and table set, it will look fabulous.

6- Yellow Kitchen Utensils

Utensils and utensil holders are must-have items for any kitchen.

If you have some budget you can consider changing them to different shades of yellow which will suit your kitchen theme best.

Check online whether you can get some used antique pieces at an affordable price if you do not want to invest more.

7- Yellow Kitchen Accessories

Besides the above things, adding bright yellow color props to your kitchen is another great idea to make your kitchen look yellow.

Accessories such as garbage bins, canister sets, clock, scales, storage jars, knife sets, and many more can be added by keeping your budget intact.

Also, you can consider changing kitchen towels and gloves to the color yellow.

Overall, yellow is the color that makes us feel excited to be in the kitchen again. Just making small changes will give you some amazing and attractive results.

Yellow kitchen appliances come in handy to create a perfect yellow kitchen. And this will really look amazing in your kitchen.

So why not try them out and make your kitchen look unique this season.


Welcome to my blog RetroKitchenAppliances. I am Genelia and I live here in Budapest. Passionate about cooking, kitchen technology, and appliances since childhood, I have planned to start with this blog where I can share my passion with the world. Hopefully, you will find the articles, tips, reviews, and buying guides here helpful.

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